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I believe you can only snapshot gems & Minion effects from gear atm.

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I run clarity and level 20 AA. Im CI, I switch off clarity, use DD, move around a bit for AA to consume all my mana, DD can stay up to 6 seconds with flask nodes.

I got a question: since the MF of minions are snapshotted, wouldnt it make more sense to pop the flask when you summon your minions?

rarity is calculated when you kill a mob not when you summon your minion, iir gem work because is snapshotted but the other modifiers on you (gear and flask) need to stay when a mob dies to have effect

Kind of the same deal for me but I still regen pretty quick. I find the only way Im able to keep it up is if I spam curse the entire time. If I stop to do anything else I regen to full. Kind of a pain really so I usually only do it for bosses. Definitely not getting the most out of it…

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Im guessing you normally use vitality. With the new minion regen options I use Purity of Lightning over it unless its a suffering/smothering map.

edit: If you dont like removing auras you could try using Arctic Armor and just walk around and drain some mana before using the flask. Of course this only works if you cant sustain AA already.

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I had one drop off Shrine Piety a week ago, and decided since the leagues almost over to give it a try using it. Its a nice boost to MF for last hitting bosses (I solo with a Reapers Pursuit with ST-LMP-IIR in weapon swap for culling) but it can be hard as a build with a lot of leech (phys crit ranger) to get it to stay up for long enough for even 1 hit. Currently the best strategy Ive come up with is turning off my Hatred aura just before hitting it, so I get the full duration as my mana regens but it feels a bit clunky. Anyone come up with something more elegant? Curious how everyone is using this flask.

Im fairly sure it is intended that it is a bit awkward and cant be used by everyone effectively

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I just remove an aura (right click the aura icon on the top left of the screen). That way the mana reserve will be removed and I have mana to regen then use the flask. I usually remove damage auras like Anger or whatever since I have cull and the added damage does nothing. Would rather have defensive auras up.

Its tough with CI. I run a very mana-hungry (no mana leech) FP witch with lvl 15 AA. I have insane mana regen, but have it carefully balanced so that when I am attacking full blast, I lose mana very slowly, and when I run, I gain mana very slowly. Distillate can be used in this way as long as I blast for a few second before I activate it. You can manipulate your clarity and AA levels as well as take aura nodes to buff clarity if need be to find the right mix. I use Influence to buff my clarity, for example, so I can keep such a high AA, but I need to run very high regen on my jewelry and Goldwyrm to sustain it.

Summoner. Im constantly cursing things (dual curse with Doedres Damning on Blood Magic) and using Cold Snap to trigger Elemental Equilibrium so the flask doesnt normally cap me on health . I just hit it right as my minions engage large packs and right before rares/bosses die.

Low Life Sporker here. I activate Arctic Armor and spam curses and more totems.

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Spam curses (I love Elemental Weakness)

I have this problem too. I havent found a good balance yet, but right now, I have three different levels of AA and attack gems depending on map mods. As long as there isnt another person running clarity, I seem to, in most cases, get the full duration of the flask, but it is super difficult watching the mana level so doesnt refill entirely or run out, deactivating AA.

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