Most fun Divination and Illusion Arcane spells and their uses?

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So, sell me on your favorite illusion and divination spells from level 1 to 9, please! I know there arent a ton, but I want to be wowed! If you think this guy is a nerd and should take a spell from another school first, because it is such a cool spell! Then please, sell me on that one, as well!

Divination can be amazing but really more depends on your GM than anything else in how they work with you on the divinations to make them fun.

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Illusions are some of the best spells out there for outside the box thinking but at their core are kinda weak.

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Comprehend Languages: This is obviously super useful for its utility. You can automatically understand any language either written or spoken (you cannot speak it or write it yourself though). It also lasts 10 minutes/level, so its duration makes it useful in your reading through books and such written in other languages. Your party finds a powerful spell book with spells you could scribe, but wait, it is written in draconic and none of you have that language? No problem with this spell!

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One of the best uses for silent image that I have seen was using them as a spotting device. So I was running a game in the WoW setting and the party was attacking a camp of trolls. They had one team of dwarves with a mortar with them. So one of the guys used a scroll of silent image to put a big floating arrow up in the sky where they wanted the mortar team to attack.

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Prying Eyes.You can have every reasonable chance to know exactly what your party is getting in to waaaaay in advance .

Detect Secret Doors: You can have the most perceptive guy in your party fail to find any secret doors. With the casting of this spell, you automatically detect any doors/compartments/chaches that were specifically made to escape detection automatically (within 60ft). A lot of people over look the utility of this. I am a Gm, and I cannot tell you how often my players just completely miss amazing hidden treasure. They have this spell and never see a use to use this, when it is so freaking useful.

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Identify: Gives you a +10 when identifying magic items. A lot of people dont bother with this spell at all since they generally have a good enough Arcana or Spellcraft check to not need this, or so they think. With extremely high skill checks, it is entirely possible to understand all facets of the magic item you come across, but it is also just as likely that you miss out on realizing that it is also a cursed item. Most items that are cursed have a higher DC to identify the curse, and just tell the players it is a normal magic item. The +10 identify gives along side your skill check will allow you to more easily identify a cursed item.

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So, I kind of want to sell you on Divination since this is a school a lot of people scoff at. The biggest problem with divination is the lack of spells compared to most schools. So first, I would recommend taking a look at the Spell Compendium from 3rd edition, most of the spells are completely compatible with Pathfinders system.

Persistent Image: Literally as powerful as your imagination. This is one of the few 5th level spells that, under perfect conditions, will not only solve an encounter with a standard action, but an entire book.

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With illusion spells, really, they are mostly only limited to your imagination.

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Prying Eyes: See the entire dungeon, and surrounding area, and each nearby town, and basically everything on that plane.

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Discern Next of Kin is one of the most powerful spells on the game. If your target fails their will save, you immediately know what they believe about one family member. After two rounds you know two family members, and with that information can with 90% certainty identify who this targettrulyis. And bonus, you have leverage against them. Secret demon? Whoops I just found out that your father isnt the King after all!

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Those are just a couple level one spells. As you see, divination spells are most useful as utility. They are very useful for figuring things out, anticipating the unexpected, but most importantly you can make money off it. I played a diviner and used my magic abilities for profit. Theres a divination spell that allows you to read a subjects mind, learning a lot about their families and such. I would use that along with my bluff skill to craft fortunes that very well might come true (or at least frame it as such to my customer). As you grow in level, there are many amazing spells diviners gain, like scrying and true seeing.

So I am playing an Arcanist and just got access to my first 2 level 5 spells. For the sake of plot (Worshipping a moon goddess like Azura from TES), I am specializing in Illusion and Divination, but I can take spells from any school. However, my first two should probably be from those two schools.

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