Poe Price Info – Path of Exile Item Price Check

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Support Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari

A simple tool to price check your items in path of exile by copy and paste. It is that simple!

Copy ALL the text from the new page, and paste it into the text area below

Input your account name (XXX) at the end of the URL (not your characters name. Shown on GGG webpage as Logged in as XXX)

Input your or other s shop thread id:This can take many minutes if there are many items.

Note: it may take quite long to finish when there are so many items. The page may be black, but it is processing. Patience is the key.

Browse any stash tab in your stashes

Ignore my own account names (comma separated):

Input a whisper text from poe.trade:This works with items in the premium stash tabs.

Update forum post by appending to the existing one

(Optional) Log in to your path of exile forum may be required

Generate forum post with all included stash tabs

Generate forum post and update existing forum post by appending this stash tab

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