Divination Distillate and RF

I tried to drink the potion while Righteous Fire was off and I was at full Health/Mana. I get the drinking sound effect but no dose is taken and no bonuses are applied. That makes enough sense, other than the sound effect.

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Due to this I did some experimenting.

I wonder if my Elemental Equilibrium or curse-on-hit are causing this problem…

It seems to me that it should be working a bonus since I am constantly damaged. The trigger is there. The requirements to drink are met. Its as though my life is at -8 as far as drinking it is concerned, then when it runs the check for applying the bonuses it sees my health as being too high to apply them.

Flask mechanics in this case have always been the same, the effect only lasts as long as you are currently regenerating the resource or the time ends, if you reach full on said resource the effect ends.

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I am able to cause the flask to apply its bonuses when my health gets down a bit… However, as soon as I hit anything, I lose all the DD bonuses.

Where it gets weird is when RF is on. When I try to drink it(at this point my health is a constant -9 to -8) I hear the sound, a doseIStaken, and no bonuses are applied.

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