Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon FAQWalkthrough

tired from it. MegaMan wants to take his place, so you fight 6 guys to reach them. Battle Easy Hard Super Hard ————————————————————————– 1 MettEX, HealNav[?] Mett2EX, HealNavAlpha[?]Mett3EX, HealNavBeta[?] ————————————————————————– 2 Billy, HealNav[?] Silly, HealNavAlpha[?] Killy, HealNavBeta[?] ————————————————————————– 3 Spikey, HealNav[?] Spikey2, HealNavAlpha[?]Spikey3, HealNavBeta[?] ————————————————————————– 4 Melody, HealNav[?] Hellody, HealNavAlpha[?]Felony, HealNavBeta[?] ————————————————————————– 5 Boomer, HealNav[?] Gloomer, HealNavAlpha[?]Doomer, HealNavBeta[?] ————————————————————————– 6 VolGear, HealNav[?]VulGear, HealNavAlpha[?]ValGear, HealNavBeta[?] ————————————————————————– Note: The [?] represents chip data held by a virus/opposing navi. Then, the two navis will retreat, summoning more minions. Go through three battles of HealNavis (Easy), HealNaviAlpha (Hard), or HealNaviBeta (Super Hard). Youll confront them, and Tetsus navi returns, and single-handedly deletes them. Both of you retreat to the Colosseum in time for your battle. Easy: HealNav (500 HP), Hard: HealNavAlpha (800 HP), Super Hard: HealNavBeta (1100 HP) Just like any other HealNavi. Take him out easy and clean. Hell applaud your skill for beating him. ————————————————————————– 8eg. A Misunderstanding between a Noisy Navi and a Noisy Appliance (Shuko) ————————————————————————– Hmm, AquaMan. Lan ponders a bit before his thick skull realizes that its a aqua-aligned navi. He figures that hell kill some time before the match. You receive an e-mail from the CyberMagazine informing you of todays fortune: You are likely to drown today! Beware of water! Wow! Its an ominous fortune prior to your match against a water navi. Lan disregards it, thinking that fortune telling is just a fraud. Exit the Waiting Room and go to the stairs, where you will notice a girl at the vending machine. Shes a bit indecisive about what she wants, and as a result, runs out of time to select a drink. AquaMan figures that it is nothing, and Lan intervenes, wondering whats wrong. The girl begins to voiceover and the sorrow music plays. She talks about her birth being under the wrong moon or something (some divination stuff) and blames her bad luck on past events: slamming her finger against a dresser, a stray dog chasing her, and her parents premature death. AquaMan informs her that Atsu and Ty are outside the DenDome, so she runs out. Follow her, and youll see that Atsu and Ty are her twin brothers. They make a conversation about a noisy device, which leads AquaMan to believe hes the subject of their conversation. They talk about discarding the device after the battle and buying a new one in ElecTown. AquaMan is obviously fearful that hell be removed, so he escapes and cries on the net (doesnt seem harsh…YET!) Atsu needs to search for help while Ty looks for Shuko. Talk to Atsu and agree to help him. Hell give you the CybCanst. Run home and jack into the net. It is entirely flooded with water! Take notice to the bar at the top right, representing your oxygen tank (or something). NEVER let it deplete, and as long as youre in another PC or a non-net computer, you can refill your O2 tank. Run to TownArea2 and check the empty green circle at the top right. AquaMan is there, sobbing about his ops disowning. MegaMan assures him that it isnt so, but AquaMan flees, saying that you know nothing of the sort. Pursue him to where ACDCArea2 meets ACDCArea3. Youll watch a cutscene and, as thick-headed as our heroes are, they dont know who it is. AquaMan swims down to the warp point behind Shukos door. MegaMan runs over there, and asks, but AquaMan already has escaped thru the point. You need Shukos key, so jack out. Run to the DenDome and ask Atsu where she is. He tells you that she is in ElecTown1. Run over there, and find her with Ty. She is worried about whatll happen, and gives you ShukoKey to unlock the area. Jack back in and go to the warp point. Follow the long path to where AquaMan is and watch the cutscene. AquaMan just wants MegaMan to leave until MegaMan explains the misunderstanding he had with Shuko about him and a new washing machine. He apologizes and he tells you that he isnt aware of his doing while he cries (this guy must cry a lot to flood the net). He cleans up the water, and you have to hurry to the DenDome. Go to your battle and face AquaMan! Easy: AquaMan (500 HP) Hard: AquaManAlpha (1000 HP) Super Hard: AquaManBeta (1500 HP) AquaMans battle technique is not difficult. He can attack with a Bubbler and can throw a bomb that cracks the square it lands on and has a BublSprd effect. Finally, he can summon faucets from which he can blast water 2 spaces ahead. Nothing difficult, beat her 1, 2, 3 (killed AquaMan in under 20 seconds with a well-timed Silver Bullet). Shell admire the good battle, and she and her brothers go to buy the new washing machine. Shuko trips down the stairs, but this only makes her appreciate how much love a family can give her. Lan and MegaMan also observe this. For Blue Moon players, you will receive AquaSoul. AquaSoul ——– Unite with What Type of Chip: Aqua (indicated by a blue drop) Abilities: -You dont slip on Ice Panels. -Charged shot is a Bubbler for 20 damage. -Charge is much faster. -Like MetalSoul, you can charge an Aqua chip to do twice as much damage. ————————— 8eh. You Dice Now! (Higsby) ————————— Hehehe, Im lazy and not so witty. Watch the Simpsons and youll understand. Your next opponent is Higsby and NumberMan. As you talk, a tournament official walks up to you and delivers you a message from Higsby, saying that he intends to withdraw. Go to his shop to find out. There, Higsby informs you that he is in danger of being closed down by NAM (National Association of Merchants?). One of their workers, Cone, comes in, and explains to Lan that Higsby borrowed the money needed for the shop. He, however, hasnt turned much of a profit, and Cone intends to turn the chip shop into The Scrub Brush. Reminds me of a movie I once watched called UHF with an advertisement for the fictional store Spatula City. Hmm, I could try to fit the Scrub Brush into the song: Scrub Brush, we sell scrub brushes! And thats all! (shudders) Anyway, Higsby needs to rake up enough money, so he starts a chip drive sale to get $. He wants Lan to help distribute posters to navis in the CyberWorld. Get 20 HigsbyAds (OMG its a item you receive with more than 8 letters!) from Nanako. You need to distribute at least 10. She threatens to beat the (insert expletive deleted) if you refuse. Jack into the CyberWorld and find navis all over the place. I made the mistake of not going to PCs (Mayl, JomonElec, etc.) Heres the first 11: Area Location —————————————————————————— ACDCArea1Mr. Prog near Mayls P-Code security cube ACDCArea1NormalNavi near the AquaManBeta set appearance (see AquaMan scenario) —————————————————————————— ACDCArea2HealNavi near the merchant (you can see him as you enter ACDCArea2) ACDCArea2Mr. Prog in the center square or rectangle or whatever ACDCArea2Navi in the opposite corner of the square —————————————————————————— ACDCArea3Check the main path and find the navi looking at FireMans portal ( see FireMan scenario) —————————————————————————— TownArea1Navi near connection to TownArea2 —————————————————————————— TownArea2Navi near the JomonElec link TownArea2Navi at the other end of the C-Slider line —————————————————————————— TownArea3Mr. Prog along the path looking down into the square below TownArea3HealNav at ParkArea end of C-Slider line —————————————————————————— More locations to come. Return to the shop. Nanako will give you a reward equivalent to your rate of distribution (I got 11 and a TripCrak * 🙁 ). Cone enters the store, telling you to give up, and its too late. NumberMan has now been imprisoned in the warehouse in TownArea1. Go there to find NumberMan screaming for help behind the door. Jack out, go to Nanako, and shell give you HigsbyKy, and tells you that theres a second door that needs a code. Go back, unlock the first door, and answer questions (here are my three): Hi! = He _ _ _!===== (enter 110) x=3 y=4, xyx===== (enter 343) 12, 10, 8, ?, ?, ?===== (enter 642) Find NumberMan who is no longer under attack (dammit) and hell thank you. Hell jack out, and so should you. Go back to Higsbys shop and Cone says that he wants to destroy the shop. However, kids rush in, saying that Higsbys shop is better than anything that could be there. Cone retreats, so both you and Higsby go to the DenDome for your battle: Easy: NumberMan (?00 HP) Hard: NumberManAlpha (????) Super Hard: NumberManBeta: (1300 HP) Whip him good. He tells you that it was a great battle and applauds your skill. You will earn NumberSoul. NumberSoul ———- Unite with what Type of Chip: Variable (indicated by a +/-) Abilities: -Charged shot is a die who has a 3X3 radius of blowing up and does 10 times the number on the die. -You get 10 chips at your custom screen (the dark chip slots are gone) —————– 8f. The Champion! —————– After the three battles, you are crowned the Den Champion (fanfare plays)! You get a trophy which is probably as big as Lans head (notice I said head and not ego). You receive outstanding merit and applause, and Lan is only all too welcome to accept it. Figure its time to go home after a hectic day of battles. ———————- 8g. Rest for the Weary ———————- You go home, knowing that you were crowned victor. You can spend this time jacking into devices to collect BMDs, and also get praise from friends and family. Then, go to sleep. =============================== 9. Chapter 3-Lessons of Love… =============================== ——————————————– 9a. Whats Wrong? The DarkChip, thats What! ——————————————– First, we turn to NAXA, where Dr. Regal pours over the asteroids data furiously. He takes a walk, trying to calm himself. ***MEANWHILE*** You wake up the next morning, and hear about another tournament, the Eagle Tournament. Further information will be provided later. You go to the park, and reminisce about what Higsby said about the DarkChip. MegaMan tells him to forget about it, when Mayl enters the scene. ———————— 9b. What Does Mayl Want? ———————— Mayl wonders whats been with Lan for the last week. Replying that hes been preoccupied, Mayl tells him to come by later, so they can explore the Net together (aw, it aint a date…not just yet). Go by her house later and she will tell you to jack into her PC. Shell give you her P-Code, so proceed to TownArea3, where Roll is. Not a hard task. When you get there, Roll tells you that somethings going down. ————————- 9c. Revelations: Castillo ————————- Theres an orange navi nearby, offering FreePasses to those who can beat his set of viruses. Well, Roll is excited, and she coerces you to fight on her behalf…go ahead and fight. After all, where better to go on a first outing? (Easy) 1. 3 MettEX (one has a [?]) 2. 2 MelodyEX 3. MettEX, MelodyEX, Gaia (Hard) 1. 3 Mett2EX (one has a [?]) 2. 2 HellodyEX 3. Mett2EX, HellodyEX, Gaia+ (Super Hard) 1. 3 Mett3EX (one has a [?]) 2. 2 FelonyEX 3. Mett3EX, FelonyEX, GaiaMega Once you win, youll receive the FreePasses, and the navi will practically shudder in fear of your technique. Jack out, and converse with Mayl. Lan assumes that shell want to take Yai and he can go with his dad some other day, but Mayl has other plans. Before she can tell you her intentions, your doghouse alarm goes off! To The Lan-Cave! (plays Batman theme here) ———— 9d. ALARM!!! ———— Once home, clamber up to your room and find your mom tied up in a corner and saturated with sleeping gas. How awful!….As you investigate, no money or property was swiped…what upstanding burglar would bust into a house and not have the temptation to grab anything? Anyway, inspect your PC, and youll find a message on the screen: Youve been warned, Lan. We can easily do much worse. If you dont want those you care for to get hurt more, bring the DarkChip to ParkArea2. ——————— 9e. To The Park Area! ——————— Mkay, standard-issue threatening note, threat of bodily harm to family and friends, anyone know where ParkArea2 is? Never fear, for the scouting has already been done! Head on over to Town Area 3, taking the scenic route so that you earn cash and chips for the machine, and stop at the end of the main road, in front of the giant pink door. Apparently you need a password to open the door, and shooting at it doesnt work. A navi runs around and accuses you of trying to break in. Before MegaMan can explain his work, the navi hops into battle. Foolish little guy. (Easy) NormalNaviAlpha (300 HP) (Hard) NormalNaviBeta (800 HP) (Super Hard) NormalNaviOmega (1200 HP) You should have no trouble here. YOu should have LifeSwd by now, use it! It is incredibly useful in the early game. Anyway, once you knock him down, youll find a shred of data that says: AJEKDUR 2437561 Well, letters and numbers. Each vertical pair is to be treated as a unit. Rearrange the bottom row to be in ascending order, and you get the password. Enter RAEJDUK, and you can pop in. Head to the upper-left corner, and find a BMD with RegUp2. Anyway, try to head over to a link, and enter Park Area 2. Enter the warp pad, and make the first right. Find the navi at the end, and jump into the fray. (Easy) HealNavi (100 HP), 2 MettEX (Hard) HealNaviAlpha (300 HP), 2 Mett2EX (Super Hard) HealNaviBeta (500 HP), 2 Mett3EX Once youre done, hell reveal himself to be a part of the DarkChip crime syndicate, Nebula (Yay! Now we have another syndicate to topple!) Hell get that chip sooner or later (man hes desperate!) and hell jack out. Jack out as well. ——————————– 9f. Setting A Date For Your Date ——————————– Mayl calls you, and wants you to go to Castillo with you. Your mom insists that you go, so head over there, but before you do, good ol father sends you an e-mail. Its none other than the: RETURN OF THE NAVI CUSTOMIZER! Hallelujah, or is it? Youre forced to do the tutorial (DAMN IT!) like the one in BN3. After you calibrate it, go back to her house, as the train wont take you there. She tells you that she wanted to go with you, (ooh, score!), so run over to Castillo via train, and find Mayl, who already went ahead. ————————– 9g. Castillo, Here I Come! ————————– Luckily, you arent that late, so head on in. However, somethings disrupting the rides, and it looks like a virus is the cause. Lan to the rescue! Jack into the nearby cart and head into the Net and proceed to ParkArea3. You have to pick up the P-Code first, so talk to the green navi in that PC. You should eventually find one navi standing over another, so continue down that path to find a panel, but viruses infected it: (Easy) 3 Shrimpy (Hard) 3 Shrimpy2 (Super Hard) 3 Shrimpy3 Wax em fast and jack out. Before you talk to Mayl, jack into the second ice cream cart to get a HP Memory (Super Hard: 1300 zennys). When you talk to her, shell notice the rides are up (no really). She however wants you to get her ice cream. ———————————————- 9h. Lessons of Love Part 1: Spend On Your Date ———————————————- Ok, remember the rules of love. Youre the guy, so spend on your date. Get her the ice cream, but youre surprised to see that Nanako, Higsbys worker, is here. She claims the pay is better (and who wouldnt take work in an amusement park over a small self-established chip shop?). Shell give you free ice cream as a bribe 🙂 Anyway, give Mayl the ice cream, and shell want to go on the rides. —————————————————- 9i. Lessons of Love Part 2: Dont Disagree With Them —————————————————- Typical girl. Anyway, you must learn the second rule: Conflict is no good for a relationship. Ok, ride with her on everything she wants, and after the second one, shell want to keep exploring. Go to MelSquare, right below, and enter the Vampire Manor (fitting name). All of a sudden, Mayl will be chased by the Halberd Princess. (You are almost complete with your lessons of love.) —————————————————— 9j. Lessons of Love Part 3: Save Your Date From Danger —————————————————— Both of you will run out of the Manor, but before you subdue the robot, check out the Django picture in the Manor, and take the GunSol1 G chip (short for Gun Del Sol, Djangos most prized vampire-hate weapon). Quickly, jack into the robot, and take a ride. —————————— 9k. Castillo Bots; Their Story —————————— The four robots are mechanized by a single switch (pretty much asking to be hacked), but viruses have destroyed parts of the story data, so you must piece it together. (If you paid attention, there are mini-story tidbits on the posts outside the rides) ——————— 9ka. Halberd Princess ——————— The first stop will tell the story (Im too lazy to write it out) and you need the data piece Mirror. However, grab the BMD for 1400 zennys (Hard Mode: RegUP 1, Super Hard: HP Memory). Plug it in, and proceed to the second part of the story. The BMD here should contain a NCP (Navi Customizer Program) HP+50 (Pink) (Hard Mode: 3200 zennys, Super Hard: 1000 zennys). Grab the data BigTree and plug it in. The third part of the story needs the piece of data MightyBl, but remember to grab the BMD containing a RegUP 1 (Hard Mode: Counter3 V, Super Hard: M-Cannon G). You will come to the button, and as you turn it off, viruses will turn it back on (how lame). (Easy) BillyEX [?], MelodyEX (Hard) SillyEX, HellodyEX (SUper Hard) KillyEX, FelonyEX After they are defeated, the Halberd Princess is stopped. You think that everything is alright, having stopped the robot attacking your date, but the WzDog bot is out of control. Jack into it and you will undergo a similar experience. ———- 9kb. WzDog ———- Jack into WzDog, and take the ride. The first chapter, grab the data WzMonkey and also the BMD containing a RockCube * (Hard Mode: 1500 zennys, Super Hard: 1 BugFrag). Move along and grab the BMD with an HP Memory (Hard Mode: 1 BugFrag, Super Hard: BugBomb B). Pick up the data MagicSel, and continue to the third part. There is yet another BMD, containing a Vulcan2 B (Hard Mode: Recov150 C, Super Hard: 2200 zennys), and grab two data pieces: GoodNose and Scratch. Insert these pieces of data into the story in this order. You will come to the button, and yet again the viruses turn it on as you turn it off. (Easy) MettEX, 2 BillyEX (Hard) Mett2EX, 2 SillyEX (Super Hard) Mett3EX, 2 KillyEX When done, another robot is out of control. Jack into the TinMan robot. ———– 9kc. TinMan ———– When in, follow the river path. For Chapter 1, grab War and Emotion and place them in that order. Go to Chapter 2. The BMD here will contain a NCP Charge +1 (? color) (Hard Mode: HP Memory, Super Hard: NCP HP+300 Yellow). Get Bird and Dance and put them in that order. You will continue when viruses attack the raft: (Easy) Dharma, Spikey, SpikeyEX (Hard) Karma, Spikey2, Spikey2EX (Super Hard) Dogma, Spikey3, Spikey3EX The operator will remark that it never happened before (a likely story) and continues to Chapter 3. The BMD gives you a RegUP 2 (Hard Mode: NCP Attack+1 White, Super Hard: 1 BugFrag). Grab the data ToyPart. You come to the switch, and yet again, fight the viruses on the switch. (Easy) 2 MelodyEX, SpikeyEX (Hard) 2 HellodyEX, Spikey2EX (Super Hard) 2 FelonyEX, Spikey3EX As you fix it, Mayl calls you and tells you to stop the rogue bot who entered the manor. ——————————– 9kd. Django The Solar Boy/Dracky ——————————– Its pitch black, but just navigate by the walls (the light doesnt matter at all). Jack into the Vampire robot. This robot comp is much different as there is a river of lava and the raft operator seems to be a shady character. MegaMan feels an oddly dark presence but ignores it. The first part needs the two data pieces, in this order: GunSol and CrmScarf. Plug them in, and you move onto part 2. The BMD here is an HP Memory (Super Hard: RegUP 1). Grab Otenko and move onto the third part. Get Sunlight. Then, you come to a twisting path. Choose Apple and proceed to the final wall. The BMD here has a Recov80 J (Super Hard: Vulcan3 W). Grab Skylight and Taiyohhh! (heh, what a stupid battle-cry). Before the end, another virus battle hits the raft: (Easy) MettEX, VolGearEX, Gaia (Hard) Mett2EX, VulGearEX, Gaia+ (Super Hard) Mett3EX, ValGearEX, GaiaMega When that is done, run down and turn off the switch…hey, wait a second, aint no switch here! ———————– 9l. ShadeMan v. MegaMan ———————– The raft operator innocently gets off and asks if theres a problem. He reveals himself as ShadeMan after admitting to destroying the switch. ShadeMan insists on the DarkChips return, and MegaMan dodges an attack. Lan and MegaMan confide briefly, and it looks like hell return the chip to ShadeMan (Now, yall might be thinkin, What is he thinking?). As he tosses it, he uses his MegaBuster to destroy the data. ShadeMan is furious at this slight and engages you in battle: (Easy) ShadeMan: 500 HP (Hard) ShadeManAlpha: 800 HP (Super Hard) ShadeManBeta 1100 HP Just like in the ElTwrCmp, use your buster on him, as chips will have no effect. MegaMan is worried that nothing can stop him, and all of a sudden, when you activate the Custom Screen, the screen darkens, revealing two chips at the bottom, both DarkSwrd chips. They are able to do 500 damage and have an area of 2 columns X 3 rows. If you look at the description it will be: DARKCHIP CREATED BY DESIRE. (!!NOTE!! ALL DARKCHIPS WITH FORCED USE IN SCENARIOS WILL NOT DEDUCT 1 HP PERMANENTLY) Defeat him, and ShadeMan will merely say that his mission was accomplished, forcing MegaMans use of the DarkChip. He tells him that it will unlock a dark soul within him and he dies. MegaMan jacks out and you come out, finding that Chaud has arrived to investigate. —————————– 9m. Chaud…Youre A Bit Late —————————– Chauds timing is excellent 🙂 Anyway, hell ask who the culprit is. Youll tell him that ShadeMan controlled these and you deleted him with a DarkChip. Chaud is taken aback about this development. He tells you the horrific events of using a DarkChip. It costs 1 life for each use, and they unlock an evil inside the navi that used it. Hell also mention the Crime Syndicate Nebula, and their illegal use of them, but will leave you to escaping the scene without harrassment. Anyway, go home and worry your ass off about what Chaud said. ————————- 9n. Embrace The Dark Side ————————- Lan is seriously affected (mentally) by the possible adverse affects of the DarkChips. He swears that he will never ever use a DarkChip again, yet desire may disagree with him. Go home and sleep on a good days work. ============================== 10. Chapter 4-Eagle Tournament ============================== ———————– 10a. How Do I Register? ———————– The next morning, you sit downstairs, when your doorbell is rang. An official arrives and explains to you that they are hosting the Eagle Tournament 🙂 (another chance to show off). The official gives you a point and your screen registers a counter. You need 50 points to enter the tournament. When you collect them, talk to the man in front of Castillo. ————————————– 10b. Passing The Registration-Castillo ————————————– So, you need 50 points, huh. Accordingly, theyre scattered all across the Cyberworld, in various PCs, and in the real world. Most guides have at least found 65 points, and my guide has only found 66. Point Value Location —————————————————————————- 1 point The green navi near the Nebula wall in ACDCArea1. —————————————————————————- 4 points When you come to the path that connects ACDCArea3 to TownArea1, go to the right and buy the secret for 3000 zennys. —————————————————————————- 3 points In TownArea3, go up the ramp and go to the leg that is the farthest off (to the right from the CyberMerchant. A green navi will give them to you. —————————————————————————- 3 points ParkArea2 near the C-Slider lines. —————————————————————————- 1 point Right giraffe at Yais house. —————————————————————————- 1 point Behind the painting in Yais house. —————————————————————————- 2 points Under Dexs Gamecube (shameless product placement by Nintendo). —————————————————————————- 1 point Mayls teddy bear. —————————————————————————- 1 point In ElecTown1, check the closed shop (label). —————————————————————————- 1 point Under the plastic near the entrance to the ElTwrCmp in ElecTown1. —————————————————————————- 1 point Between the keys of the keyboard on the ElTwrCmp. —————————————————————————- 1 point Talk to the JomonElectric store, and an employee gives you this. —————————————————————————- 1 point Carefully look at the left side of JomonElectric. A man hides there. —————————————————————————- 1 point Check the bikes at DenDome. —————————————————————————- 1 point Far left poster at DenDome (on the street). —————————————————————————- 1 point Check behind the hotdog stand. —————————————————————————- 1 point Go thru the spectators entrance at DenDome. Carefully look at the wall that separates the two sides, and a kid will give it to you. —————————————————————————- 1 point Check the doorknob of the spectator door (to the stands). —————————————————————————- 1 point Garbage can in the DenDome near the pricey vending machine. —————————————————————————- 1 point Fountain at Castillo (prior to entrance). —————————————————————————- 2 points Check the jungle ride entrance. —————————————————————————- 2 points Check the panels behind TinMan (robot). —————————————————————————- 3 points In front of Vampire Manor, check the stand and there should be a man hidden there. —————————————————————————- 1 point Check the Pater Pon doll (stupid take-offs). —————————————————————————- 10 points Jack into ToyComp4 (Dracky-bot) and fight battles for it: (E) 1. 2 MettEX, LarkEX (H) 1. 2 Mett2EX, BarkEX (SH) 1. 2 Mett3EX, TarkEX (E) 2. 2 Melody, LarkEX (H) 2. 2 Hellody, BarkEX (SH) 1. 2 Felony, TarkEX (E) 3. 2 Billy, LarkEX (H) 3. 2 Silly, BarkEX (SH) 1. 2 Killy, TarkEX —————————————————————————- 5 points Play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors against the green navi at the top of the DenDome BattleComp. —————————————————————————- 1 point Higsbys chip rack (to the right of the counter) —————————————————————————- 2 points Inside Vampire Manor, the kid will give you 2 points. —————————————————————————- 2 points TownArea1, under the ramp that leads to ElTwrCmp1. —————————————————————————- 4 points Ice cream cart outside Vampire Manor; battle: (E) MettEX, BillyEX, Tuby (H) Mett2EX, SillyEX, MuteAnt (SH) Mett3EX, KillyEX, TrumpEX —————————————————————————- 5 points In the warp point in TownArea2 that leads to ElTwrComp, an orange navi will give you 5 points if you give her a Cannon C. This is all I know. If you can send me anything, I will note you. When you collect 50+ points, talk to the man in front of the castle. He will give you Fldr2 (EASY) and you receive an e-mail from JomonElectric. They will give you their banner, al

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