Path of exile 311c Patch Notes Updated a exclusive item linked Divination Card a lot of bug fixes

Fixed a bug where the Labyrinth Darkshrine that offers an added exceptional item would not function.

Fixed a bug exactly where Elder Guardian locations could be designed at the wrong level.

Null Portals encountered in Elder-influenced maps have had their life decreased.

The bounding box for Abyssal Depths entrance has been reduced in size.

The amount of Kitavas Heralds that can be spawned at once by Null Portals has been lowered.

Further improvements happen to be created towards the visibility of Abyss cracks.

Fixed a bug where Spike Traps inside the Labyrinth could behave inconsistently.

Fixed a bug with unconnected rooms within the Lava Chamber map.

Fixed a bug exactly where Physique Swap could be used to acquire previous quest blocking objects.

Fixed a problem exactly where substantial rats had the incorrect attack length set. This results in a nerf of harm for the Swarming Rat and Overgrown Rat monsters.

Added one unique item and a linked Divination Card.

Fixed a bug exactly where the rewards for the Storm Blade quest would not generate properly.

Fixed a bug exactly where the dynamic resolution would in some cases use incorrect profiling data and trigger artifacts in resolution adjustment.

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Fixed a bug with the Lightning Thorns utilized by Shavronne of Umbra, Prodigy of Darkness, and Gisela, Believed Thief. It each returned lightning harm when hit as well as made use of the new implementation.

Physical Thorns and Elemental Thorns are no longer affected by numerous projectile mods on maps.

Fixed a bug where the Echoes of Witchcraft Prophecy could trigger and be consumed without becoming completable. This prophecy will no longer seem for characters above level 18.

Fixed a bug together with the Imp Haste microtransaction.

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Fixed a bug where Molten Strike with gloves with an on hit enchantment trigger desync.

Fixed a bug exactly where players might be capped on Elder- and Shaper-influenced places, and would have their progress prevented.

Fixed a bug where Strongboxes would not spawn in Lookout maps.

Enhanced the visuals of Ancestral Call when applied with Ancestral Protector.

Fixed a bug where maps could roll precisely the same mod type twice.

The Volatile Dead Helmet enchantment that destroyed more corpses was destroying additional corpses than was initially intended. The enchantment will now only be available in the Eternal Labyrinth and all current versions of this enchantment might be changed in order that Volatile Dead can only destroy up to 1 added corpse, down from 2/3 more corpses.

Decreased the frequency with which Quetzerxi could emit lightning projectiles.

Currently, Poe team is deploying a small patch for the Pc version of Path of Exile that consists of a lot of bug fixes, a visual improvement for the Abyss cracks, an exceptional item and linked Divination Card and more. Path of Exile has compiled the patch notes for todays news for you personally to view.

Fixed numerous difficulties with Act 7 quests.

Fixed a bug with the display in the Act 9 Storm Blade quest.

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