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the seventh card : This card related to you and it Apparents your feelings

the tenth card : The final result. this card shows the final result of your inquiry

the second card show the emotional aspect of your intention

the eighth card : Friends and family. this card shows your impact on your close friends

the third card show your thoughts about this intention

the ninth card : Hopes, fears, ideals and your internal feelings

the third card : Past events. recent situation or past events which caused your current situation.

the first card explain your intention

the fourth card : Situation or event which recently occurred and now is being concluded

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the fourth card is the result or the answer of your intention

the second card shows your present time

the fifth card : Goals, Destination, and destiny. the best result which can you achieve in your current situation

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to get a four-card Tarot horoscope, think about the questions and choose 4 cards with the focus

to get a three-card Tarot horoscope, think about the questions and choose 3 cards with the focus

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the first card : Your current situation and Position. this card shows your overall intention

the third card shows your future time

For fortune telling by one card tarot pls intent and choose a card.

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the second card : Events, obstacles. This card shows the events or obstacles that are in front of you

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Tarot horoscope with 10 cards is one of the complete variants of the Tarot horoscope. so you need to focus and choose 10 Tarot cards

the sixth card : Future. it shows a new situation which will occur in your life

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