Hogwarts – Divination Class

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Looking down at the classroom table draped in velvet, Morgana drew one tarot card after another and carefully placed them down accordingly. Cartomancy had always been a fascinating wonder to her, and was thrilled that their professor had introduced it as the first module in their curriculum. Morgana had heard the other students scoff at the teachings throughout the first day, complaining how irrelevant and useless this elective as a whole was and how they had no choice but to sign up. Morgana pitied their ignorant and limited mindsets, as they would never grow to appreciate the messages and signs that would unfold from their work. For now, Morgana didnt have to worry about close minded individuals clouding her space as the class was now silent without anyone in sight. Closing her eyes for a brief moment, Morgana exhaled contemptly as she basked in her element before returning her gaze to the tops of the cards. Aligned perfectly, ready to be played.

Since I dont have the time nor mind to figure out

Ellie hastened out of the classroom without even thinking about what actually had brought her here before. Her Walkman. Well, at some point during her detention lesson, probably already during the first five minutes, she would remember; but that meant she would have to survive one hour without. Merde.

The girl before Morgana rambled on, however her words were nothing more than white noise as Morgans widened eyes expressed a state of shock. Slightly frozen, Morgana stared in disbelief at the face of this student, a face that was almost identical to her own in many ways. Jaw slightly unhinged at the sight, Morgana blinked rapidly as she thought she was clearly seeing things. However, those familiar eyes staring back at her made her realize that this delusion was a possible reality. Suddenly, her whole body began to shake at this frightening unknown as she backed away slowly, gripping her school supplies tight. Whatever this was, she was scared and wasnt ready to know about it yet. It wasnt long after that Morgana had turned her back on the girl and darted out of the classroom as quickly as she could, her head trying to make sense of it all.

Oh, you freak of a bird!, she swore. You shook the hell outta me! And yet again couldnt she be mad at her feathered friend for long. Well, okay, would have spared me from detention at least, but… OH MERDE!

It represents new beginnings. I mean, in case you wanted to know, Morgana said with assertion, followed by regret. This girl probably didnt care about the message or the meaning, but that its just a silly card. Though the fact that this single card seemed to call to this girl all on its own was strange enough. What was this girl in for….

– Henrietta Jekyll & Hyde/Gabriella Stevenson & Elle

Since I dont have the time nor mind to figure out

The peculiar looking classroom was almost empty of its students now that class was over and the first day was done. Picking up their books and class materials, girls and boys lined up to exit the class one by one to make the most of what was left of the day. All except for one student who still sat in the front of the class. Morgana Parkinsons preference in a setting full of rowdy students would be tucked in the back where no one would hopefully notice her existence. However, the divine art of seeking knowledge of what life and the future holds was a born gift Morgana had always possessed. It is unknown where she inherited such a talent, as she certainly believed that it couldnt have possibly been from her mother. But in these teachings and practice, Morgana felt her true calling had arisen and she felt it grow stronger with every year.

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Bloody hell…, she eventually whispered, unknowingly using exactly the same phrase than her doppelganger had before. What had that just been?

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The cruel uneventful state of apathy releases me

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Everyone is released for the remainder of the day to relax, socialize, work on their assignments, and gather for the evening meal.

Something in the girls voice made Ellie actually shiver at once. It was not the voice in general, not even the words, but something like an infrasonic tone within. Oh well, the very thought of this was sounding rather stupid, wasnt it? And so Ellie dissipated it only a second later.

I value them but I wont cry every time ones wiped out

Now, this is an unexpected revelation.

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Classes on the first day of the school year have finished.

The nursery rhymes that helped us out in making sense of our lives

Yesterday, October 30th, the delegates from the other schools had arrived for the Triwizard Tournament and a celebration feast was held in the Great Hall where the Goblet of Fire and Triwizard Cup were presented.

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Ellie still stood like frozen when the other student, obviously and absolutely unbelievably being something like the spitting image of herself – and that meant in a really creepy way -, was darting out of the classroom without any further word. Instead of turning her eyes towards the door, she was still staring at the spot where the girl had been only moments before.

Ellie opened the classroom door, hoping that shed be alone until she had to learn better at the same moment she entered. Oh! Ehm… sorry, didnt know someone was here., she said with an unsure look in the other students direction, sitting all alone in one of the chairs and playing cards… apparently.

Since I dont have the time nor mind to figure out

The nursery rhymes that helped us out in making sense of our lives

Carefully placing the rest of the deck to the side of the round table, Morgana was about ready to flip over the first card and reveal the message that it beheld. However, something was stopping her from doing so as a strange sensation of warmth washed over her. Similar to the one that she began to feel earlier that day in the Great Hall.

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Oops, Im sorry., it escaped Ellie almost automatically when the other student was kneeling down to pick the mess up, even though Ellie knew it couldnt have been her fault. Well, how could she know anyway it actually was?

The cruel uneventful state of apathy releases me

The cruel uneventful state of apathy releases me

And at once all the shock about this preceding Close Encounter of the Third Kind was like forgotten; or at least like put at the end of her line of worries (a line that wasnt all too long as she permanently ignored each of them anyway). Right now there was only one worry on top of that line though: To be freaking late for detention.

Despite the upcoming feeling the girl wanted to be on her own, Ellie made no move to leave, instead even came a little closer, unobtrusively throwing one look over at the cards, while she searched the room for her lost item. There also was again a strange, almost outlandish, feeling coming over her, she tried to ignore this time though.

The sudden words spoken by the newcomer in the classroom gave Morgana quite the startle as the voice seemed to echo through her skull, as if someone had taken a megaphone and shoved it right in her ear. An uncontrollable jolt shot through Morganas body, causing her to knock the neatly tidied deck to the ground, sending the cards all over the floor.

Morgana finally turned in the students direction as the girl let out a snorty chuckle at the card she held in her hands.The Foolcould be perceived in multiple ways by those who arent familiar with the cards in tarot, however Morgana was well practiced in the art and thought this instance was rather curious.

Okay, listen, you got me into this, so now you gotta help me not gettin even deeper into jam., she instructed the owl on her shoulder. And dont gimme that bugged look. Ellie shook her head, as she had to come up with a grin. She couldnt really be mad at Archimedes. Sure, thanks to him shell have to spend her time after classes different than planned, but it, admittedly, had been quite some fun to watch the professors in the hallway trying to catch the old little owl running out of control.

But before Ellie could have been able to think about what just had happened any longer, Archimedes brought her back into the here and now with one strident tone right next to her ear.

The nursery rhymes that helped us out in making sense of our lives

She peered down at the card, still remaining in her hand on the way to hand it over, while the other student seemed to get a first real look at the doppelgangers face.

The cruel uneventful state of apathy releases me

Morgana had hastily picked up the majority of her deck as the student knelt beside her to give her a hand. She remained rather silent in her invaded bubble,as she was particularly known for her clumsiness and partially blamed the senseless spill on herself. Morgana wondered why on earth this student was being so nice to her, but didnt question her motives any further as she inspected the deck in her hand. She seemed to have most of her cards, unharmed and back in the care of her palms. All except for one.

Ellie absolutely wasnt in the know of tarot or any other practice in connection with divination, but to pick up a card saying

I value them but I wont cry every time ones wiped out

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A more or less worry-free mind might be more lucid, but also more eventful; and that not always in the positive sense meant.

Morning classes on the first day of the school year have finished.

– Henrietta Jekyll & Hyde/Gabriella Stevenson & Elle

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As she felt her curiosity over the girls shoulder could have made the other nervous or something, Ellie felt the need to help. And so she kneeled next to her to help to pick up the cards. But as the girl with the long brown hair had collected already most of them again, there was only one remaining card Ellie could pick up from the floor. On her way to hand it over, she paused at the picture on its other side for one moment. Now, this is an unexpected revelation., she chuckled, ironically meant, at what a short grunt accidentally was escaping her.

I value them but I wont cry every time ones wiped out

Well, then its probably nonsense after all., Ellie chuckled with a shrug of her shoulders before she felt like she had to add a less judging comment to make the other not feel offended in any way. Or simply just not workin on me. She also let her words accompany by another delightful chuckle. A new beginning was not quite what she saw happening all too soon. After all, her first day of the new school year had started pretty usual – with trouble and detention.

Ellie actually hadnt been able to catch more than a short glimpse at the other girls face, but one that had been enough to make her shiver one more time; and even one that caused her to shut her mouth for once.

Today, October 31st, 2017, the Goblet of Fire remains available in the Chamber of Reception for interested participants to drop in a parchment with their name until the Halloween Feast tonight.

Almost simultaneously with Ellies rising interest in the girls card game, causing her to pause her task of finding her walkman for a little while, the deck of cards suddenly got sent all over the floor.

– Henrietta Jekyll & Hyde/Gabriella Stevenson & Elle

seemed like so much more than just a funny coincidence. She definitely was someone getting into any kind of trouble day in, day out.

After she had rummaged through each of her pockets and had combed already some of the other classrooms, she had been sitting in earlier, Ellie had high hopes shell have more luck in the Divination classroom. This was actually not even one of the classes she had signed up for, but after Archimedes todays little excursion on his own, which brought her yet another upcoming hour in detention (actually starting in a bit and for getting late there Ellie was sure the professor would make two of it), this was the last possible place she could think of to find it. Something essential to survive each of her detention attendances. Her Walkman.

Oh! Ehm… sorry, didnt know someone was here.

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Everyone is released for lunch break.

The nursery rhymes that helped us out in making sense of our lives

Since I dont have the time nor mind to figure out

Bloody hell… Morgana whispered to herself in frustration at what she had just done. At that, she climbed down on her knees to being to pick up the mess, ignoring the stranger in the room who seemed to be the current root of her problem.

I value them but I wont cry every time ones wiped out

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