Divination card exchange script

if you have a full inv and the item exchanged takes up more than the space freed from the card (1 slot)  it will break

If you are like me and you bot zones or maps where there are good divination cards and also run multiple bots/only check on it every couple of days you know how painful it is to exchange inventories of divination cards(more so if you are on VM or a remote pc), so Ive made a little script that exchanges all divination card in your inventory.

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inUsers script for POE and/or Exiled Bot

Pastebin linkif you want to compile it yourself, paste it into a txt and rename it to whatever.ahk

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most people probably wont have use for it, it literally only worth it if you have full invs of cards

it has no break hotkey so will go thru your whole inventory before finishing

you need to use the change all function in notepad++ if you want to tinker the sleep times or whatever

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