Path of Exile patch adds nine new divination cards

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Other patch changes include alterations to glove enchantments (damage cannot be reflected and minions created cannot be chained from) and tweaks to the Perandus mob texture to make their glowing golden-ness a bit more subtle.

patch 2.2.2c deployed today, addingnine new divination cardsfor players to collect. Who wouldnt want a pocketful of things with names like Destined to Crumble and Dying Anguish? Players eager to nab The Devistator, however, will have to wait as that card has been replaced with Rain Tempter for now.

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Skyforge soft launch anniversary (2015)

another guy we recruited in the game quit the game to play csgo having played poe for quite a long while already.

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Path of Exile patch adds nine new divination cards

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cards are probably the most boring and lackluster thing PoE has added in over a year.

guy who was playing who didnt go to the wedding went camping and wondering where everyone went who was playing the game. but is game for w/e other random games are going on.

and just like that whole guild quit the game. i wish i could say i was happy about it but i was getting in tthe rhythm of them rambling about vales and chaoss and exalts and sixlinks and shit every night. QQ RIP.

DugFromTheEarth Ive been playing alot and Ive been collecting these cards and have no idea what to do with them.

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Armsbend deekay_zero one guildie got married and some other guildies went to take part in teh wedding. so far the one thats gotten back home from that wants to refocus on creative projects and watching game ofthrones from the beginning. XD

Chaos Theory: A year in the life of Secret World Legends

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Bless Online is rolling out a big update on July 4

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9Comments on Path of Exile patch adds nine new divination cards

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deekay_zero Armsbend Sounds like life happened, yeah.

The Daily Grind: Would you play Star Wars Galaxies if it relaunched today?

Devs also put out a reminder that players still have a few more hours to add their thoughts about the two-week Perandus Competitive Events;vote in the poll by visiting the official site.

Tongle DugFromTheEarth get all of them use them in the newest town to create the item on the card.  also helps GGG to sell inventory tabs.

The Secret World anniversary (2012)


orionite deekay_zero Armsbend we also tend to cycle games every few months plus our creative/development projects we play at in between games.

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Cant say I like divination cards. On one hand, they do provide some nice rewards when turned in. On the other hand, they jam up so much inventory space.

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guy leading the group playing poe wants to get started on our discord clone project and also get back into music which ive been waiting on him for both the latter longer than the former with plenty of material to work with from my end for him to play with there for our 2nd album XD

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Enter to win a copy of Will to Live Online from AlphaSoft and MOP!

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While bug fixes are always a welcome part of patches, a little extra content is always appreciated!

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