Path of Exiles 301b Xbox One Patch Detailed

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Fixed a bug where items were highlighting incorrectly in the Quad stash tab.

Fixed an issue where players could not complete the challenge for upgrading Aberraths Pantheon Power.

Fixed various bugs with Act 9 boss not showing skill effects after exiting and reentering their arena.

Fixed a bug where the Harbinger Flameblast ability was not playing audio.

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Fixed an issue where highlighting of map locations on the Atlas was incorrect.

Fixed a bug where the unique jewel Corrupted Energy would cause you to take significantly more damage over time than you should have been.

Updated the controls that are displayed while viewing an Essence stash tab.

Fixed an issue with skill based challenges, where hits against totems and minions prevented getting the challenge.

Fixed a bug which made navigating to a Quad stash tab difficult.

Charged Dash has been corrected to have its intended scaling. It now scales up by +1% base damage each level, starting at 90% of base damage.

Added the Portent and Harbinger supporter packs.

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Updated the look of the Passive Skill Tree cursor.

Fixed a bug which would cause gems to be in the wrong place when moved into an inventory with a smaller grid size.

Added controls information to the Help Panel screen.

The damage levels of Righteous Fire when used by monsters and rogue exiles have been reduced.

And, were fully secure andmobile friendly.

Fixed a bug where the Upgrade option was available in the Essence tab for Essences which could not be upgraded.

Fixed a bug which could prevent the Sekhema Feather from dropping.

Fixed various issues with the Cosmetics panel.

Removed an unnecessary icon from the World Panel.

Updated the Russian and Brazillian Portuguese localisations.

Reduced the damage of the boss of the Death and Taxes unique map.

Fixed a bug where The Beachhead map would not spawn Harbingers on non-Harbinger leagues.

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Fixed a bug which prevented abilities on Y from being used near Essence monoliths.

Removed unnecessary contextually displayed controls for various items, including maps, currency shards, fragments, and divination cards.

Fixed a bug where the Beachhead map could become impossible to complete. This would occur when the Harbinger portal would become possessed by a Tormented Spirit from the Possessed Foe Prophecy. This can no longer occur.

Fixed a bug which prevented Diamond Flasks being searchable on the Trade Market.

You must now activate the Labyrinth device with A (rather than with X).

Lunar Devotees now only summon one Ice Elemental at a time, but these are now tougher and do a more powerful explosion on death.

Added the ability to display server messages such as countdowns to server restarts.

Fixed a bug that could prevent you from selecting certain points in the Ascendants Ascendancy tree.

Seeking a new prophecy now correctly highlights the new one.

Fixed a crash with the Lost Maps Prophecy.

Added a range of new item filters as designed by community member Neversink.

Fixed a bug which hid items on your cursor when moving between menu panels.

Weve got the full list ofPath of Exile achievements- check the list for guides to unlocking them.

The 3.0.1b patch notes are as follows. To join the official discussion or pose any questions to the developer, head over to theofficial threadon the PoE forums.

Fixed a bug where purchased cosmetics werent being redeemed.

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Corrected a tile from the Mesa map that was too narrow for characters to pass through.

You now need to complete 50 Harbinger End-game maps to complete the End Game Grind challenge (down from 100).

Fixed a crash that would occur if the Purchase Decorations option on a Master was empty.

Fixed a bug where you would automatically target pets while in edit mode in your hideout.

Fixed a bug which would cause the item highlight from appearing off-centre while highlighting some equipped weapons.

Updated the controls that are displayed while viewing a Premium stash tab.

The Harbinger Flameblast ability is now stronger but used less often.

Fixed a bug which prevented items from being moved to the map device.

Fixed a bug which incorrectly listed Leaguestone as a category on the Trade Market.

Fixed a bug with which would cause the scroll bar to be cut off while viewing the Microtransactions Shop.

Updated the Labyrinth to not be able to spawn Darkshrine effects that could overwrite a Darkshrine effect already in the Labyrinth.

Fixed a bug that prevented changing Ascendancies, even when you had no Ascendancy points allocated.

The Harbinger Flame Dash ability now Flame Dashes its minions to your location.

Added filter options for the Divination Card stash tab.

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Added the option to move directly to the Cosmetics panel from the Shop screen.

Fixed a bug which would cause items to incorrectly display off-centre from the cursor.

Added the ability to navigate the Cosmetics and Inventory panels using the D-Pad.

Fixed a crash that would occur while entering a certain Vaal side area.

Fixed a crash that could occur during the tutorial if the player reached a low life threshold.

You can no longer rebind skills while viewing the Help Panel.

More powerful Harbingers now appear more frequently. The volume of shards they drop has been increased, and they are also better dressed.

The encounter itself has been rebalanced, and players now have to defeat an especially powerful Harbinger as part of it.

Added a greater degree of control to movement. You will now move shorter distances if you only partially move the control stick in a direction.

Fixed a bug which could cause players to get stuck in Socketing Mode while viewing their items.

Fixed a bug which caused inventory navigation to target the incorrect item slot.

Fixed some performance issues with Storm Call.

The Harbinger Storm Call-like ability now attaches to the minions, moving with them.

Added controls information to the Trade Market screen.

Fixed a bug where the Harbinger Obelisks Hinder is not stopped by Allelopathy gloves.

Fixed a bug that prevented loot allocation options from working.

Fixed a bug where you could incorrectly skip rows while navigating the Cosmetics tab.

Players will no longer see other users in town areas if their Xbox privileges restrict them

Harbingers now appear more frequently in Map areas.

Fixed the incorrect controls being displayed on the Prophecy screen.

Fixed a bug where taking currency off the Trade Market could result in larger-than-allowed stack sizes.

Fixed a bug where socketing Cast While Channelling Support in The Rippling Thoughts would prevent Storm Cascade from being cast.

Fixed a bug where the Prophecy panel and sell panel could incorrectly be displayed at the same time.

Fixed a bug where a players cursor would reset during a trade with another player if that other player changed their state of trade acceptance.

Added the ability to rearrange your stash tabs. Press LB or RB to move your current tab left or right respectively.

Fixed a bug where monsters going underground could become invincible.

Fixed a bug which prevented the scroll bar from working when pricing an item in a premium tab.

Abandon Mission will no longer be highlighted by default when accepting a Masters mission.

Harbingers are now less likely to enter a state where they dont summon new monsters.

The Harbingers from Act 6 onwards now have a chance to spawn an Obelisk when they summon monsters. These obelisks have a variety of skills.

Increased the speed that Harbingers can deploy minions.

Added a display for the controls available while navigating the Cosmetics panel.

Fixed a bug where the incorrect controls could be displayed while in Socketing Mode on an item.

Various improvements have been made to world areas, including the Ossuary and Highgate. A larger set of improvements will be coming in a later patch.

Concept, Design, Programming and Server Stuff byRich StoneakaTrueAchievement

Harbingers now drop fewer stacks of currency shards, but these shards have reliably higher stack counts. This results in a higher total number of currency shards than before.

Reduced the distance at which enemies are targeted. This will prevent targeting enemies that are not on the screen, but will not affect most skills.

Upon completing The Beachhead portal encounter, the Obelisks now will shatter and drop shards.

Completing the encounter awards significantly more items.

Fixed various issues with the Pantheon screen.

Fixed a bug where the Trade Market was incorrectly named.

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Fixed a bug which prevented Premium stash tabs from correctly saving their settings.

Fixed a crash caused by picking up an item from a Currency stash tab.

Fixed a bug where Natures Boon removed the Arcane Surge granted by The Rippling Thoughts.

Fixed a bug which could prevent you from closing the Terms of Use.

Updated the controls that are displayed while in the Options menu.

Fixed a bug where the A Whispered Prayer Prophecy could not be completed.

Fixed a bug which prevented Shockwave Totem from being placed on your targets location.

Fixed various issues with the challenges screen and controls within that screen.

Fixed a bug where the Kill Harbinger Map Boss challenge could not be completed.

Other inputs will now be ignored while resizing the user interface.

Fixed a bug where the slider would start near the bottom when viewing the Microtransaction Shop.

Reduced the chance of getting lower-value shards from Harbinger drops in yellow- and red-tier maps.

You can no longer change between panels while in Socketing Mode on an item.

Increased the speed of most Harbinger encounters.

Updated Tasunis Divination Card user interface.

Fixed a bug where displayed controls would overlap the stash tab numbers when you had a lot of tabs.

Fixed a bug that prevented you from closing the error message while using the Labyrinth activation device.

The damage of Spectral Throw as used by Templars in The Ravaged Square has been reduced.

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Updated the Currency Stash Tab to include new slots for new currencies. Slots have been added for Orbs of Annulment, Annulment Shards, Chaos Shards, Regal Shards, Exalted Shards and Mirror Shards.

Fixed a crash that could occur from corrupting the unique belt Auxium.

Fixed a bug which prevented user options from correctly saving.

The Challenge Panel now displays the number of challenges you have completed.

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Updated the controls that are displayed while using the Map Device.

Fixed several of the most common instance and client crashes.

Fixed a bug where the hideout pin wouldnt take you to your hideout

Launching at the end of August, Grinding Gear Games formerly PC-only dungeon crawlerPath of Exilehas been well-received by the TrueAchievements community thus far, garnering a 4.3-star rating. However, the game is not without its bugs including unobtainable achievements and crashing and this weeks patch looks to rectify some of these issues.

Added error messages to the map device.

Lore text no longer overlaps with the control display at the bottom of the screen.

Unique Fragments now follow the Map to Maker rule for allocation.

Fixed an issue with client freezes on the Colonnade and Vault maps.

Minions spawned by Harbingers were granted a resistance to all damage types that decayed over time. This is now multiplicative with other forms of damage taken. This change means that they cant be trivialised by Wither, Shock and other modifiers to damage taken.

Fixed a crash that could occur while resizing the user interface.

Fixed a bug that could cause disconnects when changing areas.

Currency items are now prioritised while looting.

Monsters in The Beachhead now will drop items, so that players using Animate Weapon can replace their minions.

Fixed a bug where Harbinger monsters with the Inner Treasure mod would not drop a unique item.

Added a message that informs the player of loss of privilege when they are forced to leave a group

Harbingers in The Beachhead now drop more white items.

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Fixed a bug with the Pantheon powers for Soul of Solaris and Lunaris where bonuses to Physical Damage Reduction instead applied to Armour.

The Harbinger Storm Cascade ability no longer stops at the Harbingers minions location. Instead, it will pass through, making it much more deadly for characters at a distance.

The Beachhead map now has a wider variety of monsters.

Currency Shards from The Beachhead final encounter now have more concentrated stacks.

In a few descriptors: college student, longtime gamer, writer and junk food enthusiast. I contribute to TrueAchievements as a news writer and reviewer. Usually, you can find me knee-deep in a multiplayer game while ignoring my growing backlog or on one forum or another discussing all things gaming.

Updated the controls that are displayed while using the Trade Market.

Fixed a bug which caused items on your cursor to be displayed while navigating the Passive Skill Tree.

Were also slightly increasing the number of shards dropped by Harbingers.

Path of Exiles 3.0.1b Xbox One Patch Detailed

The chance of The Beachhead map being created by a Harbingers Orb has been increased.

Hideout decorations are now placed in front of the player when used.

Fixed a bug where the Plaguemaw IV Prophecy could trigger anywhere.

The patch is live now for the Xbox One version of

Fixed a bug which would show tutorials even after a player had selected skip all tutorials.

Fixed a bug which could cause you to disconnect when trying to invite users who had the game suspended.

The Ravaged Square now has fewer Heretical Wards.

Fixed a bug where Ethereal Knives with the Ethereal Stars Effect microtransaction had a different behaviour than the skill without this effect.

Fixed numerous issues with the Divination Card tab user interface.

Fixed various bugs with several skills that were preventing them from targeting Kitava.

Predatory Scorpions now use their burrow attack less frequently.

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Fixed a crash that could occur while applying items (such as currency) multiple times.

Updated class portraits for the Scion and the Ascendant classes.

Fixed a bug with Izaro mechanics which could lead to an incompletable Labyrinth.

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Monsters slain as part of the Beachhead portal encounter now dont drop items, but still award experience.

Added several new abilities for the Harbingers to use. Be careful!

Fixed a crash that could occur from using Blade Vortex.

Fixed a bug where Elreon and Vagan would not grant the daily mission experience bonus.

Fixed a bug where Scorching Ray could behave incorrectly while rotating.

Fixed a bug where modifiers to Damage with Ailments on the tree that were conditional on wielding a one-handed or two-handed weapon were reversed, such that the two-handed ones were active when you had a one-handed weapon, and vice versa.

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