PoE 241]ScoldBreath Fire-brust Pathfinder CWDT build [Shaper ViableUber Atziri Viable

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Fantastic build. I did a scolds zerker and it was fun, but had some issues, this is much smoother. Only issues so far are nullifier (as mentioned previously) and leveling up!

– Laggy for group runs or should i say impossible to play in group [?]

Not complaining, not your fault, just amuses me more than anything. Because its been basically instant. Hear the level up noise, fall over dead. Hooray for not playing hardcore.

vaaled 15 gloves and still no cast on crit 🙁

– Cant do: Blood Magic, Ele Reflect Maps

I agree that GGG wont nerf it since this build has your ups and downs. Its not op at all. It just fits well. Loss some survivability (high dependency on flasks) and exchange for some dps.

Yeah, kinda. If its -max or ele weakness a tankier ele reflect rare can kill you. Divination Distillate and Dying Sun will help you survive reflect. Also, If you have to run a reflect map (an aside), sextants can remove it for you with players cannot take reflected damage, maps contain packs of mirrored monsters

Whisper EveryTimeeWeTouch or write in forum

This char is designed to use Divination Distillate.

– You will die sometimes to Nullifer Rare Monsters

– Be able to do great variations of map mods (Red maps)

— just behind untouchable trappers behind their traps

Everytime Ive leveld up since putting on scolds at 65, I die when I lvl up because leveling refills your mana, which shuts off zerphis, which makes me go poof.

Still can do all content (maybe not shaper and not minotaur) as mf char

And im 32/195 cause flask nodes make Divination much better ;-)How 2 contact me?

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P.S.: Pay attention to bleeding damage

[PoE 2.4.1]ScoldBreath Fire-brust Pathfinder CWDT build [Shaper Viable/Uber Atziri Viable]

im selling my gear, if u want it add me ingame my name is BeyBlade__

– Cant face tank anything (no big deal) but take care with hard hit mobs.

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