Question] How does divination distillate work ?

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Or just one of these:Forbidden Taste

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Its a hybrid flask, which means its effect stops when youre at full life/mana.

what if my bow has already the IIQ and IIR gems? lol

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One way to effectively use it is to use a flask that drains your mana: a sapping life flask or a caustic mana flask to drain lifewiki

[Question] How does divination distillate work ?(self.pathofexile)

The most elegant and practical way is to turn off an aura before using the flask and last hitting the boss.

Flask effect disappears when you reach full hp/mana

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Alternatively, you turn off an aura just prior to using it, so that it takes a while to refill your mana.

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Put an aura in your weapon, put power siphon + item rarity in your off weapon. When mob is below 10% switch weapons, drink bottle and pew pew.

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I do Voll runs, how I guess everybody does, but when Im about to kill the guy, I pop my IIR IIQ flask that should last for 5 sec at minumum but then the effect disappears, how come is it possible ? Am I not aware of something ?

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