goodcakes loot filter

– Added highlighting for Stone of Passage and Flashpowder Keg

– Removed Leather Belt from chance list

… Normal quality jewelry (alch potential), quality flasks, etc. are now slightly smaller in size at ilvl 68+

– Changed appearance and drop sound of GCP

– Changed drop sound for sextants, annulment orbs and harbinger orbs

– Updated highlighting for Sacrificial Garb

– Updated list of valuable divination cardsLast edited by goodcake on Jun 15, 2018 11:19:18 AM

– Disabled drop sounds for low tier nets. Thaumaturgical Nets now only use the subtle default game sound and Necromancy Nets use the same drop sound as they used to.

– Updated list of valuable divination cards

– Slightly changed background color of Searching Eye and Murderous Abyssal jewels to improve visibility on some tilesets

– Added basetype tiers to rare items and other lower value items at ilvl 68+:

… Rare items that are large sizes, unideal for efficient stash space or chaos recipe looting, are slightly smaller

… Rare items with low tier item bases are now slightly smaller and have a slightly faded background (text color is still 100%)

– Low tier maps (1-5) are no longer faded in areas level 75+, they are just displayed small in size like other faded items.Last edited by goodcake on Mar 19, 2018 1:55:35 AM

– Added highlighting for items with explicit Incursion mods, all base types and rarities

– Added highlighting for all Incursion Vial Types

– Updated highlighting for level 20+ gems

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