Distractions and Diversions

An empty inventory; 5 players must be present to start

The runesphere is an object that appears in theRunespanthat can be siphoned forrunesrune dust, andRunecraftingexperience. Players can locate the sphere and siphon it through layers, collecting up to 1,000rune dusta day to exchange with the ball ofPure energyleft when all the layers of the runesphere have been siphoned off. The dust can be exchanged with the energy for 25RunecraftingXP each, for a total possible of 25,000RunecraftingXP.

The main objective is to exploreThe Lost Groveand track down up to 5 different coloured wisps that match the magical mushrooms found near the FairyTeeleeand then return the wisps essence to her.

Most Distractions and Diversions are only available to be played a specific number of times over a given period. Typically, D&Ds will fall into one of three categories: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. However, some are only available for play after receiving specific items. A few D&Ds can be played without limits, but only occur periodically in-game, and are not always available for play.

Sinkholes are aDungeoneering-themed D&D where players can participate against other players, attempting to collect the most resources from a resource dungeon. Every hour on the half hour a sinkhole appears somewhere onGielinor. Entering it, players are placed in a group of 5. Summoning familiar cards can be found and used to twist rewards around. Each card has a special effect that may swap, copy, or add to a players reward. Rewards consist ofDungeoneeringexperience lamps,tokens, andcosmetic equipmentTalsaroffers teleports to active and upcoming sinkholes three times daily.

Varies by star sizeto mine. Reward from theStar spritefor turning inStardustis capped to one turn-in per day regardless of quantity.

Possible only if the player has not completed all court summons.

Distraction and Diversions locationsLite)

TheRune Goldberg Machine, invented byWizard Goldberg, turns runes intovis wax, a substance with a variety of effects. Wizard Goldberg allows players to mix three different types of runes daily to create some wax. The machine is located in theRunecrafting Guild; as such, this requires players to have level 50 Runecrafting to access it.

None, but high levelled combat stats and combat equipment is highly recommend

Tears of Guthix; You must have gained at least one quest point, or 100,000 total experience since last collecting tears

ThePhoenixis an Ancient, practically immortal creature capable of endlessly renewing herself under the correct conditions. The lastPhoenixknown to still exist is determined to live a very long life, and asks whichever Adventurer has saved her to return regularly for battle, so that she may repeat her death and rebirth cycle. Of course, the Phoenix must be sure that its opponent is worthy, and so its reborn guardians will do their very best to hinder anyone they come across. Players will have to completeIn Pyre Needin order to do this. To kill the Phoenix, they will also need 51Slayer. This is a daily activity.

Players who finish the requirements of 23 selected Distractions and Diversions can unlock the title. Progress towards this title can be tracked by clicking on the title in theTitlesinterface.

The Pit is a D&D in which players perform in various minigames relating toAgility, in order to gain agility experience. Completing laps onagility courses, players may attract the attention of theTalent scoutand be chosen to participate in a challenge run bySnotgutandScrambles. Completing the challenge successfully for the first time earns the player agorilla mask. Each participation in The Pit is rewarded by agility experience, the amount dependent on the agility course being ran, the challenge received, and whether the challenge was completed successfully or not. The Talent scouts attention can only be caught once an hour.

Only needed for access to new champions.

After the fall ofTuskaWizard Chamberscan raise the floating islands from the bottom of the sea to allow players to siphonAnima Mundito earn both experience in numerous skills andReward Currencywhich can be used to purchaseWarpriest of Tuska armour, variousabilites, cosmetic and teleport overrides,emotesand xp lamps.

Balthazar Beauregards Big Top Bonanza

This article covers only those activities that are specifically classified as D&Ds by Jagex. However, there are other activities that due to their similarity are mostly referred to as D&Ds by players. These activities include:

Attract the attention of aTalent scout

None, but players should equip forWildernesssurvival

Balthazar Beauregards Big Top Bonanza

Disguisedpenguinscan be found hiding throughoutRuneScape. Players of any skill level may spy on the disguised penguins to obtainpenguin points, redeemable for experience in any skill viaChuckorLarryat theArdougne Zoo. After completion of theHunt for Red Raktuberquest, players can also spy aPolar bearhiding in a well for an extra points. Furthermore, after completingSome Like it Cold, players can spy a penguin hiding in theShadow Realmfor additional penguin points, but requiring aring of visibilityto be seen.

At the Big Chinchompa hunting grounds, players can catchsoporith moths; feeding them to thePlutonial chinchompain the centre of the area in an attempt to put the chinchompa to sleep. The D&D lasts either 20 minutes, or until the chinchompa falls unconscious; whichever comes first. Players earnscompetence pointswhich can either be spent on various Hunter-related items, Hunter experience, or on access to private hunting grounds.

Rush of Blood is a weeklySlayer-themed combat D&D that can be played inPrifddinas, requiring at least level 85 Slayer and completion ofPlagues Endto take part. It is run byMorvran Iorwerth, slayer master and former warband leader. Rush of Blood takes place inMorvrans Dungeon, where waves of different slayer-themed monsters, assembled from Morvrans assignment list, must be fought. Players have ten minutes to dispatch as many foes as possible. The activity can be played once a week for rewards, and any number of times for practice.

A counterpart to theMinigame Spotlightsystem, every week a Distraction and Diversion will award players akey tokenfor participating. Key tokens can be used to give the player an additional key onTreasure Hunter.

D&Ds are a subclassification ofminigames. However, unlike minigames many D&Ds move around the world to various locations, have a limit on how often they can be played, and only occur at particular times of day.

A demon mob spawns every hour, consisting of ademon bossand several of its minions. All minions must be killed before the boss can be damaged; taking too long to dispatch the minions will allow the boss to become more powerful. The demon boss is extremely powerful, and not to be underestimated – this D&D is designed for groups, but solo play can be achieved at near max levels. Once the demon boss is defeated, it will drop loot, with a chance to receivedemon slayer armour.

At Balthazar Beauregards big Top Bonanza, players may test their skills and perform tricks inAgilityRangedMagicFiremaking, andThieving. Win the adornment of the audience to earning maximum points; perform feats as they shout requests out. Each event within the circus can be performed once each week.Circus barkerscan be found in major cities informing players where the circus currently is.

Practical number might be 2 hours 31 minutes and 51.5 seconds. No in-game tracking exists for this D&D, possibly due to the odd timer in between spawns.

Memory of Nomad is a combat-themed weekly Distraction and Diversion available after completion of theNomads Elegyquest. Players may test their might against the memory ofNomadafter the events of the quest at a greater difficultly. During the D&D, Nomad will have new mechanics, a greater amount oflife points, his attacks will deal more damage, and does not have checkpoints. If victorious, players can claim their rewards from one of two bounty chests containing an assortment of high-value loot and combat supplies.

Each month, players may sculpt a statue of their choosing at a site inTaverleyGuTanothLumbridgeCanifis, andPrifddinas. Choices consist of eitherJunaGraardorZilyanaKril Tsutsaroth, orQueen Glarial. Players are rewarded Construction experience from building each statue, and depending on whether the locals approve of the nearby statue, players can also receive either Prayer or Slayer experience rewards.

Shattered Heart- Collectstrange rocksto re-assemble theDahmaroc statueat theVarrock Museum.

Troll Invasionis a D&D in which players attempt to defendBurthorpefrom atrollassault, either via combat, or using non-combat skills. For combat, waves of trolls will approach fromDeath Plateau, getting progressively more difficult. In the regular version, there are 20 waves; in the hard version, there are 7. If defending with non-combat skills, the trolls must be held off for ten minutes before they will depart. To do so, the gatehouse must be maintained for the soldiers assault, ballistas must be tended to, oil vats refilled, and barricades repaired. Areward bookis awarded upon success or failure, granting experience in any skill, scaling to how successful the player was at defending Burthorpe.

Distractions and Diversions aim todivertthe original intentions of the player in order to provide an interestingdistractionfrom their everyday routines. D&Ds come in many different shapes and sizes; covering Combat, Gathering, Artisan, and Support skills, there are a wide variety of different options available to suit the players choice.

Will only earn experience for the first 200 points earned each day.

Available to bothFree-to-playandMembersgoblin raidsoccurs every 30 minutes.Goblin Raiderslead byHollowtoofwill randomly plunder a farm or copper mine in the kingdoms ofMisthalinandAsgarnia. Goblin raiders will drop their pillaged loot when killed. Hollowtoof attacks anyone nearby once his mob has been lost, awarding a piece ofraider equipmentwhen defeated. After the raid has collapsed, aBlack Guardsquad led byCommander Yodriarrives, awarding additional skilling supplies when approached by defenders.

On3 March2010Tears of GuthixChampions Challenge, andTreasure Trailswere re-classified as Distractions and Diversions. Each had been initially released prior to the creation of the label, and had been listed as minigames.

The table below lists all D&Ds by category, when and how often they can be played, and any requirements to do so.

An entry ticket is required to enter a game of Fish Flingers

TheGiant Oysteris a monthly Distraction and Diversion requiring only completion ofBeneath Cursed Tides. Traveling toTutorial Island, players can obtaindelicious seaweedandsea cucumbers, feeding these to a giant oyster. The following month, players can loot the oyster to receive a reward from theclue scroll rewards tableFishingandFarmingexperience are also awarded while gathering the seaweed and cucumber.

Players may obtainD&D tokensfrom Treasure Hunter, allowing them to reset their participation limits on a number of D&Ds. Tokens come in several different types: unique D&D resets,daily resetsweekly resets, andmonthly resets. Resetting theD&D of the weekwill not make the player eligible for another Treasure Hunter key.

Triskelion Treasures- Find and assemble all 3 parts of theCrystal Triskelion.

Only aClue Scrollof a given tier can be active at a time.

, is a classification of game features initially released on.

None, but players should equip for safePvPsurvival

Evil Trees can be attempted twice a day, awarding potential experience inFarmingWoodcutting, andFiremaking. Waves of evil trees appear every two hours; to check if an evil tree is currently growing aSpirit treecan be asked. Players near an evil tree may see roots attack at them and they will exclaim What was that?; giving a sign that an evil tree is nearby. When an evil tree is felled and petrifies, players may speak with the nearbyleprechaunto receive various rewards including noted logs, coins, andtree seeds. Players are alsogiven a buffwhich will help them while chopping trees for up to 30 minutes.

Many different distractions and diversions are available covering a wide variety of skills and activities.

33quest points; Obtaining aChampions scroll

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Tears of Guthix is a weekly D&D players may use to gain experience in their lowest levelled skill.Junaguards access to the tears of Guthix deep within the caves under theLumbridge Swamp, only allowing players entrance after completion of theTears of Guthixquest, and after gaining at least 100,000 experience or having gained one quest point since their previous visit. Once granted access, players attempt to fill their bowl with the tears which flow from the cave walls.

Reward from thePure energyfor turning inRune dustis capped to 1,000 dust per day.

While fighting creatures of one of 13 races, players may receive aChampions scrollas a drop, challenging them to a formal duel by the races Champion. Champions scrolls are extremely rare drops, making it quite difficult to duel all the Champions. Once a scroll is obtained, giving it toLarxusin the basement of theChampions Guildwill permanently unlock access to that champion. Champions may be re-fought weekly for additional rewards.

Goebie supply runs is a safe D&D onMazcabwhere players attempt to bringsuppliesfromKanatahtoOtot. Supply runs occur every 12 hours (approximately 00:05 and 12:05 game time). 20 minutes afterwards, the supply run ends turning off PvP and disappearing any carried supplies. The adventurer may deliver up to 10 goebie supplies daily.

Wilderness Warbands is a dangerous D&D, composed of heavily defended storage camps guarded by the followers of the differentGods. Camps are set up in theWildernessevery 7 hours.Quercuswill task adventurers to fight at the camps, awarding experience for their efforts. Players must head to the camp and avoid detection from the sentries posted around the camp. Failing to sabotage the beam results in the whole camp turning hostile without reinforcements to aid attacking players, and reducing the time to clear the camp and loot the tents to five minutes. After clearing the camps of followers, players can loot the tents. Participating in looting will skull the player, and holding the looted supplies prevents teleportation out of the Wilderness. 25 supplies can be directly looted per camp before having to turn them in to Quercus, however more can be acquired from killed players.

Treasure Trailsis a D&D where players who found aClue scrollfollow a series of cryptic clues in search of buried treasure. Clue scrolls can be found randomly dropped by various monsters, foundandElven clan workers, by opening aTreasure chest decoration, or purchased withThaler. Four levels of clue scrolls exist, ranging from easy to elite; each offer greater values ofrewardsupon completion. Rewards are randomly picked when opening a clue scrolls casket. Players may re-roll their rewards if they are unsatisfactory, but they must complete three of the same difficulty of clues before able to do so again.

Familiarisationtasks the player with traveling to theSpirit Planeto gather resources. Players summoned transform into random familiars, hunting for raw shards. Once complete, return toPikkenmixorPikkupstixto claim a reward, either acharm drop enhancer, or abox of summoning ingredients.

Court Casesare unlocked after the completion of theKings Ransomquest. The players first case can be obtained from theSeers Village Courthouseimmediately after Kings Ransom, but each case thereafter requires acourt summons. During a court case, the player may read case notes, interview witnesses, and inspect crime scenes prior to trial. Once a trial commences, the player should make compelling arguments and interview witnesses to winthe Jurys favor. Successfully completing your case awards acombat XP lampmystery boxes, and further rewards depending on the case.

Kings Ransom; Obtaining aCourt summons

Every 2 hours, aShooting Starcrashes somewhere onGielinor. Players can locate and mine the star, collecting up to 200stardusta day to exchange with theStar Spritefound inside the fallen star. The dust can be exchanged forcoinscosmic runesastral runes, andgold ore, along with a boost to their mining abilities for up to 15 minutes; a chance to mine an additional ore on successful mining attempts. Level 10Miningis required to mine through the smallest Shooting Star, while level 90Miningis required to mine through the biggest. Players may locate where the next Shooting Star will land via thetelescopeof aPlayer-owned house.

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Guthixian Caches are aDivination-themed Distraction and Diversion emerging every hour. Players can enter anEnergy Riftfound at most wisp colonies to collect memories ofGuthix. There are no skill requirements to participate. Players are awarded scaling Divination experience based on how many memories they managed to collect, up to 100 points per game. A total limit of 200 points can be redeemed each day.

Fish Flingers is a fishing competition located inIsla Anglerine. Players participate against each other, selecting bait, hook, and weight combinations to best catch six different types of fish. No requirements or items are needed to compete. Players can start by talking toFishermenlocated at various fishing spots aroundRuneScape. Rewards includeraw fish, Fishing experience, an experience boosting outfit, andTackle boxesto hold fish and fishing supplies.

Accessible to bothFree-to-playandMembersafter completion of the questA Shadow over AshdaleAgorothcan be fought in theAshdale Cavesby accessing the Dead Mans chest once a week for non-members, and twice a week for members. Defeating Agoroth awards players with ablack pearl, awardingbonus experiencein a skill of their choice.

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