Memorial to Guthix

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Spawns near some rocks located North-East of the World Gate.

Checking hunter traps can occasionally give Memory Shards which are used to create divination items.

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Orlawill also give youMemory strands, after the first prestige, if you have hit level milestones inDivination.

The Memorial to Guthix is a Distraction and Diversion linked with the Divination skill. The Memorial is located in the Piscatoris Hunter Area, South of the Phoenix Lair and the nearby Airuts.

You are able to store the benefits from completing a Guthixian Cache for later use.

Spawns under a mushroom in Zanaris, by the sand pit.

Divine eggs can appear in birds nests which give divination experience and divination items.

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Spawns inside the central standing stone that is located North of Falador, directly East of the Falador lodestone.

The Memorial to Guthix is a Distraction & Diversion linked withDivination. The Memorial is located in thePiscatoris Hunter Area, South of the Phoenix Lair and the nearbyAiruts. When player trains Divination, in any spot except within aDungeon, they can receiveMemory strands.These strands can be stored in your currency pouch. They are combined with engrams that are scattered over RuneScape to create echoes; these unlock some lore connected with Guthix, giveDivinationexperience, and provide special buffs. It is aCompletionistMaster Quest Caperequirement to complete the memorial once and aTrimmed Completionist Caperequirement to complete the memorial three times; this will enable you to have four of the buffs active at once.

Divination springs will last longer.

Spawns near the Sword of Edictus in the Wilderness near the cursed energy divination area.

Spawns on the altar of the Burthorpe Church, which is East of the Burthorpe druid altar.

Initially given to players by Orla Fairweather. Every time after it spawns in Guthixs House on Narsagun, located North West of the A I S fairy ring.

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Pickpocketing can occasionally give Memory shards which are used to create divination items.

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Once you have collected all of the engrams, you must charge each one. This requires a certain amount of energy and memory strands. Each time you prestige, the number of energy and memory strands increases slightly. Once you attain the third prestige, they will stay the same after that. Below is the list of engrams with their energy andMemory strandrequirements.

Converting memories can occasionally spawn an extra wisp.

Planting seeds can occasionally give Memory shards which are used to create divination items.

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Spawns inside Fred the Farmers house in Lumbridge, on his table.

Instead of chronicles spawning, Guthixian butterflies spawn instead. Elder chronicles will still spawn.

Spawns South of the area where the Tears Of Guthix is located.

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The amount of experience gained when converting memories in Dungeoneering is multiplied by four.

With each echo you add to the memorial, you get a lump sum ofDivinationexperience and access to its corresponding buff. You are initially only able to choose one buff at a time. This buff can be changed once a week at the weekly reset, or when you prestige. Each time you prestige, you unlock the ability to have another buff active at a time; up to 4 buffs at prestige 3.

Fire spirits are replaced by divine fire spirits, which give some divination experience and divination items.

1,000strandsfor 200 million experience

You are able to offer chronicles and elder chronicles from your inventory.

There are 12 engrams in total hidden across RuneScape. During the tutorial,Orlagives you theNaragi engram, but any time after this you must locate the engram yourself. Whenever you pick up an engram, a Guthixian butterfly will spawn in the nearby area. If the player catches this butterfly, it gives experience in the players lowest skill. Each engram has an associated buff which we will discuss in detail later. Below is a list of all engrams, where they spawn, and what buff they give.

Spawns near Glarials tombstone, North-West of Argdoune. Spawns in a bush under one of the nearby trees.

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You are able to prestige after adding all echoes to plinths; you can do this by interacting with the fountain of energy and selecting prestige. After prestiging, all of your buffs remain active and you are able to select any of them, even if you have not re-collected the echo. After prestiging, you must re-collect all of the engrams from their spawn points if you wish to complete the memorial again. Below is a list of all of the engrams and their buffs.

RewardsSkills Required:1Divination, however higher levels are reccommended.Starting Point:Various locations.To Start:TrainDivinationuntil you obtainMemory strands, then speak toOrla Fairweatherat the Memorial.Getting Started:

Divine locations give 125% more experience but no items.

Spawns on top of the Northern shelf of the rewards area in the Fist Of Guthix lobby.

Spawns in a dead end on the South Side of the Gnome Maze.

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The Memorial to Guthix features a brief tutorial which is started by talking toOrla Fairweather, located at the entrance to the memorial site. She will give a brief explanation of the memorial and its uses. She will then give you 80Memory strandsand aNaragi engram. Obtain 500Pale energyand use it to charge the engram.If you then return toOrlaand talk to her, she will ask you to add the echo to one of the empty plinth. Choose any plinth you like, as there is no difference in where you place each echo. Interact with the echo to learn a little bit about Guthix, then go back to talk toOrla. She will tell you to go and activate the Harmony of Naragun buff at the fountain of energy. This is located at the West end of the memorial. After activating the buff, return toOrlaand talk to her to finish the tutorial.Once the tutorial has been finished, you are able to collect engrams throughout the world and to catch an unlimited amount of chronicle fragments and elder fragments.

Spawns on a barrel at the South-East end of the Void Knights Outpost, under a canopy.

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