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Act 3 Quest – Ribbon Spool (What its used for)

Lunaris Temple Farming Location (Floors 1/2)

As you could have probably already guessed farming in Path of Exile is a huge part of the game. Since the game is an ARPG and is modeled after Diablo 2 it is safe to assume that Farming is your primary goal at end game and will be your main focus when it comes to playing Path of Exile. Now that isnt to say farming will be a requirement for playing the game, but it will help you overcome some other more fun challenges such as slaying your foes in the competitive PvP gameplays.

Need Scrolls of Wisdom/Portal Scrolls Early on? Click Here to find out how to get them!

Serpents Spine Leveling Guide Update

My goal with this page is to provide you with different areas to farm depending on the exact things youre searching for in the game. Ill be uploading farming guides frequently (hopefully) and also will take submissions from fans of my website. If you have a guide you would like to submit please use the Submit A Guide link at the bottom of each page.

So now that you know farming is such an important gameplay element in Path of Exile the question you probably have now is, where is there to farm? Since the game itself is broken up into different acts and areas altogether depending on what type of item and level gear you would like to farm greatly alters the locations that are good to farm. For example if you want to farm up gear for an alt Act 1 would be your best bet, if you want gear for yourself you should probably try farming something more your level.

PoE What Loot to Pick Up for The Early Levels (1 – 7/8)

The Ledge & Rocky Climb Farming (Levels 7 – 13)

(Cruel Difficulty) The Ledge Farming (32 – 42)

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