Black Spirituality Religion

28. The Godfather trilogy underworld mysteries

5. The Fountain – Reincarnation, Time Travel

Keywords: Reincarnation, Time Travel

Childish Gambino – This Is America (Official Video)

Plot – Soul Plane deals with a man who starts an airline that caters to African Americans. However, the movie includes a white family, led by Tom Arnold, who also take a trip on the soul plane.

Alexandra said:If you have any suggestions, please post them. Ideally, it would be helpful if you could include keywords that indicate the genre, or subject matter. For example; quantum physics, re-incarnation, voudon, hoodoo etc. and also, a brief review if possible.

26. Fear and loathing in Las Vegas Pineal gland consumption

Goddess Alexandra, now you have everyone saying- why is SoulPlane in the metaphysical film section???? Im glad you dont work at a video store! Even though SoulPlane was the most bootlegged movie in history!

Keywords: Consciousness, Lucid Dreams

27. Candyman Bees, intelligence, Sirius

18. Pirates of the Caribbean at Worlds End The Black Goddess, DNA, Underworld, End of Days, 2012.

Keywords : Metamorphis, symbolism, reincarnation, time travel, dreams, biology, occult.Click to expand…this was a deep movie…a God coming back to earth to mate…i didnt like the end though…

8. The Butterfly Effect – Dreams, Time Travel, Alternate Realities

12. Dark city and Lawnmower man illustrates the construction of the matrix

Discussion inBlack Spirituality / Religion – General Discussionstarted byAlexandraMar 16, 2009.

22. Sex and the City 4 elements, 5th element

7. Vanilla Sky – Consciousness, Lucid Dreams

Keywords; Quantum Physics, Neurology, and Molecular Biology in relation to the spheres of Spirituality, Metaphysics.

9. Immortal – Metamorphis, symbolism, reincarnation, time travel, dreams, biology, occult.

21. Incredible hulk Orisha (Shango), Dark matter

best movies about magic and the occult

30. Silent hill – sacrifice, spirit manipulation

14. Beloved – Healing, slavery, re-incarnation, love story, ancestors

****UPDATE****As of 27 April 2009, below is a list of all the movies that have been posted in this thread.

When we are truly grateful, happiness is unavoidable.

Known not just for being funny but for being short and funny. Standing at 5ft 4 and a half. Why is that significant? The Ancestors always use people to tell more our true history. The original engineers of the Human body as well as the Earth, were all in fact short- In Africa as well as throughout the known world. And thats what this movie here is really about:

The metaphysics behind SoulPlane is in the title itself, and that concept is explained further in the movie Meet Dave.

Black Spirituality / Religion – General Discussion

1. What The Bleep Do We Know? – Quantum Physics, Neurology, and, Metaphysics

23. Seven – knowledge, wisdom, black man, higher mathematics

32. Existenz The matrix, holographic nature of reality, Gods and Goddesses continually creating reality

Who is at the very top in the ring on this movie poster? The main Hobbit character. Holding the ring in front of what is actually a pyramid. Kevin Hart represents that fact that the shorter beings both from other solar systems, and even here on Earth were like the pygmies/the Abatwa people, they are the original builders of worlds. As in the movie Lord of the Rings this is why everyone bows to the Hobbits in the end.

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17. Ninth Gate – 9 portals to the mind

Eddie represented that con-Artist Brother, Martin represented that- go along to get along Brother- not wanting to start no trouble. This prison in particular, is a limbo stage for Africans not allowed to enter the realm of the Ancestors. IE Eddie and Martin are rejects, as well as the other characters in the prison. The watch stolen from Eddie by the White officer is also a great significance, because that was his sense of Ancestral time, natural time- the link between him and his Father. But notice how that watch was being used for gambling too. This is true for most Africans in general, we gamble with that Ancestral connection and power. And look who stole it? But in the end, Martin and Eddie escapes their limbo and return to the real world by faking their deaths through the power of shango- which the fire represents, a fire bath would clear the aura and make us acceptable to the crossing into the ancestral realm.

10. Aladin – Sorcery, Magic, Divination, Destiny, and Royalty.

Keywords : Metamorphis, symbolism, reincarnation, time travel, dreams, biology, occult.Speculation is the domain of the ignorant, toknowis the goal of the trueSeekerKemetian proverb

20. Iron man 2012, Orisha (Ogun), cosmic mother, tearing apart the physical and avenging the spiritual

16. Thunderheart – Wounded Knee, shapeshifting, ancestors, First Nation wisdom

I have lots more, but I wont overwhelm the thread just yet.

However, Metasaience has previously posted about the deeper meaning behind this film. I shall data mine and find that thread.

The love of money – The OJays

11. Ghost son possession, afterlife

24. Dark shadows (tv show) – occult, curses, spells, immortality, vampires, telepathy, witches, parallel worlds

34. The Brother From Another Planet- Healing Gift, Slavery, Extraterrestrial

35. The Last Mimzy – Time Travel, Future Self, Psychic Abilities

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If you have any suggestions, please post them. Ideally, it would be helpful if you could include keywords that indicate the genre, or subject matter. For example; quantum physics, re-incarnation, voudon, hoodoo etc. and also, a brief review if possible.

We Are About Loving, Encouraging, Embracing, Teaching and Building With Black People. No Disrespect Allowed.

Keywords: Sorcery, Magic, Divination, Destiny, and Royalty.

What the Ancestors are telling us with both movies is that the African body itself is a Soul- Plane in Meet Dave Eddie Murphys body is also a shapeship. The connection to both movies is this man here:

I am one of the few who dont get this movie. The content is simply too alien, and unfamiliar. Especially with statements such as What I thought was unreal, now for me… seems in some ways to be more real than what I think to be real… which seems now more to be unreal.

Spiritual planes…re-incarnation… leaving the body while awake! I just wanna trow them out there…see if I catch a talapia…LOL.. I be triping but for real tho any info ……….

Another movie you may not find in the metaphysical section and the video store? Life with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. Just as profound as the Matrix in my opinion.

Metaphysical / Occult Movies You Need to See

33. A Nightmare on Elm Street – Nightmare, Gothic, Good vs. Evil

Everyone is beating me to all the good ones!! Ironically Queen Goddess SeekingMaat, I was hosting that movie for awhile on blaccmecca, Immortal awhile ago. Its truly worth the watch, the concept of immortals and God Horus mounting a Man for the benefit of having sex with certain types of powerful Women??

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25. The Lion King see this thread;

Another good occult metaphysical movie is: Ghost Son.

15. Sankofa – Time travel, Spirituality, Ancestors

2. Soul Plane, Life and Meet Dave Ancestors, DNA

13. Explorers – the connection between the world of computers and the physical world.

Black Spirituality / Religion – General Discussion

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