32] RFSR Pathfinder easy Uber Atziri Uber Elder Red Maps with all mods

A delirium essence helmet with armour base and a Life roll works best.

Lightning Coil gives 30% phys damage reduction.

T14 Map with T15 Eradicator Elder Guardian

Righteos Fire with Elemental Focus, Burning Damage and efficacy (replace with inc area at lvl 38).

Uber Elder down on around 12 ex budget (may be possible with a 5 link, not tested).

Coloring can be tricky, a safe method is to create 3 blue sockets via vori craft and keep adding and removing the 4th (blue), 5th and 6th (red) socket until it fits.

Also i changed the flask setup for mapping by removing the ruby flask for a heal flask, added a chaos impresence with despair to the setup and replaced the alphas howl with a essence of Delirium helmet and an enlighten.

Using pathfinders 3 flask charges every 3 seconds combined with flask cost reductions, duration and increased charges gained this build makes most flasks permanent.

Overflowing chalice is not needed while clearing regular mobs and on short boss fights.

A Lightning coil is essential to the physical defence of this build.

Other reasons for distillate stoping can be too much mana regeneration on gear, the lab boot enchant which gives 2% mana per second if hit recently combined with quality on distillate or a party members stronger purity of fire or clarity.

You can squeeze in aspect of the spider with an lvl 4 enlighten, 2 additional -4% reserve nodes and a Conquerors Efficiency Jewel. Its expensive and only worth it once you exhaused all other dmg options.

changed some 5% max life passives for the increased Life recovery from flask nodes.

Be careful to not have any fire spell dmg (or cold if you use pyre) on your gear, otherwise Elemental Equilibrium wont work.

150% movementspeed, 27% IIQ and 80% IIR without mf gear

From the passive tree: 50% flask effect, 20% aura effect

The blood of the karui should have a high increased Recovery rate roll.

capable of doing no reg / -max res / less recovery maps with RF

The amulet increases the dmg and the helmet gives some life and armor compared to alphas howl.

A rare belt with -19% flask charges, life and maybe some resist.

The linked Life flask gives ~1200 life per second.

The physical rain and the physical/chaos damage over time areas hurt, avoid them. Otherwise you can tank it all.

The trick is to keep the mana empty by using righteous fire and mind over matter, which transfers 30% of RFs self damage to mana. Thats why the mana is empty and this way distillate can run its full duration. A ruby flask reduces RFs damage by a lot and that reduces the degeneration of mana with MoM. This leads to full mana and that stops distillate.

Or a yellow with fire, burning damage and maybe some attack speed.

permanent 99% lightning and cold resistance

While on concecrated ground the pantheon gives ~550 life per second.

Im here to present and discuss a RF Pathfinder Build.

Look for Life, resist and maybe some fire dmg.

Orb of Storms and Scorching Ray linked with bloodmagic.

skip controlled if you are using a 5link

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The rings are the main source of resistance.

Will do another uber elder try tomorrow and update the writeup with the changes if all goes well.

The aim is to create a tanky character and great uber elder killer.

500 to 4k (flask) life regeneration per second and 7,5k lifepool (at around lvl 95)

other slots are filled up with rare jewels.

The large flameblast has 10% fire penetration and a lot of damage, avoid that. Everything else barely does any damage.

Mind over Matter with RF is used to counter Divination Distillates mana regeneration and use its full duration.

In order to get divination distillates 4% max res for its full duration it has to not end. Since its a hybrid flask it restores mana and health and ends once both are full.

permanent 70% reduction of physical hits (80% with +20ex budget, 100% with legacy gear)

And with this amount of periodical flask charges and flask effect nodes some heal flasks become very strong. In the current setup blood of the karui gives 14181 health over 3.65 seconds or 3885 life per second.

None of the elemental skills have any penetration, so the only thing in this fight that can kill you is the slam and its easy to avoid.

The physical damage over time areas hurt, take care of his propagator minions as fast as you can. For Phase 2 bring a frostwall to protect shaper from projectiles (explanation).

Add chaos resist were you find it for smooth mapping.

The idea behind this change is to get a stronger heal flask

Good Ventors Gamble rings work well.

This also enables -max res + no reg maps.

Potency is needed to get 1% more max res from auras and flasks.

Does anyone want to see the guard videos?

Check my characterbobs_absinthefor a quick overview of current passives and gear.

Taste of Hate delirium essence gloves blood of the karui

Saffels Frame gives 4% max resist, Ahns Heritage gives only 3% max resist but a lot of health and armour. I prefer Ahns.

after temp chain map 100 I wanted a permanent anti curse setup and more movespeed.

Purity of Fire and likely purity of elements to cap fire resist or vitality.

You need bleed removal somewhere until uber lab is done!

The watchers eye should have atleast one of the phys taken as mods to be useful.

Zerphis Last Breath is on my to test list

This looses 65 Life for another 1k life per second from blood of the karui.

The goal of this changes is to increase the dmg and improve the quality of life.

Delirium Essence gloves with Life for RF.

The second ascendancy should be master alchemist.

Shaper, T15 Elder and Uber Atziri easily cleared at around 5ex budget.

The first uber elder tries showed a lack of dmg to kill the adds fast enough,

(kill all bandits / Soul of Arakaali and Soul of Tukohama pantheon)

Then head torwards flask effect nodeshere.

immune to curses (if needed / looses some movespeed)

5 link budget gear & old flask setup

Is this build a good league starter?

Be wary of nulifier rare enemies (especially on red beasts) or enemies possessed by thiefs tormented spirit (ends active potion effects on hit).

Lightning Coil, Taste of Hate (20% * 1,5) and a Watchers Eye for 10% phys to cold convert are used to convert 70% of physical damage taken to elemental. With Legacy Gear and a 2 Stat Watchers Eye this can be increased to 100%.

Avoid added fire damage to attacks or you cant use shield charge to proc EE!

Further Divination Distillate and all three elemental purity auras are used to reach 99% resistance.

Impresence gives more damage, a rare marble amulet with life and resists helps with sustain and resists. Bloodgrip is a budget option.

Will work on a video in the following days.

Most enemies pose little to no threat and our strong heal flask counters them well. Torwards the end you may want to pull and kite the enemies apart to avoid deaths and close calls like you can see them in the video. Just in case bring a frost bomb for its 75% reg reduction against strong regeneration tanks. And use a anti curse flask to avoid strong resist reductions.

This beeing the case the 100% fire resist looses value and Ahns Heritage becomes a better option. It gives around 300 Life and 1800 armour more compared to saffels. The lost spell damage lowers SRs damage but the life compensates with RF damage (only total -1k dps).

Will try uber elder either later today or tomorrow.

Luxury would be a increased life recovery mod on an elder belt.

Why not use a ruby flask? / Why do I have no mana? / Why is Distillate stoping?

cast speed /- with fire /- with shield (SR)

changed ascendancy master herbalist – master surgeon

Luxury items at this point would be a Taste of Hate and a watchers eye with phys taken as elemental damage for either of the three purities (poe.trade searchlink).

Alphas howl can be used as a budget variant.

The watchers eye should have one of the phys taken as elemental mods (poe.trade searchlink).

Here the flask management is mandatory, on my first kill i died twice because i didnt have taste of hate up and once because i used blood of the karui too late.

Watcher 2 stat Eye price varies a lot, if you can get it cheap grab it sooner.

The best enchant is the 2% reg after hit enchant, but you may need to not quality your divination distillate if you have that. In my case quality gave too much mana and countered the rf degeneration. Goldwyrm can be used to increase the IIQ for mapping.

Or is there any other content you want to see?

Some shrines stop this interaction aswell like the regeneration or resist shrine.

so I am currently working on a 6 link and some other dmg increases.

Wyrmsign with Ahns and 2 Fragility jewels can be used for mapping to gain rampage and onslaught.

The passives at that point should look likethis.

Its worth it to invest into distillates quantity roll.

Change the count numbers to get cheaper or better options.

You could aim at around 50% cold and lightning resist if you are confident in keeping the flasks up and 90% fire resist. Its safer to have 84% cold and lightning res in case the flasks drop.

The Guardian of the Phoenix reduces your maximal fire resistance by 1% for each 10% Life he is missing and another -50% fire resist with the Phoenix Firebomb. You want a ruby flask for this fight and be ready to kite him at around 30% health. He is the hardest guardian by far for this build.

If you dont have a Impresence yet and want more damage.

The most dangerous part about this fight is the orb barrage. It has 25% cold penetration and if the damage rolls high 3 hits will kill you. Same goes for the bullet hell phase so protect zana. But you can ignore the beam and the anomalies.

The damage setup is the usual RF + SR combination with EE procs through attacks or orb of storms.

You need a ruby flask, a Divination Distillate and a Health Flask.

With this a topaz and sapphire are used to increase the maximum elemental resistance.

poe.trade searchlink for rare jewels

Pantheon: Soul of Arakaali and Soul of Tukohama

Uber Elder possessed by tormented spirit

The most important thing is to dodge shapers 3 orb barrage. This can be especially tricky if the elder slows you at the wrong time.

the shaper video and a T15 elder video is added to the main post.

lightning coil (not 6 linked), alphas, chalice, distillate, belt with -19% flask charges used, ahns, Watcher 1 stat Eye

if the colours give you trouble, you can use

Ahns gives more life and armour. Saffels gives more max resist and some extra elemental resistance. I prefer Ahns.

Shield Charge and Orb of Storms on Blood Magic

The Overflowing Chalice is used to achive this.

Use Soul of Ralakesh as minor pantheon for 25% reduced Physical Damage over Time Damage taken while moving.

cap resists and try to get life rolls where you can

First the trick with 100% fire resist activating the increased recovery pantheon is nice but doesnt do enough. A well rolled health flask gives more regeneration and doesnt stop the divination distillate.

Life, Movement speed, resists and armour prefered. Roots work well too.

The Belt mod -20% reduced flask charges used is necessary to have 100% flask uptime.

the topaz can use other mods like curse immunity.

Sadly no, it depents on a couple uniques to get going and needs to be close to the enemy requiring capped resists and at least a granite flask. This build feels bad if either of this conditions is not fulfilled and league starters will have a hard time doing so. But its a good second build once you have a couple chaos and the needed uniques are available.

Then grab more life, reg, burning and elemental dmg notes likethis.

The first ascendancy point has to be natures boon.

3% = Ahns Heritage (or 4% Saffels Frame)

t15 elder, shaper guards, shaper and uber atziri coming soon.

more speed, no curses, no need for a chalice because enemies provide charges!

Always pay attention to your flasks, they make a huge difference for your defence and you die fast if you miss them. Luckily the windows are quite large and you dont have to be too precise with the timing.

6% = Purity of Fire lvl 23 (21 Gem + 2 from alphas howl) 5% * 1,2

(mino and hydra with noreg, phoenix with a lot of dmg mods and challenge)

Try to control the propagators to reduce the amount of phys degen areas.

Impresence lvl 21 Auras 6 Link Watcher 2 stat Eye

Rf can be used at lvl 35 after the first lab is done.

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