PoE 22 Ascendancy

Fixed a bug where another entitys Blade Vortex effects wouldnt show up for you if you joined the area after it was cast.

Adding some new passive skills behind the Conduit keystone passive that grant a chance to gain Endurance, Power, and Frenzy Charges on kill.

Added a new Keystone Passive – Elemental Overload: 40% more Elemental Damage if youve Crit in the past 8 seconds. No Critical Strike Multiplier.

The Lords Labyrinth is a new area full of traps, secrets and puzzles. It is unlocked by completing the Trials of Ascendancy in that difficulty level.

Divine Orbs are required to update the following to their new values: All craftable Jewel mods which grant Critical Strike Multiplier, Facebreaker, Marylenes Fallacy, Fragment of Eternity (the Descent: Champions Unique), Binos Kitchen Knife, Romiras Banquet, Shadows and Dust, Ungils Harmony, Eclipse Solaris, Deaths Harp, Mortem Morsu, The Goddess Scorned and Abyssus.

…and Music for all!…

The life regeneration stat on Binos Kitchen Knife has been changed to a flat value of 200 life regenerated per second.

Level 2: Onslaught, 2 Chaos Orbs, 20% increased map item quantity, monsters receive the same benefits

Added a new end-game map mod of Toughness which makes monsters take less damage from critical strikes.

The Fracturing end-game Map Mod can no longer be generated on maps. Existing maps with this mod will still retain their functionality.

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Added a new Intelligence Skill Gem – Orb of Storms: Creates a stationary electrical orb that frequently unleashes a splitting bolt of lightning at a nearby enemy. Using another lightning skill while inside the orbs cloud unleashes additional bolts. Casting this skill again will replace the previous orb.

Added four new Unique Shields: Advancing Fortress, Glitterdisc, Malachais Loop and Victarios Charity

Added a new Utility Flask – Aquamarine Flask: Grants additional chance to avoid cold damage and creates chilled ground on use.

Each Trial introduces you to a particular type of trap. Learn well, as these traps will be combined in complex situations in the Labyrinth.

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Added a new Utility Flask – Sulphur Flask: Grants increased damage and creates consecrated ground on use.

Youll encounter Emperor Izaro three times during the Labyrinth. The fight mechanics are randomised each day. The way you play each fight influences how much of that mechanic makes its way into the next fight.

Fixed a bug where it was possible for a quest boss to not drop a quest item in rare circumstances.

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Added four new Unique Jewels: Cheap Construction, Hair Trigger, Reckless Defence and Unstable Payload

Added a new Strength Skill Gem – Earthquake: Smashes the ground with an Axe, Mace or Staff, dealing damage in an area and cracking the earth. The crack will erupt in a powerful aftershock after a short duration. Earthquakes created before the first one has erupted will not generate their own aftershocks.

The Pierce Support Gem now grants 10% more damage at gem level 1, up to 29% at gem level 20. It also grants 50% chance to pierce at all gem levels.

Added a new Keystone Passive – Elemental Overload: 40% more Elemental Damage if youve Crit in the past 8 seconds. No Critical Strike Multiplier.

Adjusted the sell prices on all item mods. Many items now sell for more Alchemy Shards. All mods now have a sell price. Magic and Rare items can no longer sell for just a Scroll Fragment.

When you enchant gloves in Cruel difficulty, they gain a triggered Edict skill, a more powerful version of the Word skills.

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The Critical Strike Support Gem now grants additional critical strike chance in addition to increased critical strike chance, but the value of increased critical strike chance has been reduced. This brings it closer to other support gems by making its overall effect on DPS multiplicative.

Added a new Intelligence Skill Gem – Frost Bomb: Creates a crystal that pulses with cold for a duration. Each pulse applies a debuff to nearby enemies that reduces their cold resistance and life regeneration. When its duration ends, the crystal explodes, dealing heavy cold damage to enemies around it.

Projectile Weakness now always causes enemies to have a 50% chance to be pierced. Enemies cursed with Projectile Weakness take a further 5% increased damage from projectiles at all gem levels.

Added a new Utility Flask – Stibnite Flask: Grants increased evasion and creates smoke clouds on use.

Upon completing the Lords Labyrinth for the first time in each difficulty level, you receive two Ascendancy Skill Points you can spend on skills available to your Ascendancy Class.

With 2.2.0, there are Standard and Hardcore variations of the Perandus challenge league available. They have the same core mechanics and items.

Added three new Unique Flasks: The Sorrow of the Divine, The Writhing Jar and Zerphis Last Breath

The new challenge leagues include a set of 40 new challenges. When you complete 12 challenges, you receive the Perandus Footprints Effect. At 24, you receive the Perandus Weapon Effect. When you complete your 36th challenge, you receive the Perandus Portal Effect. These microtransactions are only obtainable in this league.

The countdown for Haku and Zana missions now starts when the grace period ends, rather than upon entering the area.

Due to substantial balance changes, every existing character has been granted an optional full passive reset. To use this, click the Reset all Passives button on the passive skill screen. Note that you must use this before allocating or refunding any other points otherwise the option will go away.

These changes affect existing Utility Flasks that your characters have. No legacy versions are created.

Bladefall had a bug that caused its damage per volley reduction to apply too early, reducing the damage of the first four stages. This has been fixed, which has raised its damage. To compensate, Bladefalls damage has been reduced by 25% at all levels. Bladefall now does 6% less damage per stage (up from 5%). Its damage effectiveness has been reduced from 120% to 90%.

There are six Trials of Ascendancy to solve in each difficulty level. Completing each of these Trials unlocks the Lords Labyrinth in that difficulty level.

The notable passives Lava Lash, Arcing Blows and Fangs of Frost now also penetrate enemy resistances (of their respective element) with weapons.

The Zana-specific mod that she sells on magic maps has been changed to: Item Quantity +30% and Monster Pack Size +20%. This Maps modifiers to quantity of items found also apply to rarity.

Added a new Intelligence/Dexterity Support Gem – Minefield: Deploys multiple mines simultaneously and lets you have more armed mines.

When you enchant your gloves in Normal difficulty, they gain a triggered Word skill. This skill cant be modified by support gems, but is powerful enough on its own. It can be modified by your item stats and passive tree stats.

Seeking a worthy successor, Emperor Izaro constructed deadly trials throughout Wraeclast to find candidates.

Nineteen souls survived the Trials of Ascendancy. Nineteen men and women stood at the gates of the Lords Labyrinth. Nineteen challengers whose exceptional martial and mystical talents still linger long after their death.

Added a new Keyword – Savage Hit: A Hit that removes at least 20% of maximum life is a Savage Hit.

The alternate art Demigods Dominance now has unique 2D art that matches its 3D art. This should update retroactively for those who received one in the Winterheart Race Season.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.

When you use an Orb of Fusing or a Jewellers Orb on an item, the items quality is no longer consumed. The way that quality affects the result has also been changed. Each 1% quality improves the result by 1%. This makes the Fusing process 20% easier on 20% quality items, for example.

Tagging the plaque at the end of a completed trial will show your progress through that difficulty.

From the 19th challenge onwards and for every third challenge after that, you receive pieces of a Perandus Totem Pole decoration to display in your hideout. The Totem Pole permanently showcases how many of the Perandus challenges you completed during the league.

Blessed Orbs are required to update the following to their new values: implicits mods on all Rapier base types, implicits mods on Curved Blades, Lithe Blades and Exquisite Blades.

SQuola & Universit – Universit On-Line

Theres now more diversity among Cannibals found in maps. You will no longer encounter packs that are entirely flame torch throwers.

Added a new Dexterity/Intelligence Skill Gem – Ice Trap: Throws a trap that creates a series of icy runic explosions when triggered, dealing cold damage to all enemies caught in the blasts.

The Labyrinths layout changes once every day. You can run it multiple times on the same day using information you have learnt from previous runs. Hidden passages, along with secret rooms and their rewards stay the same for every run on a given day.

Blood Rage now casts more quickly (250ms, rather than 1000ms). A one-second cooldown has been added to prevent accidental re-casting.

Added a new Keyword – Elemental Conflux: While you have Elemental Conflux, all damage from hits will cause chill, shock, and ignite.

You can earn Treasure Keys by killing Izaro and by completing certain challenges throughout the Labyrinth. These keys can be used to unlock reward chests at the end of the Labyrinth, in the reward room. This room also contains the devices that allow you to pick an Ascendancy class and Enchant one of your items.

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Adding 3D art for the following Unique Items: Chitus Needle, Winds of Change, Alternate Art The Blood Dance (Race Season Reward), Spine of the First Claimant and Roths Reach.

Master-crafted Critical Strike Chance on Amulets (the of Puncturing mod) now has a range of 22-27%, This has been implemented in a way where existing items with this mod will not have their ranges changed when using Divine Orbs.

The Shapers Seed amulet now retains its level requirements when its implicit mod is changed via corruption.

The Perandus Challenge Leagues offer the wealth of the Eternal Empire. Discover caches of Perandus family treasure, slay their guardians, and claim the coins contained within. Trade these coins to Cadiro Perandus himself to receive vital equipment and ancient artefacts.

We create this skill for unskilled player and because its the only way Wygga can lvl up to 80ish and further . Absolute no skill-skill , probably more no skill then Diablo 3 , less skill then Bladefall . At the begin we made it as push to win gem but we see that on test Wygga is pushing the monitor and not the mouse so we decided to transform it in to an animated attak .

Once you have completed all of the Trials in one difficulty level, you can access the entrance to the Labyrinth in the Sarn Encampment (Act Three town).

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Added a new Keyword – Maim: Maimed enemies have 30% reduced movement speed. Multiple maims do not stack. Maim is applied by attacks, just like hinder is by spells. Since maim and hinder are different debuffs, an enemy can be affected by both simultaneously.

The following have all been increased by approximately 50% for cases when they are on players, and 30% on monsters. For some cases, manual rounding has occurred: All values on the passive skill tree, Increased Critical Damage Support Gem, the Enfeeble Skill Gem and all uses of Enfeeble from monsters and other sources, all monsters with Powerful Crits, the Deadly map mod and the Corrupted jewel mod.

You can attempt the Labyrinth in a party, but once the Labyrinth entrance has been opened, no more party members may join that Labyrinth run.

When opening a map in Zanas map device, the set of prior league mods that can apply to the map is now a set of seven specific ones. The price, order and composition of this list will change every three months. The list for the next three months is:

Enchanting an item replaces any existing implicits, including previous Enchantments. They are always fixed values, so Blessed Orbs will have no effect on them. Though they share the same colours as master-crafted explicit mods, you can have both on an item.

The five Izaro uniques can now only be found in the Labyrinth: Chitus Needle, Spine of the First Claimant, Izaros Dilemma, Winds of Change and Izaros Turmoil.

The /remaining command now shows up to 50 monsters remaining in end-game maps. We expect to add this to the map information screen soon.

Challenge leagues are a great opportunity for a fresh start in a new economy. All your old characters and items are still present in the Standard and Hardcore leagues, but youre encouraged to join the new leagues, complete challenges and climb the ladder!

Added a new Dexterity Support Gem – Trap Cooldown: Reduces the cooldown on supported Trap skills.

In Merciless difficulty, you can choose to enchant your helmet. Itll gain a bonus that only applies to a specific skill. There are two or three of these skill-specific stats for every player skill in the game, amounting to over 300 in total.

The Nightstalker notable passive now grants 50% Increased Critical Strike Chance with Daggers (down from 60%). The nodes prior to Nightstalker now grant 20% increased Critical Strike Chance with Daggers each (down from 30% each). One of the nodes on the Adders Touch path now grants 20% increased Critical Strike Chance with Daggers (down from 30%). Daggers already have the highest implicit critical strike chance for all melee weapons, and have crit on their weapons, so they didnt also need the most critical strike chance in the tree. These weapons still have the most available critical chance/multiplier, just not the highest per skill as well.

Six of the new Unique Items in this expansion are exclusive to the Perandus challenge leagues. They include one unique map and five ancient treasures.

Scienze Matematiche, Fisiche e Naturali

From Cruel difficulty onwards, you can choose to enchant your boots. When you do this, they gain a powerful stat that only applies when you meet certain conditions. Some boot enchantments are weaker but easier to activate, while others are powerful but harder to trigger. When an enchantment says recently, it refers to the past four seconds. This new wording is also used elsewhere in the game.

Fixed a bug where many of the monsters that use Flicker Strike would aimlessly move around until the cooldown expired.

Comunque sto bestemmiando come una capra in sto labirinto, per le trappole, ti distrai un momento e muori, non so mai morto da itzaro e sar morto 5 volte dalle trappole

Added a new Strength Skill Gem – Sunder: Slams the ground with your main hand weapon, creating a wave of broken ground that damages enemies in an area in front of you. Enemies hit by the wave will release a circular shockwave, dealing damage to other enemies around them. Requires a Mace, Axe, or Staff.

The Mine Map has been renamed to the Abandoned Cavern Map. It now has a new boss – The Eroding One.

Diamond Flasks now last for 4 seconds (increased from 3.5 seconds) and consume 20 of 40 charges (down from 80 of 80).

Fixed a bug where The First Rhoa (found in the Untainted Paradise) didnt use regular attacks. Previously it would only use shield charge on far away targets. It will now shield charge more aggressively when not near players

Adding some new passive skills behind the Conduit keystone passive that grant a chance to gain Endurance, Power, and Frenzy Charges on kill.

Fixed various issues with The Retchs property that deals chaos damage. It is now also clearer that the portion of life leech that is dealt as damage is dealt as chaos damage.

Added a new Strength Skill Gem – Ancestral Protector: Summons an Ancestor Totem which will attack enemies with melee strikes while you stand close to it. Being near it increases your attack speed.

Respeccing an allocated Ascendancy Skill costs five passive skill refund points. Once you have refunded all your allocated Ascendancy points, you can pick a different Ascendancy Class (at no cost) by completing the Labyrinth again and selecting a new class.

Once you have chosen an Ascendancy Class, you can view its skill tree on the Passive Skill Tree near your characters start location.

Fixed a bug where Vanishing Dye applied to your body armour would cause on-hit effects to not play properly when you were hit.

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Taste of Hate now only makes you take 20% of physical damage as cold damage. It now adds 20-30% of physical as cold, rather than always 30%.

Vessel of Vinktar has been reduced to 20% Life and Mana leech. It no longer grants Leech applies instantly during Flask effect. It also consumes more charges when used, so you cannot use the flask twice per fill any more.

Fixed a bug where the graphical fidelity of certain effects would get worse once the game client had been open for several hours.

– New Strengh Gem : Earthquake . A powerfull blow bla bla bla …

All sources of increased Critical Strike Multiplier have been changed to additional Critical Strike Multiplier. This change brings the functionality in line with how most players think it works.

Shrapnel Shot is now affected by modifiers specific to lightning skills, such as Critical Strike Chance for Lightning Skills on Jewels.

The frequency with which Blade Vortexs can repeatedly hit the same enemy has been halved, but its damage and damage effectiveness have been doubled.

Assassins Mark now causes enemies to take 20% increased extra damage from critical strikes at all gem levels, rather than a value that increased every level.

Fixed a bug where you couldnt pick up some items from the four bosses in Olmecs Sanctum because some locations were blocked.

Vaal Spark has been nerfed in almost every way possible. Its critical strike chance has been reduced from 6% to 5%. The base duration of the Sparks has been reduced from 3.5 seconds to 2 seconds. The number of projectiles has been reduced from 150 to 100. The duration of the spiral has been reduced from 4.5 seconds to 3 seconds at all gem levels.

Jade Flasks now lasts 4 seconds (down from 5 seconds) and consume 30 of 60 charges (down from 40 of 60).

Added a new Dexterity Support Gem – Cluster Trap: Throw multiple traps at random locations in a radius around the target.

Monsters with Nemesis or Bloodlines mods are now indicated differently. Nemesis monsters have orange rather than yellow glows, and Bloodlines monsters are purple rather than blue.

The Master Sapper notable passive (in the trap cluster in the Ranger part of the tree) now grants a 15% chance to generate a Frenzy Charge when an enemy triggers one of your traps.

The Shrink effect from the Rotfeather Talisman now has a buff icon to display the effects on your character.

Each time you complete the Lords Labyrinth, you can imbue one of your items with an Enchantment.

Added a new Intelligence Support Gem – Elemental Focus: Supported skills deal more elemental damage, but cant cause elemental status ailments.

Innervates Onslaught on Killing a Shocked Enemy has been increased in duration from 3 seconds to 5 seconds at gem level 1, and from 5 seconds to 7 seconds at gem level 21. Innervate now also grants a fixed 15% chance to shock at all levels. Its mana cost multiplier has been reduced from 120% to 110%.

The Less Duration Support Gem now grants 20% more damage to supported skills at Level 1, increasing to 29% more damage to supported skills by Level 20. This change was made so that this support gem is a good option for Firestorm, Icestorm, Lightning Warp, Storm Call and similar skills.

In Merciless difficulty, your gloves gain Decree skills, which are even more powerful versions of the Words and Edicts.

The solo player who completes the Labyrinth the fastest each day in each difficulty and each league will receive a special Unique Jewel as a reward. You can see the ranking of Labyrinth times for the day on the website. There are different rewards for each difficulty level. There are three difficulty levels and four leagues, so twelve rewards are given out each day.

The Ghostflame Helmet Microtransaction Skin now correctly suppresses hair on all character classes.

The Pierce support gem now grants 10% more damage at gem level 1, up to 29% at gem level 20. It also grants 50% chance to pierce at all gem levels.

Item notes (in public stash tabs) are now shown in the Ctrl+C information for that item, and hence can be filtered by stash tab filters.

The maps that Zana sells to players have been repriced. In general, most are now cheaper. Low-tier maps are now always priced in Orbs of Chance. Mid-tier maps are now priced in Orbs of Alchemy. The price differences for magic and rare maps have been adjusted so that the additional rarity doesnt cost as much.

Level 6: Beyond, 5 Chaos Orbs, 15% chance for monsters to spawn a Beyond portal, 20% increased map item quantity

Resistance Flasks have been reduced to +6% maximum resistance. They all now last for 4 seconds (increased from 3.5). Its getting easier to dramatically increase maximum resistances, so this change is designed to partially counteract the new tools such as the Flask Effect mod and new Ascendancy options.

Having proved your mettle in the Trials of Ascendancy, you earn the right to enter Izaros Labyrinth. Centuries have passed, but the traps are as dangerous as the day they were activated.

The following were not updated to new values: Maligaros Virtuosity, all craftable item mods (non-jewel) and master-crafted mods.

Trials are present in the Axiom Prison, Crypt, Chamber of Sins, Crematorium, Catacombs and Hedge Maze.

Any skill with an associated Threshold Jewel is now supportable by Support Gems that could affect the additional properties added by the Threshold Jewel.

The Fatal Toxins notable passive now only grants 50% increased poison damage (down from 100%). The skill prior to it now only grants 20% (down from 25%).

The passive skills in the Precision cluster (including the notable passive) now each grant an additional 3% cast speed, in order to make the cluster better for casters. As a related change, the two 3% cast speed skills in the Light of Divinity cluster have been replaced by 10% spell damage.

The attributes granted by early Shadow passive skills have been adjusted. This is because Chaos casters need intelligence and elemental attackers need dexterity. Coordination has been changed from 20 Dexterity to 10 Dexterity and 10 Intelligence. Trickery has been changed from 20 Intelligence to 10 Dexterity and 10 Intelligence. Fangs of the Viper has been changed from 10 Dexterity to 20 Dexterity. Coldhearted Calculation has been changed from 10 Intelligence to 20 Intelligence.

The Poison support gems mana multiplier has been increased from 125% to 135%. It now has 0.5% poison duration per quality (down from 1%). It has 0% increased Poison Damage at gem level 1 (down from 25%) and gains 2% per gem level (down from 5%).

Quartz Flasks, now lasts for 4 seconds (down from 5 seconds) and consume 30 of 60 charges (down from 40 of 60). They now provide 10% Dodge and Spell Dodge, as well as Phasing.

No beh se c da prossime due tasti in pi per infilare una combo posso farcela. Era per avere qualcosa che qualcuno aveva gi provato.

Upon completing the Lords Labyrinth for the first time, your character can choose one of the three Ascendancy Classes available to its core class.

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Inua and Vakali Totems can no longer receive the Shimmering mod, as they have no base energy shield.

Fixed a bug where you could sometimes encounter temporary performance loss when resizing the game window or changing graphics settings.

Ice Bites chance to gain Frenzy Charges on slaying a frozen enemy has been increased from 40% to 50% at level 1, and from 59% to 69% by level 20. Its damage bonus against frozen enemies has been increased from 0.5% to 1% per point of quality. Its chance to freeze has been increased from 10% to 15%. Its mana cost multiplier has been reduced from 120% to 110%.

Fixed a bug where The Three Dragons (a unique helmet) prevented the Pitch Darkness threshold jewel from dropping tar ground.

Dying in the Labyrinth ends the run for you. You must survive all the way through in one attempt If you leave the Labyrinth (for example, via a portal to town), then you cannot return to that run. You must start the Labyrinth again.

The notable passives Lava Lash, Arcing Blows and Fangs of Frost now also penetrate enemy resistances (of their respective element) with weapons.

Special Labyrinth Items like keys and trinkets cannot be removed from the Labyrinth. These items also bypass item filters so that they are always visible to you.

Raging Spirits spawned in Haku missions now deal substantially less damage at all levels. The density of them has also been reduced at level 65 and above.

Nella guida c scritto tutto, che skill usare, gear, banditi, ecc.. c pure un video che spiega.

Added a new Strength/Dexterity Skill Gem – Summon Stone Golem: Summons a Stone Golem that grants you life regeneration while alive. In addition to its melee attack, the Stone Golem uses a rolling charge and a powerful slam that taunts enemies.

There are nineteen total Ascendancy classes. Each core class has three Ascendancy classes available that embody a different playstyle. The Scion has one Ascendancy class that reinforces her mastery of the passive skill tree.

Level 4: Torment, 4 Chaos Orbs, 3 additional Tormented Spirits, 20% increased map item quantity

Lions Roar no longer requires extra charges to use and can be used twice. It now also provides 30-35% more melee physical damage (instead of a fixed 30%).

Because of this, all items, passives and some skills/support gems that used to have increased Critical Strike Multiplier are now 33% less effective on players, despite having the same value. A number of these have been adjusted in value to maintain similar effectiveness.

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