40 Popular Path of Exile uniques What makes Shavs and other items expensive?

This is mostly considered the best pair of gloves currently in the game. Atiziris Acuity can be obtained as drop from Uber atizri or from divination cards which makes these gloves pretty rare and expensive. Very high armor, high intelligence, life, crit chance and insta-leech makes this item very powerful and useful for crit based builds.

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Astramentis is unique amulet and is mostly sought-after when you are in great need of attributes like Strength, Intelligence and Dexterity. It offers +80 +100 to all attributes depending on the roll. Astramentis is sometimes used together with Mjolner because of its huge attribute requirements.

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When youre new to the game, grasping some concepts might be a bit challenging, especially with unique items. There is tons of them and in this guide I am going to review some Path of Exile uniques and their stats to clear up why some of them are priced so high.

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One of the most popular chest pieces that has been in the game for long time. It offers +500 to max life and increased fire damage for its wearer with the cost of all sockets in chest piece. Kaoms Heart gives you huge life pool which makes it extremely potent item for Righteous fire builds because they utilize every single aspect of the item.

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Great damage gloves for crit builds Maligaros offers crit chance, crit multiplier and attack speed which makes them very good.

Great bow for elemental crit builds. Not only it has high crit chance, shocked and frozen enemies killed by this bow drop items with increased IIR/IIQ. This synergizes well with Gifts from Above ring and gives you great boost to rarity.

This is good shield for builds that want damage good example would be cyclone build that uses Abyssus helm. Physical damage to attacks, attack speed and life makes this shield very desirable for damage oriented physical builds.

Doryanis Invitation is belt dropped by Atziri which comes in 4 variants physical, cold, fire and lightning. Doryanis Invitation is generally pretty well-rounded belt which offers some armor, damage (depends on the variant), resistances and chance to freeze, ignite and shock. Do not forget about elemental leech, the amount is small but it can be noticeable if you are going crit build and deal a lot of damage.

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This is one of the most expensive items currently in the game. Headhunter allows you to steal their mods from Rare monsters when you kill them. It is extremely powerful, take a look.

: Heres one of the upcoming microtransaction armour sets – Celestial Armour.

This was very popular item a while back; almost every melee build out there was running with it because of the power of this item. It has many desireable properties physical damage to attacks, high life, chance to block and more importantly, gems in this item are supported by blind, faster attacks and melee physical damage making this item essentially a 7-link. Wearing Bringer of the Rain, however, has a drawback you cannot use chest armor.

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This is expensive amulet that is often utilized in combination with Mjolner builds. The property that makes it so expensive is Gain an Endurance Charge when a Power Charge expires or is consumed therefore it gives you tons of endurance charges when you use Volls Protector or other power charge-generaing items. This amulet can only be obtained in maps that have Anarchy/Onslaught Zana mod or by divination cards and that only adds to its value.

One more item that was introduced to the game fairly recently and has unique property which allows some interesting character builds. Socketed gems in this staff fire 4 additional projectiles and socketed gems fire projectiles in nova. This means, basically any skill gem that shoots projectile, can be made as nova build. This staff also works on spell totems which is pretty cool. Here you can take a look at spell interactions with this staff38. Void BatteryBuy now!

While not expensive, this is the fastest-shooting bow in this game with 3 attacks per second. The bow is popular with Explosive Arrow builds that focus on shooting as many arrows as possible in short amount of time.

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40 Popular Path of Exile uniques What makes Shavs and other items expensive?

Fairly recently added to the game, Ventors Gamble might be the best ring for IIR/IIQ characters, however only if its rolled well. The thing with this ring is it can go both ways from reduced IIR/IIQ and resists to increased IIR/IIQ. It is really a gamble because you have to use Divine Orbs to roll it which are not the cheapest currency in the game.

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Lightning Coil has the property 30% of Physical Damage taken as Lightning Damage which makes it great choice for builds that have to take physical damage. Because of this property, Lightning Coil is great defensive item and with high lightning resist, you can mitigate a lot of physical damage.

Always tries to keep up with the game, its ever-changing mechanisms and explain them in understandable manner.

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Pretty good all-around ring. It has 10 20% increased Damage unique affix which is great for some builds with limited scaling because it increases any damage. It also has 10 20% to all resists and 10 20% increased item rarity which makes it nice option for some builds.

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In Path of Exile, very many uniques are used as build-enablers, one example is Whispering Ice staff it is the only way of obtaining and using Icestorm skill. There are plenty more and I am going to write about them in this guide.

One of my favourite items to use on spellcaster builds. Not only it has 120 160% increased spell damage, it also gives you tons of mana and gems in this item are supported by level 30 spell echo which makes it powerful potential 7-linked staff for casters.

This is one more ring with interesting properties. Gain a Power Charge on non-Critical Strike &

This is bow that was extremely expensive a while back and now has fallen in terms of monetary value a lot. I, however, do think that this is still extremely powerful and fun item to build around. It has unique properties that make it stand out 100% of Lightning Damage Converted to Chaos Damage and Your chaos damage can shock. These 2 properties make it very awesome item for Lightning arrow builds. Last build I played was Voltaxic LA build by ad1ce and it has became my favourite Path of Exile build. Check it out here Build guide

Very nice ring for builds that utilize crit and want some extra rarity for items dropped. It should work great together with Windripper builds which also offers increased rarity of items dropped by monsters.

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One more great flask for damage and survivability. Taste of Hate really shines on physical damage builds that use armor as primary way damage mitigation. 30% of Physical Damage taken as Cold Damage during flask effect is great defensive option which helps mitigate 30% of incoming physical damage converting it to Cold and taking advantage of high cold resistance. 30% of physical damage as cold is pretty neat damage boost, it is only 6% less damage than level 21 hatred which makes the flask great option for physical builds.

Great ring for some builds and some combinations because of 10% increased Damage per Freeze, Shock and Ignite on Enemy . In combination with Emberwake ring, the potential damage increase is huge because of multiple stacking ignites. The Taming itself has very nice unique affixes besides the damage increase resists, elemental damage and increased chance to apply elemental status ailments.The Taming is obtained by combining 3 Bereks Rings Bereks Pass, Bereks Respite and Bereks Grip.

While being very powerful, it is also extremely rare and only obtainable through divination cards or using Orbs of Chance on Leather belts while being in map with Nemesis mod (it can drop there as well, but its so rare that it can be considered near impossible).

This flask is very useful for those who like to run increased item rarity/quantity on their builds. Not only it gives you 40 60 % rarity/ 12 18 % quantity, it also gives you +6% to all maximum elemental resistances during flask effect, which can be huge in some situations.

This unique shield has been core item for Righteous Fire builds for some time. Most noteworthy mod on this item is +8% to max fire resistance which allows you to reach more than 90% fire resist with some passive skills.

Mjolner is popular one-handed mace that is used as build-enabler. One of the most popular builds it is used in is called Rainbownuke because of its colorful skills and how discharge looks when its used. Mjolner is so expensive because of its Skills Chain +1 times and 30% chance to Cast Socketed Lightning Spells on Hit which most of the time means socketing lightning skill gems into the item and for example using Molten strike, socketed in chest armor to proc socketed lighting skills many times in short time span. Mjolner very often used together with Volls Devotion amulet because it helps generating charges for the Discharge skill and therefore gives you more damage/survivability. Mjolner builds dish out huge amounts of damage and has tremendous survivability, however they are generally pretty expensive.

Often referred to as Shavs in game, this chest armor has been one of the most expensive items in Path of Exile for quite some time. The main reason Shavronnes Wrappings were (and is relatively expensive) expensive is because of Chaos Damage does not bypass Energy Shield unique affix in combination with pretty nice amount of energy shield on the item. There is also Solaris Lorica which has been called poor mans shavs because it does not offer any energy shield for its owner. If Chaos damage cannot bypass energy shield, it opens up a great possibility for low life builds that can utilize Pain attunement to gain more damage or run more auras that are linked to blood magic and reserves life instead of mana.

This is one of the most popular options for high IIQ/IIR builds it offers up to 85% increased rarity if it has perfect implicit and perfect roll on the ring.

Powerful pair for builds utilizing spell damage. 125 150% crit chance for spells, high energy shield and +1 to level of elemental gems makes this pair very useful for crit spellcasters. It, however, comes with drawback your mana cost of skills is increased by 80%.

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Very powerful item which can only be obtained by killing Uber Atziri or divination cards. It has very desirable options for 2-handed cyclone builds as an example very high physical damage, +2 to weapon range, bleeding on hit and +2 to levels of support gems in this item.

Carcass Jack is good option in terms of damage. It offers increased area of effect and area damage for skills which makes it great for lots of aoe builds. It also has pretty good evasion and energy shield in combination with life and a bit of resists.

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This is interesting, build-enabling pair of gloves. Facebreaker is unique with the 600 800% more Unarmed Physical Damage property which allows some interesting builds that utlize physical damage and + to unarmed radius. One good example is facebreaker cyclone build which is very fun to play.

Lose all Power Charges on Critical Strike makes it great on builds that utilize power charges and Resolute Technique. Good example is Mjolner discharge build.

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This also was popular item a while back before its nerf low life builds used this helm in combination with Shavronnes Wrappings to achieve huge dps. People downed Uber Atziri in a matter of seconds, of course, they were using powerful hybrid daggers with spell damage and physical damage that took advantage of Crown of Eyes unique property Increases and Reductions to Spell Damage also apply to Attacks.

Volls Protector is in itself very cheap item which starts to shine when its 5-linked and 6-linked. Volls protector is great with builds that have to expend and quickly regain power charges such as discharger build and is also great with cast on crit builds.

Only chest armor that offers increased rarity/quantity to its wearer. It has -resistances on it but that mostly is non-factor because they can be capped using other pieces of gear. Increased movement speed on the armor is nice too because it allows faster clearspeed therefore more items/hour.

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Tabula rasa is budget option for people that need 6-linked chest armor. It is blank chest piece with 6-linked white sockets.

40 Popular Path of Exile uniques What makes Shavs and other items expensive?

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This helmet is great for several reasons you cannot be frozen while wearing this item, auras in this item have +2 to their level and mana reserved is reduced by 8%. This makes Alphas Howl great for builds that want to run powerful auras for damage and survivability.

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Rumis offers you armor boost in combination with block/spell block during flask effect which makes it one of the best defensive flasks in game.

This is great quiver for builds that use pierce as mechanic. Drillneck is the only item in game with Projectile Damage increased by Arrow Pierce Chance unique affix which makes it awesome for certain builds. Great example is Poison Arrow builds it offers great damage boost if build has selected pierce chance in skill tree.

Hands down one of the most powerful unique items in the game. While it reduces your spell damage by 80%, it gives you +1 maximum power charge and increases your spell damage by 25% for every power charge you have. It also gives you crit, cast speed and mana, which is good bonus. People have achieved extremely high dps by using 2 of these wands you can check out the build here.Build

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Neat chest armor which offers its wearer 30 40% increased life. High life is great for mostly any build but its very nice on melee builds that have to withstand some punishment.

Relatively new item to the game with 80 100% increased spell damage mod on it and another, unique mod Your Skills deal you 400% of Mana Cost as Physical Damage. This is only item which offers this mod, that being said, people have come up with very unique and interesting character builds that utilize this property.

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