33] Milkys Vesselpulse Righteous Fire MFXP Ascendant

For high tier mapping i would go for a mix of HH, Null and Void, a Ventors or two (stormfire can add tons of dmg if needed), iiq amu and rare boots or goldwyrm. 20% IIQ are sweet, but some 30/35% ms boots with fat life and some chaos res are nice as well 😡

This results in (flasks with maxroll, numbers rounded down):

Note: First char in Incursion SC, no atlas etc. Had a lucky bereks grip drop in a temple in act 9 which geared me up to this point.

It adds up. This manaregen is literally converted into liferegen, just should never be higher than the 30% of RFs dmg on mana.

Inpulsas Broken Heart + Vessel of Vinktar.

Watchers Eyewith many different rolls.

Scorching Ray + Burning Damage + Elemental Focus + Bloodmagic + Efficacy + Controlled Destruction.

Shield: 1% max all res or 2% max fire res shaper/elder shield with high life and fixing the missing resistances. Personally i prefer the allres route.

The trickster subclass adds tons of substain (50% more leech/regen) and qol with power/frenzy generation in particular. Its way easier to keep Ele overload up.

My version, specifically for mfing, has a good chunk of extra life (had roughly 7.4k in mf gear vs his mentioned 5-6k reflecting in the %life difference on the tree) and a higher recovery while mapping. Basically same regen, but 30% of the hp leeched per sec with the trickster recovery on kill (up to 40% with arakaali + cwdt immocall, but i like my portal setup :x)

The mainreason, like mentioned a few times, is the ability to use the Divination Distillate flask for magicfind and max resistance. We need to take enough dmg to have more dmg on mana than manaregeneration while the flask is up.

Slayer feats like cull, aoe, more dmg, leech on full life are either compensated by that, the same or slightly weaker.

Using a ruby flask on top or picking up a resist shrine would stop divination distillate for me. Using the DD and Ruby flask together in normal maps is not possible.

Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline. Gotta move fast! Not necassary with leapslam

I picked the slayer subclass first, then the trickster.

With a good watchers eye purity of elements could replace one as well, but in general i like the max all resistances.

Vessel of Vinktar with lightning penetration. Bread and Butter for the build to keep the leech running and the explosions to happen. The penetration helps inpulsas explosions a bit, the other versions do nothing for us.Core

Ring: 2x ventors gamble. 9-10% IIQ as a baseline, some life is nice, IIR should be at least over zero (more is better) and resists not abyssimal. Fire res can be negative since we already get a ton from the purity + brightbeak + goldwyrm

Its madefor fast mapping and magicfindingwhile lacking endgame boss substain and dmg. Its all about the momentum in this build and desires a strict lootfilter.Life is substained by lifeleech and life regeneration,inspired by this buildwhich is around for a few leagues.

The flasknodes are important to keep up vessel of vinktar all the time. On top flask effect increases our max resists, item quantity/rarity, movementspeed and so on.

+ cheap to start, but you can throw much currency into it

We can however use a ruby flask in no regeneration, low recovery, -max res etc. no need to reroll those maps, just collect a few, add a ruby flask and run em 😉

No and Yes. Slayer is necassary for the non stop leech. Besides that the culling strike and 20% (basically permanent when we need it) are nice feats on top.

this is a guide about the Righteous Fire Inpulsas Ascendant i made in Bestiary. Made a Video-Guide about it back then, but now its time for a written guide.

150 – over 200% iir arent a problem to reach considering potential 80% on the divi distillate, 30% implicit on ventors alone. Helmet, amulet, ventors, biscos and jewels can add more.

Vinktars shocks nearby enemys, those explode due to Inpulsas and Vinktar allows us to leech 20% of the dmg! On top vinktars already increases the dmg taken on enemys.

Gloves: Sadimas Touch. the firedmg with atks is bad for EE with shieldcharge/leapslam (doesnt matter while clearing since ss aoe is small and inpulsas overwrites it after the explosion). Orb of Storm is needed with those.

If you only got a helmet with one supportgem in it, replace efficacy since its the weakest gem in there.

Why not the alternative start to the shadow?

+ no time to loot much stuff, a strict lootfilter is required

With good clearspeed and the skilltree i use its basically a 100% uptime on Vinktars except with some heavy backtracking.

I want to make the character good for one thing and not a mediocre mix for different things. If i want a safe bosskiller i would go for a J U G G R F instead.

IIR depends highly on the Ventor rolls, rampage buff with biscos leash etc.

I dont have much time to play with a job and family, so this will grow over time.

There are dozens of RF builds around, so what makes this one different?

Weapon: Brightbeak for the fast clear. Alternative doryanis catalyst or a high aps rare sceptre with elemental/fire/burning dmg if dps is needed (can also weaponswap.

removing the duelist starting nodes doesnt result in more skillpoints those 5 nodes are required for travelpoints instead and a loss of atkspeed and life.

The mechanics – how everything works

After a non mf setup is made i would go for some xp grinding in wither t11/13 maps or t16 maps… or reroll :p

IIR gem is not recommended since we kill partially with rf, sr, inpulsaplosions and orb of storms (the last 2 have culling strike as well).

The bad thing is that Scorching Ray, shield charge and utility skills with manacosts need a bloodmagic supportgem. It doesnt really matter for the singletarget dmg while magicfinding regular content since bosses melt anyway with RF + VaalRF + SR.

Any remaining currency will go into a abyss jewels (cold dmg with atks/maces, onslaught on kill) a decent watchers eye and cheap (not toprolled) mf gear and i will run hundreds of Burial Chambers.

T5+ maps will be bought at the beginning. I want the 4th shaper orb (T4 T9) to upgrade relic chambers. This will prevent any t4 relic chamber to drop.

Its most fun in doublebeyond maps and sometimes disappointing in alch)

+ solo play orientated. Doesnt benefit from supports like a windripper build or similar.

Overall gear: Its waaaay easier to (over) cap ele resist so chaos resist and strength rolls are easier to fit on the gear as well as manaregen on some slots for non-MoM casting.

WTB Mana and life leech for casters on tree…

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After that point grab extra jewels, life, attack/movementspeed (faster shieldcharge) or even the duration cluster. depends on what you want 😉

bricked (corrupted lvl 3 enlightens) arent expensive), but you could use arctic armour or herald of thunder (EE reapply) in the meantime for one of the puritys.

Sulphur Flask with Bleed removal. adds a bit generic dmg, regen if we are stationary (facetanking some bosses) and has 3 base uses. can be another basetype like a lifeflask or amethyst flask

Flamegolem + Combustion + Bloodmagic/Cwdt.

My focus lies on mfing, fast clearing and QoL coupled with a good chunk of life and possibility to run any mapmod. A bit more specialized.

Seems like a good way to use my leftover MF gear as well!

Trickster on the other side could be switched despite being the best choice for fast and safe mapping.

20% Portal + Enhance + Faster Casting.

early on rise of the phoenix / saffels frame are fine, just keep in mind that too high fire resist can hurt the mana degeneration and bricks the Divination Distillate interaction.

Picking Mind over Matter has a few advantages and disadvantages with RF:

Reached maps and unlocked a few t1/2. My first goal is to setup my atlas for Burial Chambers T3 farming. For that i will NOT unlock any other T3 or T4 map.

Divination Distillate. 4% maxres, a shitton of iiq/iir and both scale with flaskeffect. great! Without Mind over Matter not usable.Core for MF

The first Doctor card will be sold and the currency invested in better MF gear. those ~6.5 Ex should be enough for max quantity gear.

Null and Void with a Headhunter. You keep the rampage with headhunter buffa, has good life and some phys immunity from time to time.

Gear will be upgraded to MF gear over time and once i reached my goal (probably HH) i go for a 2nd gearset with no MF for xp.

Body Armour: Inpulsas Broken Heart. required to make everything work. Go for a 10% monster hp explosion roll and good life. inc dmg if killed recently is a decent stat as well. Not sure if the shockeffect works with vinktars shock aura (or flaskeffect).

extra singletarget dmg via the combusion debuff. Optional, not required for low lvl burial chamber farming etc. Something to consider for high tier maps.

I know some people are disturbed by seeing bloodmagic gems, especially in the scorching ray setup. Nowadays its not as bad as it looks with RF + VRF + SR on regular mapbosses/incursion dudes etc. They die before reaching max stacks anyway.

I would prefer curse removal since monsters barely freeze (high max cold res + life) and box monsters die instantly while most effects are negated via the explosions (barely any corpse explosions) and high resistances.

The best thing ever if you chain maps really fast

Shieldcharge/Leapslam + Faster Attacks +Fortify + Bloodmagic

Ascendant – Trickster is mainly used for the 50% recovery on kill, which increased our leech and regeneration. The Frenzy/Powercharges on kill make mapping way smoother with more speed/dmg and easier elemental overload proccs. The manaregen also can reduce a bit pressure on the lifepool if Mind over Matter is used, more about that later.

I like Soul of Solaris which reduces phys dmg against single enemys and you avoid critchaining.

Evasion bases with high movementspeed or Armour bases with extra life are prefered.

Belt: Biscos Leash for the mf part and rampage. Rampage increases the clearspeed and dmg of all sources (inpulsas explosions, rf, sr). The first big mf item i would get.

For the Major god everything is fine really anything has advantages.

For a safer/cheaper route a rare stygian or elder (life recovery roll) belt with high life and resists is the way to go,preferable with flask propertys (reduced charges used/more charges gained/flask effect duration).

The Inpulsa explosions increase our clear area and singletarget dmg to rares and surviving rares always have the EE debuff for instantly higher fire dmg taken.

Ruby/Sapphire/Topaz Flask in general:

Divination Distillate is the ruby flask for the MoM route. If you dont use mom… you use the ruby flask. Will the incoming dmg change? not much in any direction since the 3% max fire res difference (5% vs 8%) is compensated by MoM while gaining resists against other elements.

is it needed? No, not for the purpose of the build. As long as bosses, architects and similar stuff dies quicker than reaching full SR stacks its barely meaningful at all. For those quick fights the rf and vaal rf dps is the biggest part

You gain the possibility to use the Flask Divination Distillate for a big chunk of Magicfind stats and maximum elemental resistances since you never (except the max fire resist is TOO high) regenerate mana while the flask is up. The manaregen also acts as liferegen, even tho its not very high just a bonus.

So for magicfinding i highly recommend using Mind over Matter for the divination distillate. For non MF its debatable. The maximum all elemental resists are great, but you loose some singletarget dps and sockets.

several reasons. With MF in mind ascendant has easy access to stats (40dex esp) that are very hard to obtain with so many mf uniques.

30% of the incoming rf/bloodrage (or all dmg in general) goes on mana.

Biscos Collar is also nice to have, but doesnt grant any life (dmg) and isnt so valueable in incursions.

15 flat manaregen from the trickster basically all the time

Base manaregen is 1.75% of the max mana (mainly gained via int for us).

Normal jewelswant the standard rf build stats:

Pathfinder subclass adds better flasksubstain for longer fights, chieftain better bossdmg and a bit substain/life for excample.

Then i will /global 820 Uberlab trials and run it to fix my skilltree.

We use the synergy of some uniques and classfeats:

For pure magicfind those puritys help A LOT capping resistances, especially with mediocre Ventors Gambles.

Purity of Fire + Purity of Ice + Purity of Lightning + Enlighten lvl 3

Aswell as lot more information on how things work

Aswell as lot more information on how things work

There is no golden number how high your manaregen should be because some factors play a role. The lifepool dictates how much dmg rf deals, max fire res lowers the dmg significantly and the 30% mom effect applies on that value. a char with 9000 life can have more manaregen than one with 5000 life. The same thing applies to max resists. Your manaregen might fit perfectly for 90% fireres and 5k life, but on 8k life you could add 2% more max fire res.

Honestly HH is most effective on Phys based elemental conversion builds in general since most buffs affect you properly. HH is definetly great on the build (used it myself), but often doesnt make a noticable difference except you hit souleater, extra life or haste compared to phys/ele auras etc that can affect other builds as well.

flat cold dmg to attack/with maces. 1x doesnt matter how high to trigger EE with shieldcharge.

Rings: Stormfire is a good and cheap choice. Since we literally have a shock aura all the time and clear fast it can add a lot of dps. Besides that high life Opal rings preferable with firedmg% are nice. On a budget just life and resists.

How dare you writing a guide with such a low level char?

Here is a link to the gear/tree/etc of my 3.2 character which goes in the direction of what the character will look like later:

Liferegen% while moving, dmg% if killed recently etc are also good mods, but the mentioned ones are a must have on your abyss jewels. 2 abyss jewels are usually enough for that and you can go for normal jewels then.

You might even consider swapping an aura if you find a sweet deal. Vitalitys recovery mod is insane (and expensive) and purity of elements has some great mods (like a shitton of chaos res) that might make em worth using.

We actually have more manaregen than it looks like at the first glance.

Not a problem with the usually shitty rf mapmods (lower recovery etc).

+ one of the highest possible magicfind builds coupled with the great clearspeed

We gain 26% Flaskeffect from the Alchemist Cluster and 8% Flaskeffect from the Conquerors Potency Jewel for a total of 34%.

She saves 5 skillpoints over the Slayer while gaining 4 extra skillpoints on top (and uses 2 for her own start) which basically is worth all the flasknodes or 45% life in 5% lifenodes.

Ascendant – Slayer has the feature that our leech does not end on full life. Depending on the amount of monsters killed, monster life and dmg scaling we can get something between 10-30 seconds of leech if we stop killing.

idk what ggg thought about releasing it in that state. Its too common for what it does.

optional again. Bloodrage is mainly used for the atkspeed buff (already generating frenzy charges), oos is there for more reliable singletarget EO/EE proccs. debatable.

Leveled with rf since lvl 40, earlier i used scorching ray but you could do what you want for leveling with twink gear.

There are various other utility setups, with or without mind over matter (drop bloodmagic gem ofc).

Sapphire Flask. Purity of ice, distillate maybe 1% maxres on the shield? why not push it further!

Onslaught on kill, one good 8% roll is enough or 2x worse rolled ones

Played the build in 3.2 as well a lot, farmed his headhunter in 3 days, optimized a lot etc. Currently i just have more time to write on my mobile than playing on the PC 😛

Elemental dmg isnt a big issue since we can obtain a good chunk of max resists.

Amulet: Shaper amulet with IIQ and life. everything on top is nice (resists, iir..)

It highly depends on what you wanna do Magicfinding or not, with or without MoM and if you use a Headhunter or not. I seperate it in two parts, one for mf and one without.

There are just not enough skillpoints for that. We need the path from the witch flasknodes down to the ranger flasknodes or the flask effect and substain is not good.

1% all ele from a shaper shield OR 2% fire from elder shields

95% total IIQ + potential corruptions.

Bloodrage + Orb of storm + Bloodmagic

8% for single element flasks brings it up to 93% for the used element or 92/94%

Everything from pure mf to non mf or a mix is possible.

Reducing the dmg on life is one part which is nice to have, but not the reason to specc MoM for me (rf + mom and investment into mom usually comes with a lack of dmg or healthpool).

With that out of the way lets talk about how to handle it and the benefits/downsides.

Belt: Biscos leash/headhunter again for clearspeed.

That brings us up to 85% all ele res or 84% lightning/cold and 86% fire.

Gloves: Null and Void for rampage (no bisco leash) is an option. Insanity gloves for shieldcharge are great to have or just regular rares with tons of life and resist.

+ can run any mapmod inluding no regeneration. Even no leech is possible depending how hard the map is.

For my taste a portal setup and bloodrage are fixed for fast mapping.

The Forum Thread with my Guides and Builds

Incursion Videos are coming soon. Wont be much different from 3.2, except more singletarget dmg with Vaal RF

Took me 3 days playing (idk, around 24h total) to farm 5 doctor cards and enoufh currency to buy 3 more doctors AND had currencly left for 5.5ex worth of gear upgrades 😡 I did stream most of the farming, but didnt count maps or /played. So thats coming in here hopefully 😉

Shield: Same as the mf route, get high life and 1% max all res OR 2% max fire res.

For a full circle back to the Bloodmagic gem. Non mom has enough manaregen for a 6link scorching ray and has the advantage of an additional dmg gem.

Very cool looking build, I finally got my HH last night and I think Id like to try it out on this build.

Here are some setups that worked out for me

Its a good build, but in some points vastly different.

Then clean the stash, roll maps and i start counting how long i need to farm the headhunter.

Witchfire Brew: The curse is nice to have so we dont need anything to trigger one, helps killing stuff near instantly. dot dmg is nice, blind great for a stationary build on bosses and a bit evasion% might help as well. great flask, but can be replaced if you have a useful curse on hit corruption on the gloves (applied via shieldcharge, explosions and oos).Core without curse on hit

Disclaimer:Requires Vessel of Vinktar + Inpulsas Broken Heart to play! 2x Obliteration works, but its way different and in my opinion weaker. Its fine for the transition into VoV+IBH.

can be quite expensive. Alternatively use a rarity + life amulet on a budget.

Abberath as the minor god for reduced fire dmg taken mainly. reduced ignite duration on us is also nice since we got no ignite removal.

Rampage on the other side via biscos or null and void (coupled with HH) feels more impactful and more importantly solid to me.

Skilltree will be transitioning into the one posted in the Skilltree section once i finished uberlab (pathing, some regennodes).

Then there are a few % possible via corruptions or lvl 23 puritys up to 3%.

The Forum Thread with my Guides and Builds

Physical dmg taken converted to x element.

Body Armour: Inpulsas Broken Heart. required to make everything work. Go for a 10% monster hp explosion roll and good life. inc dmg if killed recently is a decent stat as well. Not sure if the shockeffect works with vinktars shock aura (or flaskeffect).

Boots Goldwyrm: 20% IIQ, not much more to add.

Its nice to have freeze and Curse removal on flasks, if you switch 1 or 2 of the unique flasks, get it on there.

His route performs way better in bossfights and has lower incoming dmg (esp phys with his ToH and helmet). For elemental dmg its barely a difference between high max res + high recovery vs near max res + lower recovery except were talking about bosses again.

Boots: Rare high life boots and 30%+ movementspeed.

This basically reduces the damage of RF on our lifepool depending how high our manaregen is up to the 30% cap. Is our manaregen only big enough for 20% of the dmg, the remaining 10% go on life again.

Weapon: Brightbeak. Fastest weapon for quick clearing and up to 60 resists

Saffels frame could push that even higher and you could end up with 99%, but at that point RF wont degen mana anymore and divination distillate stops working (except with some tricks like using the unique flask that stops manaregen or the shavronne ring).

Without MoM you can drop BM and use this as a 3link or add a critchance for even more reliable EO proccs.

Not complaining, the build wouldnt work without inpulsas :p

Conquerors Potencyadds valueable stats to us (listed in the math section). Higher iiq/iir, movementspeed, maxresist etc. It pushes some flasks over a threshold for extra bonis like topaz flasks 7% (including flaskeffect on the tree) max lightning res to 8%.

Without Mind over Matter you probably dont need Bloodmagic (just get some manaregen) and swap in Empower or Swift Affliction

Vitality aura is not needed once the ball is rolling, but an option as well.

for %life and a mediocre roll its already worth it.

Soul of Arakaali is ofc nice as well with reduced dot dmg taken, recovery bonis with cwdt + immortal call + bloodrage and chaos dot dmg reduction.

10% lightning pen 13% lightning pen

Too high manaregen OR maximum fire resistance will stop the flask (ends on full life or mana).

5% all ele from divination distallate including flaskeffect

Ruby Flask is normally a goto for rf builds, but hard to use with Mind over Matter. Very high fire resist results in lower lifedegen from rf, usually great. With all the mana, manaregen (tricksters 15 manaregen after using shieldcharge and 50% on kill) + ticking divination distillate and barely any degen you can regenerate mana which turns off Divination Distillate lowering your other max res and iiq/iir!

The Forum Thread with my Guides and Builds

endgame bosses are somewhat doable, but not recommended on the build

Path of Building can help a lot here to minmax that.

%firedmg, %burndmg, %generic dmg, % dot dmg

Seems like a good way to use my leftover MF gear as well!

+ Has no problems with stat requirements or resistances even with mf gear (triple purity)

His leech only works until hes on full life, just refilling lost hp via leech after a pack. Then some qol/dmg with culling strike, 20% aoe and power charges on kill for a more solid EO uptime.

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Without any mapmods i usually can run the flask with purity of fire, +2 fire res on a shield and the max res of the flask.

Vaal Righteous Fire + Increased Area of effect + Elemental Focus + Efficacyin a helmet with support of increased burning dmg and concentrated effect.

Amulet: Life, resist, firedmg% and manaregen. liferegen and maximum leech rate are also nice to have.

50% manarecovery if we killed recently

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