32] The 1 Health Build – Uber Elder Deathless – RiskyCBs Pathfinder

nice COPY of someone else bulld. still sux and u die a lot.

Congratulations on the build. Very clever combination of mechanics. Takes me back to the good old days of 100% elemental resist Mjolner builds with corrupted voidbringers and pre-nerf elemental flasks.


If you play in standard, you simply want to get a legacy Divination Distillate. It gives you 6% maximum resistance (with pathfinder, thats 9% maximum resistance: literally crazy bonus), and also more IIQ and IIR.

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If you see here, Divination Distillate has been nerfed 2 times for the IIR/IIQ bonus, and a single time for the maximum elemental resistances gained.

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[3.2] The 1 Health Build – Uber Elder Deathless – RiskyCBs Pathfinder

great build. gz for elder kills

It probably will be costful. But totally worth it, if you can afford that.

I use DreamScythes setup on STD, still working on purity of ice. Thanks for this permanent IC idea, I hope I will able to use it with my current gear.

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