32] Immortal Poet (500 es Ci Tank

Necropolis boss (dont stand in the physical spike degen)

This was adapted by another player, feel free to have a look:

-Sextant mod player life and mana flasks apply instantly should preventdivination distillatefrom working.

Core map boss – pools of physical degen appear

is very important, because it allows us to use bodyswap for easy map clearing without lifting your finger.

The Shaper – Orbs/bullet hell have 25% cold pen

To get 100% maximum resists, you needlegacyDivination Distillate (6% max)

Also look for a conquerers Potency (has flask effect) corrupted with additional chance for you to take a critical strike.


Same concept, just a few different items.

not boring..since its poets pens body swap..

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Spoiler100% physical damage is converted to various elemental damage using specific unique items. We also obtain 100% maximum resist all, which mitigates all the converted damage to zero.

The sister build (using blade vortex and darkscorn) can be made on league (though at a huge expense for pure meme factor). ie, u need +1 max resists lightning coil and +1 max resist amulet.

making use of the prismatic jewel and flask up as a path finder.. WOW..just wow.. amazing.. too much praises here..

Atziri/ Uber atziri – Empowered flame blast has 10% penetration.

Main characters: Deep_water – AnomaIy – Artica

Flask charges refill by using the Master Surgeon ascendancy node with a decent crit chance. Flasks also recharge quickly from Natures boon. Increased flash charges gained applies to both natures Boon and charges gained from critical strikes. You can also gain flask charges using the leo belt mod when you take a critical strike.

Frenzy with a mana cost of around 18 can be spammed almost indefinitely. If your mana refills too quickly, you may want to try to increase the mana cost. You can also manually spam a curse likeElemental Weaknesswhich quickly spends your mana.

In order to make sure your mana doesnt fill up quickly and remove divination Distillate effect, you will need Shavronnes Revelation (which if worn in the right ring slot, prevents mana regen). You will cast solely on the mana you get from the flask.

Actually, you cant roll both of the shaped Physical damage taken as cold/lightning on one item, theyre conflicting mods, which is why no items exist with both mods on any league. Its still pretty hard to beat lightning coil.

Here is a life based version with around 3200 hp. It has 90% of physical damage converted to elemental damage as well as 100% to all resists. You will need Path of Building to view it

2 of my jewels are just from the BV version, so they are not optimized obviously.

to clarify, if getting a 45% phys conversion essence craft/shaper chest is not possible, then the immortal poet is limited to standard.

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Other versions and possibilities for league:

Garukhan – physical degen cannot be converted to elemental damage taken. (Dig Map)

Lava lakes Kitava boss has physical damage over time ground. You can avoid it fairly easily.

Death and Taxes – Flame blast has fire pen, Ice nova has cold pen, storm call has lightning pen

The Elder – has two physical degens according to Wiki.

This is an alternative version to my other Meme, the Immortal Archer.

Defiled Cathedral Boss – casts a physical degen vertical beam. Pretty easy to avoid.

The following bosses require additional care:

Phoenix Guardian – lowers maximum fire resist by up to -10

The neck is not mandatory, but it makes uber atziri easier than a tier 1 map.

Main characters: Deep_water – AnomaIy – Artica

However, there is the Formless Inferno helm, which has 8% of physical damage taken as fire, which could be of some use.Last edited by darkmark009 on Jan 10, 2018 7:18:00 PM

Atziri Trio – spawn a black physical DOT cloud on death. Just dont stand in it

Charlotten Ghost – bleed aura of some kind

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