Latin Tarot Card Meanings

teaching, instruction, guidance, teachers, planning, travelling

estrangement, unrest, aversion, troubles, disgust, discord, instability

desire, longing, legacy, inheritance, retreat, retirement, gift, loan

fortune, riches, possessions, art, economy, property, laziness, idleness

obstacles, conflict, danger, hampering, criticism, debt, poverty

worldly authority, command, decision, initiative, valor, integrity

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Card Meaning: foolishness, intuition, courage, modesty, sincerity, confusion

initiative, force, masculine activity, affliction, pain, courage

investigator, occultist, explorer, sailor, traveler, memories awakened

capital, riches, heavy responsibility, pressure, obsession, music

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ecclesiastic spirit, scholastic mind, creed, rite, ritual, ceremonial

Card Meaning: detachment, contemplation, prudence, idealism, deliberation

well-earned security, wise living, husbandry, feeling safe, birthplace

Card Meaning: balance, independence, freedom, autonomy, fidelity, constancy

contention, persuasion, suggestion, hot speech, egotism, trickery

honesty, positive attitude, sport, self-centeredness, self-reliance

Like the Rider-Waite deck, the Minor Arcana of the Marseille deck has 56 cards with four different suits. The suits of the Tarot de Marseille are Cups, Batons, Coins, and Swords. Unlike the Rider-Waite cards, these cards dont have unique symbols and instead they signify the suit they belong to.

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innovation, creation initiative, impulse, origin, principle, source

knowledge, note, observation, warning, indication, investigation

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Card Meaning: will, communication, skillfulness, brightness, initiative, beginning

friendship, concord, reliable, advantage, good business, remuneration

discussion, relation, negotiation, entertainment, discourse, lecture

Card Meaning: union, harmony, serenity, uniting, health, combination

good health, good cheer, feasting, receptivity for beauty, love of nature

expansion, lover, mistress, sympathy, popularity, affinity, well-being

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LArcane sans nom or The Nameless Arcanum no. 13

good, useful, charitable action, presents, prosperity, fruitfulness

Card Meaning: harvest, purification, peace, concord, cooperation

solicitor, manager, independent trader, governor, director of business

painful memories, avenging family, hatred, destruction, revolt

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happiness, contentment, loyalty, liberality, the joy of life, advantage

banking, agriculture, art, capital, money, an economical woman

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Tarot Divination: A Glimpse into the Future

Card Meaning: faith, fulfillment, meditation, mercy, marriage, blindness

solitude, repose, retreat, gathering, avarice, precaution, meditation

Card Meaning: love, relationship, passion, hardship, temptation, attraction

advantage, interest, paying of debts, inheritance, happy memories

sorrow or pleasure, emotion, material difficulties, family matters

permission, inspiration, idealism, enthusiasm, blessing, hospitality

How To Use Tarot For A Marriage Reading

creative energy, good luck, desire, bright prospects, a child, profit

reminiscences, brooding and scheming, fantasy, theatrical arts

obedience, executive ability, production, necessity, duplicity

The Suit of Cups An Emotional State of Mind

Card Meaning: experiences, travel, fantasy, pride, triumph, victory

good news, invitation, proposal, intellectual entertainment, lecture

Card Meaning: ideals, renewal, fairness, altruism, aspirations, outcome

material limits, physical necessity, authority, official power, affliction

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Card Meaning: past, secrets, manipulation, deception, calumny

The History of Magic Tricks and Tarot Cards

crisis, morose disposition, impotence, difficulties, conflict

oppressions, worries, troubles, pessimism, small talk, bitter

help, advice, honesty, protection, knowledge, education, culture

Card Meaning: understanding, trust, care, creativity, messages, uncertainty

messenger, postman, messages, letters, communications, teaching

Card Meaning: realization, solution, authority, power, conflict, arrogance

Which Tarot Card Are You? (You May Be Surprised)

Just like the Rider-Waite cards, the Marseille deck has 22 Trump cards. Each one is uniquely illustrated and has its own meaning.

How To Use Tarot For Your Relationships

civilization, aristocracy, good workmanship, skill, civil treatment

The Most Famous Tarot Deck: Rider-Waite

airiness, passing impressions, discontinuance, interruption, change

magnetism, artistic appreciation, quality, virtue, intimacy, attraction

passion, friendship, attraction, concord, good action, desire

charity, skill, artistic ability, dexterity, uncommon qualities, geniality

imagination, vision, dreams, a stranger, dreams, occultism, falsehood

Card Meaning: defiance, waiting, sacrifice, crossing, helplessness

intelligence, ideas, imagination, plans, suggestions, opinions

practical ability, tricks, scheme, design, meeting the opponent

suffering, afflicted woman, widow, hateful, material stress, privation

Card Meaning: balance, equity, prudence, consistency, reconciliation

reasonable satisfaction, difficulty of choice, joy, gaiety, recreation

careful, attentive, loving intelligence, practical wisdom, virtue

The Tarot de Marseille deck or Latin Tarot cards are another widely used and popular Tarot deck. Although their imagery may be simpler than those on modern Tarot cards, theyre equally as powerful. In fact, they may be a little harder to use than most Tarot decks and require a sharper intuition from the Tarot reader. The method of using a Latin Tarot deck is the same as using any other Tarot deck. The freedom of Tarot allows you to choose whatever type of deck you like.

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Tarot Meanings and How to View Them

Card Meaning: passion, desire, chaos, creativity, pleasure, fantasy

Latin Tarot Cards or the Tarot de Marseille deck has cards that are depicted with simpler imagery than the more detailed Rider-Waite deck. Although the meanings of the cards are very similar there are some key differences. In addition to different meanings, some of the cards in the Marseille deck bear different names than the ones used in the Rider-Waite deck. The imagery and the names on the Trump cards of the Marseille deck have kept their religious origins. Here you will see a brief overview of the meanings of the Marseille cards.

noble, honest man, honorable intentions, wealth, luxury, good cheer

La Roue de Fortune or The Wheel of Fortune no. 10

Card Meaning: change, opportunity, endings, humility, transformation

honest man, idealistic, traveler, inspirer, hunter, wanderer

Card Meaning: diligence, motivation, energy, material happiness, certainty

Card Meaning: cycle, chance, luck, predestination, fortune, success

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Card Meaning: rupture, sudden disillusion, disenchantment, renewal, endurance

La Maison Dieu or The House of God no. 16

misgivings, doubt, misunderstandings, quick response, reaction

route, way, canal, conveyance, voyage, emigration, serious illness

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Your Future Revealed By These 3 Tarot Cards?

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Card Meaning: wisdom, completion, fulfillment, integrity, flight

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Card Meaning: instinct, courage, force, unity, strength, fortitude

commercial and intellectual friendship, Light-heartedness, joy, holidays

decorative art, efficiency, work, servitude, knowledge, practical solutions

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disciple, student, messenger, good news, application, goodness, study

shyness, timidity, disorder, waywardness, despondency, mixed sensations

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