American Horror Story 31 scariest episodes in series history – Page 22

After a season-long search, its time to crown the new Supreme.

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As for Fiona, she ends up getting what was coming to her. In fact, she gets an eternitys worth of it.

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Cordelias reign as the modern Supreme brings about great changes in the witching world. Files start pouring in from all over with cases of gifted young witches who need structure. They have always been there but now there is a place for them to go. Cordelia sends her lieutenants, Zoe and Queenie, to go out and bring them home to Miss Robichauxs.

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Through the process two of the girls end up succumbing to the challenge. Misty Day gets trapped in anE.T.-like nightmare, and Zoe loses her life unexpectedly. Myrtle starts to suspect that Cordelia could be the next Supreme when Madison, Fionas favorite, starts to look like the winner. Madison cant keep up so she bows out. Cordelia is able to bring Zoe back to life, which affirms that she is the true Supreme. When Madison makes one last attempt to win Kyles heart he snaps, and he snaps her neck. Cordelia is named Supreme, and her rule begins.

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31 scariest episodes of American Horror Story in show history

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The girls must come together to begin their finals tests. Stevie Nicks makes another surprise appearance to wish them luck. Cordelia and Myrtle gather Queenie, Zoe and Madison so they can begin. The Seven Wonders are Telekinesis, Mind Control, a journey to the Netherworld, transmutation, Vitalum Vitalis, Decensum, and divination.

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