32] Necro Tri-Ascended Minions – Dual Phantoms Golems Auras and Curses

Flesh Offering:Massive boost to minion attack, cast and movement speed. Cast this at the same location, just after your Desecrate.

Animate Weapon: Great way to add more minions which last around a minute, Cast it on white or identified weapons on the ground. This one gem can add up to 50 weapons which have a 37 second duration. Weapons are consumed on use and need to be identified. Adds a fiddly component to the build.

As Belly is a Strength / Dexterity based item, it rolls Red and Green sockets commonly. Can be easier to swap the 3-4 red Immortal Call with 2 blue dual curse set up , from gloves to body.

Soul Weaver Spectres: 100% life, damage. Makes your Solar Guards tough and can actually kill things. Important so they can trigger the phantasms.

-Dual Curse: 4 link Dark Pact – Curse on hit of Punishment and Vulnerability.

Life Dexterity (till 113) Elemental Resist (till maxed) adds Lightning damage to spells Minions taunt on hit Minions blind on hit Energy Shield

Its the +70% minion damage when you have hit recently (i.e. triggered by Dark Pact in last 4 seconds) that is just doom. This is almost certain to proc each time you spam Dark Pact.

CWDT will trigger and autocast Immortal call and Phase Run. Immortal Call makes you invulnerable to physical damage for a short time, with duration augmented by increased Duration Support, lasting around 1 second. Phase Run is also cast, making you 80% harder to see, phased and boosts your move speed. Also, your Ghastly Jewel allows Minions to blind and taunt on hit.

Put gems in your second weapon slot II, to level them early (especially the 0% quality gems for the Hungry Loop). You may be socket short at start, focus on at least having Zombies and SRS until you can get more sockets.

– No need for 5 link early, or really at all (6 link is helpful).

Linked gems can be any you prefer, but this is fairly standard for Solar Guards, minus the elemental focus. However, the synergy of the Phantasms with the support gems is key to this set up. Remember to make the Raise Spectre gem 20% Quality, but not the others.

Summon Raging Spirit (SRS) summons flying skulls, which run at enemies and convert half their physical damage to fire. It has synergy with EE, and linked to Spell Echo they cast like a machine gun. Very powerful damage boost, when you have the time to stand still and cast.

Also, the Increases to minion damage also effect you (i.e. the 70% plus all other + minion damage) is a huge boost to your Dark Pact damage output.

As we are stat starved we really cant afford to go 2 socket slot for belt. Although the plus 50% bonus is very nice, the 1 socket Stygian belts stats are just too good and they are rare, so can have a Masters mod.

If able, look to grab Supported by lvl 16-20 Minion life and Minions gain 15-23% life. You will need Dexterity, Life, and Resists too though.

Helmet:Leer mask Allies gain 15% increased damage

Helm Elder (Rare)Summon Skeletons and Phantasms

Gloves:Southbound Soldier Gloves 15% maximum life (AG has good base life so this is a big boost)

Phase runs phased bonus lasts around 3 seconds (augmented by Increased duration too), but ends immediately if you use another skill. This is why it must be last in the chain so that nothing autocasts after it, but also why you must walk away or stand still, otherwise it drops. I.e. dont shield charge away or you will lose phase run.

We use a lot of Uniques in this build, due to rares not being able to duplicate specific mods. Ie. Hungry ring 4 supports, Vis Mortis +1 spectre, Boots Of Ullr +1 Spectre and Zombie, The Scourge Wolves and 70% damage, Grip of Council 20% cold damage and Victarios Charity for minions charges.

– Screen can fill quickly and blur, making it hard to see what is going on.

Its the Minions gain 20% of Physical Damage as Cold Damage that is key here. Stats are average otherwise, life 30-40 life + strength life, Minions cold resist is useful.

Zombies work form the start and you just raise more if they die. Skeletons are a little more annoying to get to work as they have to be continually re-summoned, one at time. I took a From Dust Cobalt Jewel early to summon 3 at a time, until I unlocked summon additional skeleton. Summon Raging Spirit is a great damage boost, helps to summon phantasms and can be used until you have your solar guards up and running.

Enduring Warcry: My old chestnut. Unfortunately, I need all the other actives, so we dont get to gain endurance charges for Immortal Call. Also, it has an aoe taunt component, which is great for my Righteous Fire Tank, the exact opposite of what is needed in this build.

Labrynth- of the grave when we or our minions kill, summon 3 icy skull minions for 4 seconds. Try to get Commandment but they are very expensive. Its like a free, automatic, SRS!

Shield ChargeFaster AttacksFortify Support-Raise ZombieSpoiler

6 sockets is fairly important, but 5 link doesnt really add much. However, if you get a 6 link, then move spell echo and SRS to Vis Mortis, gaining a socket.

Shield Victarios Charity – Gems 3 link: 20 Summon Raging Spirits and 2 Flame Golems

Belt Stygian Vise (Rare) 1 Abyssal Socket Ghastly Eye Jewel

We need to have adds Lightning damage to spells (Dark Pact). This adds Lightning damage to our Dark Pact, to trigger Elemental Equilibrium (enemies hit have -50% Cold and Fire resist), for us and all our minions. Minions cold and fire damage cannot trigger EE, but they can gain the benefit. Therefore it is critical that we do not have any adds fire or cold to spells or attacks on any of our gear. Also Chaos and physical doesnt trigger EE as it isnt elemental.

All three Ascendancies; Skeleton / Spectre / Zombie

Skeletons have bad pathing, so I find I just spam cast them into battle, replacing those previously summoned. Their ascendancy boosts 40% Damage, Summons 2 additional Skeletons per cast (3), 100% Move speed, +2 max skeletons, cant be evaded.

You have two choices: either level as another build until you start mapping (chose another guide) or slowly build items and change your setup as gems unlock. I like to learn as I go, so will be discussing the later option.

We use Dark Pact to deliver the dual curses, doing chaos damage based on 6% of the skeletons life. The spell echo repeats the cast.

*Blood of the Karui Big heal and full life, very important.

Raise Skeletons at the mobs feet. Cast Dark Pact on them, it chains twice, effecting 3 skeletons. Spell Echo repeats the cast. The skeletons then take 6% of their health damage and you inflict that damage as chaos in an AOE, damaging all mobs surrounding the 6 skeletons. As we use adds Lightning damage to spells, we do additional lightning damage to the aoe, triggering the Elemental Equilibrium.

Boots:Victarios Flight- 10% increased move speed for allies.

Build conceptis to maximise minion numbers and damage, through a variety of layers. It has been influenced by multiple other builds, but does have points of difference:

Non-Eye Jewel:Dexterity (till maxed) Elemental resist (till maxed) % Increased maximum life % Minion Damage % Minion Life Energy Shield

So the Combo; you take a chunk of damage, CWDT kicks in, Immortal Call stops the next physical hit, and Phase Run makes you real hard to see. If the enemy is still attacking you, simply walk away through your minions at high speed and then your minions further blind and taunt the enemy off you.

I focus on maximising the bonuses to allies the Animate Guardian can provide and it having its own pets. Still working on confirming if the Avians buff actually works for allies, as it is really hard to see buffs for it.

Rare Boots with Essence- Minion Life.

Life Flask either Instant or of Animation (up to 60% life recovery to minions)

Violent Dead:Further boost our Zombies, +15% minion Damage and boosts Zombie slam attack cooldown and damage bonus. We have this in ascendancy.

This build allows Skeletons and Phantasms to inflict additional Cold and Chaos, so we do not want to use Brutality Support. There are near maximum numbers of both skeletons in this build from passives and items.

Make sure to keep both Immortal call and Phase Run under the level of Cast when Damage taken, otherwise they do not trigger. Also, Phase run is a dex gem, so dont level it beyond level 9 which requires 113 dex. I try to keep Cast when damage takens life trigger around half your hit points, as it feels right. That means not levelling IC and CWDT past lvl 16 (2394 damage), lower if you prefer.

Gloves Grip of the Council – Gems 4 link: Survivability – Immortal Call CWDT setup

*Labrynth Enchant Reflection: Summons a copy of you when you are hit. It strikes with you weapon. Useful for phase run, hard to see synergy.

*Sidhebreathe Paua Amulet (Unique)- Minions + life, move speed, damage and cast cost. Great minion boosts, but no life or resists. Levelled all the way with this amulet and this is the hardest item to leave out of the build. We must take a hit somewhere however and this uniques mods can be mostly replaced elsewhere.

Gloves Grip of the Council Immortal Call CWDT Phase Run

Spirit Offering: Minions gain 29% of the physical damage as extra Chaos Damage, 2% of their life as Energy Shield for each corpse consumed, and it Maxs Minions Elemental Resists.

Hungry Loop – Gems 5 Link: 4 Spectres and 10 Phantasms

-Minions: 5 link- 4 x Solar Guard Spectres with 10 x Phantasms, 4.5 link 11 x Melee Skeletons with 10 x Phantasms, 12 x Zombies, 20 x Summon Raging Spirits, 2 x Fire Golems, 1 x Animate Guardian, 10 x Spectral Wolves and 1 Reflection.

Zombies are supported by their ascendancy, which increases their slam attack, +2 Zombies, AOE chaos on death. They follow you around the map. They also share Fortify and Faster Attacks, for a nice attack damage and survivability boost.

Chaos Golem: Nice 4% physical damage reduction, aoe chaos and melee damage.

Weapon:1 hand Rare with Spectral Spirits. Your AG gets its own personal 3 SRS skulls which are unkillable and dont have a duration. Unfortunately, they do lowish damage, as AG doesnt gain the benefits of support gems in the weapon (the Spirits do gain the benefit if you personally wield it). The essence costs around 25C though to make the weapon, which could get expensive to feed to the AG.

– Boss and map clear speed when it gets on a roll.

Body Vis Mortis – Gems 4 link 6 socket: Dark Pact – Dual Curse Vulnerability and Punishment. Discipline. Flesh Offering.

With EE, both cold and fire auras equally gain the -50% resist boost. I have two claws, one with Hatred, the other Anger, and swap between the two.

Or use melee physical mobs as Spectres for maximum build synergy and change gems from GMP and Spell Echo to Melee Physical and Multi strike. Pros: Spectres have great synergy with rest of build. Cons: No one rates melee physical for Spectres as they are slow and do no where near the clear damage. Also we lose synergy for Phantasms with projectiles and spells.

Invoker-Bone Sculptor-Soul Weaver-Flesh binder

This build takes the best parts of other minion builds and puts them all together. It really is easy mode and noob friendly.

Flesh Binder Zombies: You and all minions gain physical reduction for number of zombies (11%), AOE chaos on death, Slam Attack- AOE increased, cool down decreased, +2 Zombies.

Weapon:Dying Breath 18% chance to block. Nearby enemies have 18% increased effect of curses, Nearby allies gain 18% damage.

Desecrate:First active to cast per fight. It lays a chaos aoe, which damages and triggers EE (added lightning to spells). Also makes 3 corpses available for follow up Flesh Offering. Cast desecrate on the ground to make 3 corpse appear and a small amount of aoe damage. You then cast Flesh Offering on it to make them explode and give the aoe buff. If you have time to set up before a boss, cast multiple times as each corpse adds to duration of offering. Btw; Desecrate cant be exchanged with Dark Pact to deliver the Dual Curse as Desecrate does not hit.

Rare Helm – Gems 4.5 link: 11 Melee Skeletons and 10 Phantasms(+2 Socketed minions Supported by lvl 20 Minion Damage)

Summon +1 Golem. Takes a Jewel slot, but well worth it.

Both need 20% Quality to boost the area of effect to reach all our minions.

Dark Pack-Curse on hitVulnerabilityPunishment.Discipline.Flesh Offering.Spoiler

Body Vis Mortis (Unique)4-6 Link Dual Curse. Discipline. Flesh Offering.

The 10 Spectral Wolves that are summoned on kill (10% chance when your Dark Pact kills something) is dinky for your army growing and looking more cool, but really isnt a game changer as you normally only get 0-5 at a time.

The Animated Guardian is our own personal aura-mancer, well kind of. Suggested items to consume:

1 slot Life adds lightning to spell damage (if not in ghastly gem) Dexterity Elemental Resists +1-3 of socketed gem

1 x The Anima Stone Prismatic Jewel

Bone Sculptor Skeletons: 40% Damage, Summons 2 additional Skeletons per cast (3), 100% Move speed, +2 max skeletons, cant be evaded. Bone Sculptor is critical to build, makes summoning skeletons smooth, spam 3 casts to get 11 skeletons and they cant be evaded.

Dual Fire Golems are possible by use of The Anima Stone Jewel, which allows +1 additional Golem. We use Fire Golems for the synergy to ranged spell fire damage, and cast twice with spell echo. Also, Flame Golems give a slight bonus damage to us.

Spell Echo Support-Summon Raging Spirit-Summon Flame GolemSpoiler

Supposedly Hatred adds more to melee damage builds, however in our build, Anger boosts all minions, the Solar Guards too. We gain 20% cold to all minion damage from our Gloves Grip of the Council, so dont need the cold chill and freeze of Hatred. However, all minions deal fire damage and in turn Burn, is very nice.

Our two curses then effect all mobs hit: Vulnerability and Punishment. This grants minions a total of plus 80% melee damage, 25% attack speed, 20% chance to maim (take +15% extra damage on future strikes), 30% chance to bleed, 30% extra Damage over Time.

Divination Distillate Large Hybrid Flask Boost for items found, life and mana boost and +4 max elemental resist. I use when clearing maps for items boost and in mana doesnt recharge maps.

– Maximised number of gems – 8 additional gems; 6 extra gems, 1 supported by gem and 1 abyssal.

Pros: High Energy Shield, +1 Spectre, Minions gain +15% damage and Unholy Might (30% of physical damage as extra chaos damage). Great damage boost and synergy with build.

Invoker Minion: 20% Damage, 20% Life, 2% Life Regen and 50% Convocation recovery

Victarios Charity- We use the passive Necromantic Aegis which gives our shields mods to all our minions. Therefor they get life, some elemental resist all. But it is the chance to grant; power charge on kill, and frenzy on hit to allallies, which is key. Once the minions start whacking enemies, this just goes nuts and each minion has a chance on each hit to other allies. Charges have a much larger effect on minions so this is a massive boost. Also, we count as an ally too.

-Dual Aura: Discipline and Hatred or Anger (with Generosity).

Hungry Spectres, Melee Skeletons and Slamming Zombies with their Ascendancies. Dual: Dark Pact with Curses, Auras, Golems and Phantasms. Spell Echod SRS, and shared Victarios.

The helm should be: +1-2 Socketed minion gems, Supported by lvl 16-20 Minion Damage, Minions gain 15-23% damage.

* As you can see, this is a work in progress but its 99% complete. Gems should be 21/20 and there are a couple of gaps in my gear (no life in helm, of the grave on gloves, 6 link Vis Mortis), but it is the best I was able to find without spending Exalts.

– Auto casting skills; CWDT, Phantasms, Reflection.

Collect the 5 Minion Circles first, collecting keystones along the way. Order: Lord of the Dead, Herd the Flock, Puppet Master (head to Sanctity), Gravepact then Grave Intentions (6th circle – Grab Death Attunement when you take Spectres). Then head to strength side to focus on Life nodes, Life Regen and Jewels. Then head towards Dex area, for Life / Energy Shields Circles. Finish with Dual Curse, Chaos/Life Circle.

United in Dream:The synergy for the level 15 envy skill (plus chaos damage to all minions melee attacks in aura) and the 60% minion poison would be awesome. Pity they sell for 4.5 exalted.

This may not seem important, but can be critical in boss fights, giving you the split second to spam life flasks and survive.

Ice Golems: Good for chill and freeze, works with EE.

Start:Raise Zombie can be just in +2 socket, or linked to lvl 1 Ruthless Support,lvl 8:Melee Splash Support, Level 8 Minion Damage Support. Swap Ruthless to lvl 18 Melee Physical Damage Support and Melee Splash to lvl 38 MultiStrike.

Our melee minions then slice and dice, all for the cost of a single cast of Dark Pact! Just keep spamming it on your summoned skeletons and keep all mobs permanently dual cursed and effected by EE.

Rumis Concoction- +3000 armour, block boost and can block spells

Rare – with Spectral Spirits:Use an Essence of Insanity (around 25C) on a weapon and hope for good mods. A permanent 3 SRS, but I have tested and unless you put serious support gems in a 5-6 link which effects the spirits, it doesnt seem that good.

Body:Saqawals Nest Good stats, Evasion and ES. Aspect of Avian (boots) also grants Avians Might (10% chance to do 2x damage) and Avians Flight (10% movement speed) to nearby allies.

Cons: Hit to our and our Minions survivability, which is offset by minion life elsewhere.

Phantasms are minions that cast aspellwhich is amelee projectile, which all 3 supports work for. Phantasms are augmented by all physical curse / aura boosts but not melee. This set of Phantasms, fire a cone of projectiles, much like the Solar Guards, which are great for clearing maps.

Mistress of Sacrifice:Offerings- Effect you at 50%, 40% damage, 2% attack / cast speed per corpse consumed. Doesnt boost minions, so no.

To Dust:Are good, but the minion damage is around 5 less, and we have a lot of plus skeleton attack / cast / move speed from elsewhere. Also, noteskeleton, not minion.

Link Anger with Generosity for the Aura boost to all minions fire damage for extra 83-138 to attacks and 69-110 to spells. This effects all our minions.

Commander of Darkness You and Minions effected by Auras gain 3% cast / attack speed, 30% Damage, 20% Elemental Resistance to you and minions. Good synergy with All our minions, as we have increased Auras. I levelled with this, but feel end game, Flesh Binders +2 Zombies and physical reduction to all minions is superior.

Body:Ambus Charge Good life, Armour, ES, all elemental resist, gain endurance charge when you take a critical strike. However, our minions are mostly maxed elemental resist and the shared endurance charges doesnt work as minions are not party members.

Ring – The Hungry Loop Unset Ring (Unique) Spectre and Phantasms

Both do melee physical damage, so are buffed by all our auras and curses etc. Comparatively this setup is near maxed compared to other melee skele builds; with high numbers of fast moving, hard hitting augmented melee strikers.

+ to socketed gem is great for minions. Unset rings are easy ways to move gems around you gear as you level up, as it usually takes only 1-2 chromatic to change the one slots colour.

Quicksilver Flaskof Adrenaline Big move speed boost, but doesnt effect shield charge. As I jump around almost all the time, I dont find I use this much, especially as we get a lot of other move speed boosts from auras etc. or

This setup is near maxed when compared to other Solar Guard builds, missing some buffed elemental supports. However, we do have 4 x 5-linked Solar Guards with their ascendancy and EE though.

In 6-link, move Spell Echo and SRS to Vis Mortis, having Dark Pact and SRS sharing the Spell Echo. Move flesh offering to shield, this frees up a socket for Vaal Skeletons in shield. Unfortunately Flame Golems lose spell echo, so change to Chaos Golems for synergy with melee Curses.

Raise Spectres-Summon Phantasm on Kill Support-Greater Multiple Projectiles Support-Minion Damage Support-Spell Echo SupportSpoiler

Molten Shell: Love the shield, but does aoe fire, which stuffs up our EE.

Adds lightning to spells and attacks, to have Shield Charge trigger EE as well.

This set of phantasms are single target multi hitters.

– Synergy! Cold and Fire with Elemental Equilibrium, Chaos, Melee, Physical, Minion Buffs with curses and auras.

Magna Eclipsis:Plays a dual role, +2 socket has a large impact for minion gems, boosting their base life and damage, which in turn is augmented. Survivability in 25% block, 1500 armour, +100 life, energy shield and evasion, 200% armour and the lvl 20 elemental Aegis. The Aegis is triggered on wearing, and is a bubble which takes 1000 elemental damage before refreshing. I leveled with this, not using the Necromatic Aegis, but everything gets slow.

Try to have life in all rare items. Dexterity is key as it is difficult to gain and your claw needs 113 (you will learn to hate that number). Elemental resists until maxed. Flat Energy Shield is important to make use of the huge +% ES. You need a single mod of adds lightning, minions taunt, minions blind.

Body:Zahndethus Cassock Create Consecrated Ground on block (6% life regen for allies). Works with the staff 18% or shield 24% chance to block.

If you are trying this from scratch in a new league, you will have issues with buying the gems from vendors and uniques can be more expensive.

My go to movement skill for most my characters. Is quick and responsive getting me in and out of trouble. Shield Charge is based on attack speed, not movement speed.

Boots Bones of Ullr (Unique) Shield Charge Chaos Golem

Link Hatred with Generosity for the Aura boost to all minions for extra 50% of physical damage as cold. All but Solar Guards and Flame Golems use this bonus.

Summon SkeletonSummon Phantasm on Kill SupportMelee Physical Damage SupportMultistrike SupportMinion Damage SupportSpoiler

– It is relatively cheap to get going, but cost ramps a little for end game rares.

Rare:Much easier to find one with of the grave or reflection than a Grip of the Council. Good boosts to stats and resists. Allows the Masters Mod; increased minion life 15% to offset the Vis Mortis 20% drop or up to 75% increased armour and energy shield.

Btw; dont buy the Anima stone on POE Trade, buy the 3 parts and sell it to a vendor as a recipe to combine. At the time of writing this Anima stones are 70 chaos, but the 3 Primordial Jewels cost me Eminence 1C + Harmony 3C + Might 22C = 25 Chaos.

Fire Golems: its like 2 more Solar Guards, works with EE. Adds damage to us.

*Rare Elder Boots:Socketed gems are supported by Fortify free fortify for Shield Charge and Zombies freeing up a socket.

I have played POE on and off over several years, but have been a gamer all my life. I live in New Zealand with my young family and have a full time job and play when I can.

Labrynth Enchant: Skeleton damage additional skeleton Warrior Spectres have increased damage Spectres cast speed

Lvl 4:Summon Raging Spirit Link to lvl 1 Onslaught Support, lvl 4 Summon Phantasm on Kill Support, Lvl 8 Minion Damage Support and lvl 8 Melee Splash, Swap Onslaught

Watchers Eye:Especially if it has Energy Shield gained for each enemy hit while affected by Discipline Or Chance to block spells while affected by Discipline.

Charged dash:Swap Shield charge for Charged Dash for a very clever off screen alternative by Torchbearer, if you dont want to be in the same room with doom mobs.

Use Cold Elementals instead of Solar Guards for greater control and still has synergy with other cold damage. Cons: makes your screen look like a strobe light as the glowing white missiles fill the screen. Imo, better for the build, worse for your health. Seriously if you are epileptic, dont use them.

– Untested in Teir 15+. Handles Teir 14 easily.

Need this to get to the other three.

I eventually ended up maxed using 4 rares (unset ring, helm, amulet and belt), but it is much easier to max stats with 5-6 rares.

Fluid Motion :+20-24 Dexterity and converts Strength to Dexterity. Gives us +70-74 Dexterity, -50 Strength when placed North West of the 8 step life wheel. Used this for levelling to get the needed Dexterity.

Vulnerability and Punishment has a massive impact on melee physical damage, which the majority of our minions inflict. Phantasms cast projectiles so cant use the melee damage but can use other physical curse effects. Our curses do almost nothing for Solar Guards and Flame Golems.

This one ring allows a 5 link setup in a single ring. You need to level 4 support gems to 20, then the hungry loop consumes them. The lack of stats in the ring hurts, but who can say no to 5 link Solar Guards for the price of a single ring!

Survival Instincts:20 Dexterity, 6 all elemental resistance, if you are Dex / Res short.

Two separate Summon Phantasm gems linked to Skeletons and Spectres

I played this build in Beastiary to the 90s and easily cleared high Tier SC content. However, I in no way state it has been end game or HC tested.

– Survivability; physical damage reduction, personal life, life regen and energy shield. Also all your minions blind and taunt.

Earth Golems: for the taunt and life regeneration.

Note + % max life gems are very expensive, but +max life Eye Jewels are not as much. However, you cant have % minion damage, it needs to be adds 5-25 damage or minions taunt / blind etc.

Blind and taunt are great for all minions crowd control of enemies and having one of each is critical for the build.

Belly of the Beast (Unique)Pros: Huge Armour, Life, all elemental resists and Flask life effect (synergy Karui flask). Great for survivability. Cons: Lose + 1 Spectre ☹ and minion damage.

4-5L Dual Curse focusing on melee and physical damage

This guide has been written for experienced and noobs alike.

Solar Guards cast fire based spells, spell echo casts it twice, greater multiple projectiles fires 4 additional projectiles and Minion Damage boosts damage. This creates a very satisfying 4 sets of cones of projectiles, that fills the screen. Spectres are augmented by Elemental Equilibrium and their Ascendancy (100% damage and life), making them decent ranged damage support.

Both the Skeletons and Phantasms are supported by all three skills. Minion Damage and Melee physical add raw damage and bleeds and poison from other added chaos damage. Multistrike means they hit faster and 2 additional times per strike. This is our primary source of damage for the build as it is augmented by our auras and curses.

Discipline:We keep the Discipline aura separate from Generosity in Claw, as we need the +217 Energy Shield for both us and our minions. Make sure to get 20% Quality for Area of Effect.

Boots – Bones of Ullr – Gems 4 link: Movement Shield Charge and Minion – Zombies[/span]

Cast When Damage Taken (CWDT)Immortal Call-Increased DurationPhase Runmust be last in chain.Spoiler

Cons: Minions 10% reduced minion speed, but our setup boosts them so much anyways.

Basalt Flaskof Staunching (immune to bleeds) 15% physical damage reduction and reflects melee physical.

+1 Spectre, +1 Zombie is key. Rest of stats are kind of bad, which hurts but extra zombies and Spectres are worth it. This is where the build takes the stat hit.

Boots:Saqawals Talon-Grants lvl 20 Aspect of the Avian , AG gains 30% move speed.

You will probably need to use and drop the +30 Str / Dex nodes and +10 – +15 all elemental resists throughout the build.

Puppet Master:Minions- 20% Move speed, 30% duration, 12% attack / cast speed, 30% damage. Not as good compared to Commander of Darkness, good move speed boost, but no Elemental Resistance.

– Maximised number of minions and increased / additional damage for minions from Auras / Curses / Items

Weapon The Scourge Terror Claw(Unique) Anger and Desecrate

-Utility: 3 link Shield Charge, Spirit Offering, Desecrate

– Difficult balance to get enough Dexterity, Max Elemental resists and use Jewels with +% Minion Damage, and +% Maximum life.

Convocation: Summons your minions to you and gives them a regen effect. A very valid option, which I did like.

Vaal Skeletons: SRS can be easily hot swapped out for Vaal Skeletons if you prefer. This gives more precise timing of the dps boost, but adds an active button to push.

Off hand weapon Victarios Charity (Unique)Summon Flame Golems Summon Spectral Animate Guardian – Discipline

5L Spectres in a hungry ring with Phantasms

-Survivability: 4 link Immortal Call, Phase Run and CWDT setup.

Ghastly(Belt) Look for: + 30+ to Max life adds lightning damage to spells (if not in ring) Minions have a % chance to blind on hit Minions have a % chance to Taunt on hit +40 Energy Shield Elemental Resists

Claw The Scourge – Gems 2+1 Link: Dual Aura Anger with Generosity. Discipline

The key mod is +1 to maximum number of Zombies.

Rare Unset Ring – Minion: Animate Guardian

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