Path of Exile gest a massive update on Xbox One

Updated the look of the Passive Skill Tree cursor.

Microsoft wants facial recognition to be regulated, cites government surveillance

You can find below the list of new features, and we invite you to check the lengthy release notes on the thegames forumto learn more about Harbinger improvements, balance changes and other bug fixes:

Players will no longer see other users in town areas if their Xbox privileges restrict them

Added the ability to display server messages such as countdowns to server restarts.

Added the ability to navigate the Cosmetics and Inventory panels using the D-Pad.

Updated Tasunis Divination Card user interface.

Added controls information to the Trade Market screen.

Added the Portent and Harbinger supporter packs.

Lore text no longer overlaps with the control display at the bottom of the screen.

The Challenge Panel now displays the number of challenges you have completed.

Highly-anticipated Banner Saga 3 video game is now up for pre-order on Xbox One

Updated the controls that are displayed while using the Trade Market.

Following its release on the Xbox One last month, the popular online action-RPG Path of Exile (not to be confused withConan Exiles) is receiving a pretty big update today. The patch 3.0.1b brings a lot of new features and gameplay improvements including greater degree of control to movement, new item filters, various updates to world areas and more.

Added a message that informs the player of loss of privilege when they are forced to leave a group

Added filter options for the Divination Card stash tab.

The award-winning title is currently one of the best free-to-play games you can play on your Xbox One, assuming youre into the action RPG genre. If you have yet to try it, the game is a 9.19GB download and you can install it on your Xbox One using the download link below.

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Added controls information to the Help Panel screen.

Windows 10s Twitter app finally gets tweet language translations

Added the option to move directly to the Cosmetics panel from the Shop screen.

You can no longer rebind skills while viewing the Help Panel.

Updated the controls that are displayed while viewing an Essence stash tab.

Unique Fragments now follow the Map to Maker rule for allocation.

Updated the controls that are displayed while viewing a Premium stash tab.

You can no longer change between panels while in Socketing Mode on an item.

Added the ability to rearrange your stash tabs. Press LB or RB to move your current tab left or right respectively.

Hideout decorations are now placed in front of the player when used.

Abandon Mission will no longer be highlighted by default when accepting a Masters mission.

You must now activate the Labyrinth device with A (rather than with X).

Updated the Russian and Brazillian Portuguese localisations.

Seeking a new prophecy now correctly highlights the new one.

Do you play Path of Exile on your Xbox One?

Dropbox app ceases working on Windows 8.1 PCs and tablets

Updated the Currency Stash Tab to include new slots for new currencies. Slots have been added for Orbs of Annulment, Annulment Shards, Chaos Shards, Regal Shards, Exalted Shards and Mirror Shards.

PC market shows new signs of growth according to Gartner and IDC

Added a greater degree of control to movement. You will now move shorter distances if you only partially move the control stick in a direction.

Various improvements have been made to world areas, including the Ossuary and Highgate. A larger set of improvements will be coming in a later patch.

Currency items are now prioritised while looting.

Other inputs will now be ignored while resizing the user interface.

Patent shows Microsoft was working on touch-less input

Firefox browsers light and dark themes will soon match Windows 10s

Updated the controls that are displayed while in the Options menu.

Added a range of new item filters as designed by community member Neversink.

Updated the controls that are displayed while using the Map Device.

New report confirms Andromeda isnt dead, at least not yet

Added a display for the controls available while navigating the Cosmetics panel.

Added error messages to the map device.

Updated class portraits for the Scion and the Ascendant classes.

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