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After trying several different psychic providers, I have found Kasamba

Live Psychic ReadingsReady to chat with you right now.

After an initial couple of bugs delayed our launch, were finally bug free and ready to go. This has been quite a journey and I am so very excited to be able to visit on my phone, laptop and desktop.

Our Angel Cards are all there in all their beauty, a couple have even had a little bit of sparkle added to them. Ask your Guide, Numerology and Magic 8 Ball I am loving this latest addition and if you look at it on your phone you can even shake to make it work! Lots of new tools in here and the old ones we all love.Runesare back!

19 years in the making, online since 1999 thats last century!! We still have our old divination tools (some are still being reworked and will be back shortly) and of course our favourites divination tools have all had a little makeover.

Thank you for dropping by, please do come back again soon.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Horoscopes & Astrology Information.

Our tarot section looks brand new and yes you can SAVE all your readings now (once youve logged in) and share them on social media too! And each tarot reading spread has three options to select the cards, you can shuffle and select individually or let the Universe pick for you.

Every single tool had to be rebuilt again from scratch and I have driven my developers almost crazy with my exact requirements, down to exactly how many random shuffles actually means a correct shuffle!

Finally the Runes are up and running!  I purchased my

Youre amongst friends

Oracles, Ask your Guide, Magic 8 Ball, Runes and more

A new Tarot Section, using the original Pamela Coleman cards,

Runes and iching will be back soon I miss them too. In the meantime we have some very cool new tools including a new personal favourite theMagic 8 Ball.

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