Path of Exile Divination Cards Quiz Stats

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American Border Bash with Booby Traps

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Fortnite Battle Royale Map (Updated)

Handed Weapon, Merciless Mod, Item Level 100 (9)

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Rare Vaal Temple Map, Corrupted (16)

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20% Quality Summon Raging Spirit Gem (6)

Handed Weapon, Runic Mod, Item Level 100 (7)

Handed Weapon, Merciless Mod, Item Level 100 (4)

20% Quality Vaal Gem, Corrupted (9)

League of Legends – Guess the Champion

African Border Bash with Booby Traps

Magic Jewellery, Electrocuting Mod, Item Level 76 (3)

23% Quality Support Gem, Corrupted (7)

Magic Ring, of Bameth Mod, Item Level 83 (6)

Unique Vaal Gauntlets, Corrupted (1)

Magic Crimson Jewel, Vivid Roll (4)

Rare Body Armour, Item Level 100 (5)

Link Harbinger Bow, Item Level 91 (6)

Magic Gemini Claw, of Celebration Mod, Item Level 83 (8)

Rare Tier 16 Map, Corrupted and Unidentified (4)

Level 4 Enlighten Gem, Corrupted (11)

Magic Prophecy Wand, Dictators Mod, Item Level 100 (4)

Link Coronal Maul, Item Level 100 (6)

Fortnite Battle Royale Skydiving Trails [Updated 5/23]

Shavronnes Revelation, Corrupted (8)

Unique Prismatic Ring, Corrupted (5)

Rare Tier 1 Talisman, Corrupted (5)

Magic Gemini Claw, Malicious Mod, Item Level 83 (4)

Level 4 Enhance Gem, Corrupted (11)

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Magic Weapon, Merciless Mod, Item Level 100 (9)

Level 4 Empower Gem, Corrupted (11)

Link Body Armour, Item Level 100 (6)

Magic Eternal Sword, Bloodthirsty Mod, Item Level 66 (5)

Link Holy Chainmail, Item Level 60 (7)

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