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Marie-Anne Lenormand was one of the most famous Fortune Teller of the eighteenth-century. According to most authoritative modern fortune tellers, divination by the method of Madame Lenormand is the most accurate and detailed of all existing types divination. Among her famous clients were Louis-Philippe I, Lady Shelley, Robespierre and of course the Empress Josephine de Beauharnais, with whom she formed a lifelong bond of friendship.

Tarot reading is the most famous and most mysterious of all known systems of cartomancy. So far still nobody knows the exact time and place of occurrence of these cards. Here you will find several online divinations using tarot methodology. By using our free tarot online divination you can find out more about this mysterious system of divination and self-knowledge.

science. Cartomancy: Divination or readings using a deck of cards (fortune telling) – this is process of describing the past, present and future. At all times, divination with cards (Playing cards, Lenormand or Tarot) is a step to which people go in the intricate and complicated situations. The goal of this project- to make the process of online divination as close as possible to divination in the salon with the real and professional the cartomancers. However, we do not ask a money for ritual of divination.on our site, are conducted according to the description of divination in the specialized literature and with using the experience of professional the cartomancers. On our website, you can do the process of divination the most effective. Just choose divination from left panel of page, after, read the information and start it.this is very simple. The main thing you need to do, this is shuffle the cards and think about man,about yourself or about your wish. It depends from type of your divination. Do not abuse fortune-telling readings. The correct answer of cards – first. Just do not do it very often, cards do not like that. You are the primary person during the process of free online cartomancy and the main task falls on you. Result of your shuffling the cards depends only on the time which you waited in the moment of shuffling the card deck, time your visit on our site and your attention for getting the correct result. Of course, not all divination are designed for beginners and for understanding many of the presented divinations need a serious experience in interpretation. But we hope that each of you will find your online divination to the liking and to the understanding.

Divination with playing cards. This is perhaps the most common form of divination. It requires a deck of ordinary playing cards. The most commonly used for divination deck of 36 cards, although there are options and divination with a deck of 52 cards (jokers in the divinations are not used). Initially, divination on the playing cards were based on the divination by the Tarot cards. But Tarot cards is not very easy for understanding. And this is one of causes why fortune telling on playing cards, gained the popularity.

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