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Anyone wondered, what the best place to farm for divination cards? I mean several card can drop in the same place, so maybe there is place for good and safe and profitable divination card farm?

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60+ areas are good because you can farm chaos racipe at the same time.

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Other simplier and better build would be probably just pure attack speed leap slam

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what the best place to farm for divination cards?

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lowest level area if you dont care about xp

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Lighting Warp Rightous Fire max cast and movement speed build

if lowest area is normal/cruel then use

if you use RF and lighting warp you dont even have attack just teleport from pack to pack and they die in the sam moment they touch your RF

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The best build are one that never stop.

I think I would use lighting arrow gmp chain innervate to go really fast.

Ooh. I want to try a blood of corruption

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