Daily Tarot Pride and Humility

Today we find a card that, frankly, is never one you want to see. This card along with the Three of Swords are two of the more challenging cards of the Tarot. Like all fives of the Tarot this card depicts difficult times and adversity. In this one it specifically represents financial or material difficulties. One of the great things about the International Icon Tarot is that is strips away all of the unnecessary things and leaves just the primary symbolism. It strips away anything that can distract from the main message at hand.

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When meditating on this card today think about your life. What areas might you be contributing to trials you are experiencing? If you arent contributing are you in need of humbling yourself and asking for help? Our human pride makes this difficult, but at times it is needed. The Five of Pentacles is always a challenging card to deal with, but the good news it brings with it is that trials dont last forever. The very next card is one of help and moving towards better times. If you are in the midst of trial and have found this card take heart. There is help and it will be over soon.

In this image we find two people alone in the snow, one clearly physically impaired in some way. Their posture indicates that they are cold and likely destitute. An important aspect that I feel is often missing in readings of this card, however, is that there is an ornate stained glass window in the background. There is shelter from the storm and cold right there, but it is not being sought out. One of the true challenges of the Five of Pentacles is that it is a time of humbling, typically forcefully. All too often these challenges are made even more difficult by an unwillingness to humble oneself and take the help that is readily available.

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If the Five of Pentacles has come into your life at this time it is very likely that you are in the midst of a time of trial or you are coming into such a time. If you havent hit that time, yet, the warning of this card is to take heed. Look at the things in your life and see where you may be unintentionally setting yourself up for difficulty through pride or isolation from others. If you are in the trial currently, look for help that is available. The message here for you is that help is available, but humbling yourself enough to admit that you need it and to accept it is required.

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