Omer Day 32 Endurance of Humility

You sparkle in my eye as I recall a memory that seems too far away now

I feel you in the joyous silent tears of that long awaited hug

Knowing how much space to take up can be an ongoing challenge in ones life. One may need to continually endure to feel strength within their own humility. Here is my own reflection on learning how to conquer my own humility, forOmerDay 32 (Netzach shbHod endurance of humility).

You conspire with the universe to care for my loved ones as they journey their own way every day

Knowing you call on me to travel instantly when the phone call comes that Im needed two states away

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Netzach shbHod  Endurance of Humility

I do it all for you, Humility, and with your ever present guidance

Image by Dvorah Horn from her set ofOmer Practice Cards (2016).

You are here in the restless nights when i cant sleep filled with a worry that consumes me as my children sleep nearby

The countless conversations of reassurance come back over and over filled with your urging

And I hope youre out there waiting to pick me up too.

You cause the fights over who washed more dishes who prepped more meals and who cleaned the house last

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Convincing me that they are yours alone to tend to, nurture, keep, or let go again with the hope of returning to

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