Divination and Fortune Telling

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Learn the meanings and the spreads of various fortune telling methods, including Tarot Cards, Playing Cards, Baraja Espaola, Tea Leaf Reading, Mahjong, Crystals, Dominoes, Runes, Tibetan Bead Counting and many more.

And what aboutDivination in the Real World?

Palmistryis one of the oldest and more well known of the divinatory arts. Palmists abound in Europe, Asia and India. Their expertise is based on thousands of years of knowledge. However not many people know that palmistry can reveal a persons personality and health.

Does it matter if you live in theSouthern Hemispherewhen it comes to Feng Shui and Wicca?

Love, money, fate and fortune are all revealed using these tried and true methods.

Face readingalso has a long history, dating back to the early Chinese dynasties. Known in China as, it has been recognised and studied as a form of physiognomy in the West since classical times and probably earlier. Many secrets show up in the face and all you need to know is how to read the clues.

Feet have been read for centuries in Persia. For a new angle on an old subject, go to thePodomancyPage to get the low-down on your toes. From the shape and the length of the toes you can learn about someones hidden personality. Youll never look at feet the same way again.

Which fingers do you wear your rings on, and what does that say about you? What about the shape of your fingers? The lines on your hand?

Over the centuries, these divinatory arts have consistently and reliably revealed the strengths and weaknesses of individuals as clearly as if the information was written in ink on their forehead.

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There are over 35 fortune telling methods to choose from. Some will be very familiar, such as Tarot Cards and Dominoes. Other methods may be completely new to you, from the Mahjong Reading or the Baraja Espaola. Find out the answers to your questions now!

Now when you spot someone across the room, you will be able to know so much much about their personality and motivations from just one look.

We have a huge range of free readings for you to explore. You can pick and choose betweenQuick Readingsor moreIn-Depth Readings. Its up to you.

traditional fortune telling methods.

Ever wondered…Are you psychic?

Divination and fortune telling have been around as long as humanity. The methods used can be as uncomplicated as scratches in the sand to the complex calculations of intricate astrological charts. Mankind has used knucklebones, entrails, sticks, stones and shells to divine the future. Even marks drawn in the dust were consulted for portents of what was to come. Later, dice and other man-made objects were used for the same purpose. Virtually anything can be used for the purpose of divination, as long as you are consistent.

Learn to do your own readings for yourself and for others. Find out more about thefascinating variations of oracles and fortune telling methodsfrom around the world and through the ages.

Divination and Fortune Telling Methods

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