curious how are trade prices for uniques determined?

So prices are not always set you know.. (Music: Odd Look)

Suggestion about a new Trading System,

in my humble opinion, market price is determined by supply and demand.

I remember when i bought a non linked voltaxic RIFT for less than 15 ex and sold for :

Who will buy from thet expensive shop? Either RMT players or players with no market knowledge.

It is. Italwaysis. Even when the prices are rigged, it is.

well I cant believe the demand is that great.

Seriously, its a loot game, make the loot DROP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In poe there is a long sequence of flippers, a player/farmer drops a unique(Divination Distillate), sells it fast(cheap) to a first flipper ( usually me ) i buy it for cheap or cheaper than the original price(1-2.5EX) i go sell it to a second flipper for ( 2.5-3.5ex).

I am the guy behind price check forums yay: (i think.)

A third flipper either sells it to a fourth flipper ( expensive shop ) or to an actual user and ofc any of those flippers can be an actual user of the unique ( i had 2 divination distillates for my experiments(example :

The second flipper sells it to a third flipper ( 3-5.5ex)

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