32] Immortal Poets Pen Tanky with 3k life Deathless Uber Atziri and More ST

LOL OPs nice enough to make a guide and share his build, and the first thing you do is try to report him. I dont use macros but why does it matter to you if he uses them. Like you had to go out of your way to post on youtube and post here again to tell him youre reporting him.

Spoiler1)(FIX) 40% physical convert to elemental

1.item for convert physical damage from hits taken as elemental damage

rare gear looking for elemental resistance,chaos resistance,,life,str

3) looking for like this and more than 15%

The Shaper – Orbs/bullet hell have 25% cold pen

Sepfire instead of trying to give people trouble, maybe you should gear up your pathetically shitty characters more. [Removed bu Support]

– Dangerous (credit DreamScythe)

1. 100% physical damage from hits taken as elemental damage

Atziri Trio – spawn a black physical DOT cloud on death. Just dont stand in it

The Elder – has two physical degens according to Wiki.

So 1)+2)+3) = 100% convert 100% phy to elemental

Death and Taxes – Flame blast has fire pen, Ice nova has cold pen, storm call has lightning pen

Spoiler- Divination Distillate will stop working when life/mana is full so spend a lot of mana by curse and take this jewel>

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The following bosses require additional care:

Defiled Cathedral Boss – casts a physical degen vertical beam. Pretty easy to avoid.

2. increase max elemental resis to 100%

because DoT , penatretion can kill me. if get ci, my life is 1 and have a little es so DoT , penatretion does kill me but build in life base, i have a few second for run or leech and regen life and can run rf for more damage.

Garukhan – physical degen cannot be converted to elemental damage taken. (Dig Map)

Phoenix Guardian – lowers maximum fire resist by up to -10

I make 100% physical damage from hits taken as elemental damage and all elemental has 100% resistance so physical damage and elemental damage cant hurt me .

2)(FIX) 45% physical convert to elemental /increase by tree

3. important abiblity from gear for immortal

2. increase max elemental resis to 100%

Necropolis boss (dont stand in the physical spike degen)

1. (FIX) Flask mods like this (Legacy Divination Distillate)

3. (Fix) +2 level gem from helmet , purity of fire,purity of ice,purity of lightning level 21

Charlotten Ghost – bleed aura of some kind

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+115 chaos resistance ( Do as much as you can )

Sorry but did not have time to watch the whole video, where is this proof?

Atziri/ Uber atziri – Empowered flame blast has 10% penetration.

-Sextant mod player life and mana flasks apply instantly should prevent divination distillate from working.

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