How To Cleanse Your Tarot Or Divination Cards

My Top 5 Gemstones for Attracting Love And Romance Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I am a big fan of collecting gemstones. I incorporate gemstones with all my readings, and use them frequently as an aid with life situations.  Here are my top 5 favorite gemstones that I have found  to be the most useful in aiding with attracting love and romance into my life and have seen in others as well.   I know they are so many more but, these are also my favorite because, they are easy on the pocket and you can find these  basically

Sage and cedar smudging is one of the most popular ways to cleanse negative vibrations.  Smudge your tarot cards or divination cards with the smoke. I like going through each card envisioning the heavy vibrations dispelling from smoke of the sage or cedar.

1-Clearing, Cleansing, And Enhancing With Sage

The Orgone Pyramid How Does It Work and Its Uses The Orgone Pyramid How Does It Work and Its Uses. The term orgonite refers to a mix of quartz crystals, semi-precious gemstones, metals and resin in a combination that is said to balance out the life-energy that we also know as prana, chi or orgone. This natural Earth energy is considered the most powerful energy there is and it resonates with Schumanns fundamental global frequency of 7.83 Hz. This resonance is considered to be the heartbeat of our planet.

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5 Ways A Tarot Reading Can Help Your Love Life 5 Ways A Tarot Reading Can Help Your Love Life. Can a tarot reading really help your love life? When people think of tarot the first thing that they think about is prediction tarot reading. Yes,  tarot can be used for prediction but, how can just knowing what will most likely happen help you resolve your current issues?  It would not. Most likely just knowing the outcome of a situation will only lead you to become a bit paranoid if the outcome was not so good.  Which is why I highly recommended having

Want To Know The Secrets Of How To Keep Your Romance Flaming Using The Zodiac?

5 Types Of Psychic Tarot Readers To Avoid 5 Types Of Psychic Tarot Readers To Avoid. Have you ever been curious to go see a psychic or Tarot reader but were too scared to be scammed by a fake? Or even worse, being scared that the psychic or Tarot reader would predict some horrid news about death that would leave you in worry for the months to come? Youre not alone. Many of my first-time clients who come for Tarot card readings discuss their own hesitations about why it took them so long to finally book a reading with me.

Loving With Astrology Water Signs Loving With Astrology Water Signs.  What is Love? Why Love? What is the essential nature of Love? Where does it come from? The tendency for the mind, to label everything it touches, complicates everything. Essentially, romantic loves, sexual desire, compassion, friendship, family love, brotherhood, fraternity, are just gradients of one and only source. That energy is the glue of the visible and invisible reality, the essence of all, the source of all loves, what you call it is up to you, but since it is easier to have a reference when we use words, lets

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Author: Tarot By Emilie Published: Thursday, July 14, 2016

Twin Flames 7 Signs You Have Met Yours Twin Flames 7 Signs You Have Met Yours.  Maybe you have heard about twin flames but dont know exactly what it refers to. Apart from soul mates, twin flames are initial counterparts of a soul from the moment of its creation, in other words, the other half of an over-soul that has fragmented into two individual souls. It is said that each individual soul as part of the Creation has but one twin-flame, and the chances that youve found your twin flame are pretty slim.

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This mystical spiritual wood smells great which aids also with relaxation as well. Palo Santo is used for cleansing and purifying mainly though. Palo Santo also brings in good luck and raises vibrations when burned as incense. Work it through your tarot cards just as you would with the sage but, on a incense burner on coal.

Archangel Chamuel The Angel Of Love Romance God sent his angels to help humans on all levels with their issues and they quickly come to aid those who call upon them with faith. Humans are centered around relationships and love is an important matter to the angels believe it or not. Chamuel was created by God just to help us with these particular matters. Here is how.

Archangel Micheal is the angel of protection and slays away negativity with his almighty sword. Many who believe in angels work with Archangel Micheal through prayer. Pray  while envisioning his sword removing negative attachments upon your cards to clear these negative vibrations away. Then, ask Archangel Micheal to protect your tarot cards.

Happy Cleansing Much love as always Emilie Moe  ( Emmy )

Many people bury their divination or tarot cards in protective cases in order for the ground to adsorb its negative energies.  Do this for about three days and then unearth your cards. The ground will rid it of is negative vibrations and also empower it. This is a great method.

How To Cleanse Your Tarot Or Divination Cards

Can tarot cards create an evil attachment? If so what can be done? What was done wrong?

Florida wateris a cologne used for spiritually cleansing and refreshing purposes.  I love this stuff. It reminds me of my grandmother. It is used in many spiritual baths to infuse these energies and also smells great.  I highly do not suggest though to spray it on your tarot cards because, it is an liquid. You do not want to damage your sacred divination cards. Instead apply some to your hands and then unto the cards.

Black tourmaline is a stone used to adsorb negativity,  grounds and also protects. It is a very brittle stone but, a powerful one none the less. Use three of these stones in order to remove the negative vibrations from your tarot cards or divination cards. Place one on the top , in between your cards and then bottom of your tarot deck. Keep it placed here for about three days in order to remove all negative vibrations.

How To Cleanse Your Tarot Or Divination Cards

7 Signs Angels Are Trying Communicate With You What separates physically manifested reality from light dimensions is just a matter of perspective and openness. There is nothing keeping us back from using the vibrations and elements that we need in order to grow, feel better or feel at ease. The Universe is divinely abundant and everything happens here and now; this means that we can summon and contact any light being or energy that we wish to invite in our lives at any given time.

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How To Cleanse Your Tarot Or Divination Cards.  Tarot divination or any kind of card divination is an energetic connection that we channel the divines energy , the persons energy receiving the tarot reading energy in combination with our energy onto the cards in order to receive information. Within time negative vibration built up can built onto thetarotcards causing unclear tarot readings, a feeling of discomfort and we can even absorb these negative energies onto ourselves.This can also be more intense when we conduct multiple readings back to back or when we conduct a tarot reading where the tarot reading / card divination reading is surrounding heavy negative vibrations.  To dispel these negative energies off of your divination cards you must cleanse them spirituality. Here are several methods that I have used personally to do so and have been effective for me. I am sure that they are many other methods  such as salt  feel free to comment below to help others reading this.

Divining For Love My Top 3 Tarot Decks For Love & Romance  My Top 3 Tarot Decks For Love and Romance. One can perform divination on all kinds of questions and on all different subjects. There is no limit on what the tarot cards read on if the tarot reader is a skilled one.  As a diviner though who has been performing readings daily throughout the years, I can say that the most popular subject I am asked to read about is the topic of love and romance. Most people want to know if the one their currently with will

What is great about these tarot cleansing methods  is that you can use these same methods to cleanse any kind of divination cards as well.  Many also use these same methods to even spiritually cleanse their home or themselves.

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Tobacco is a common way Hispanics  or others from  African tradition religions cleanse their implements or empower them. Do not use cigarettes for it is high in toxins and will do the opposite use tobacco or cigars.

Tarot & Oracle Cards The Difference Tarot & Oracle Cards The Difference. Amongst the many different kinds of ways to perform divination use decks of cards has become very popular. Tarot is undoubtedly the most popular today. However, Oracle cards have grown in popularity over the past years. Surely, many of you have heard or seen them already. But in order to understand the difference between the popular Tarot cards and Oracle cards, I have tried to offer you a brief explanation of two different kinds of card divination. Keep on reading.

Taclo  Talcum powder is found in baby powder is a source thatPuerto Ricanshas used to remove negativity for many years. It has the same spiritual cleansing proprieties just asCascarilla. Cascarilla is used to cleanse , remove and represents purity. Sprinkle some of this on to your  divination cards or  tarot cards while feeling energetically the negative vibrations being removed.  This powder is also good when your divination or tarot cards becomes sticky due to natural hand oils that stays on your cards from consistent use.

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