Prifddinas – Lost City of the Elves – Part 2

: found in the 115 resource dungeon, this requires at least 95 in all skills, and grants daily rewards useful for those aspiring to gain their completionist capes.

: purchase cleansing crystals from a Hefin monk at the cathedral and click on the corrupted Seren Stone at the centre to cleanse it. Its a low-intensity way to train Prayer if youre looking to relax and chat.

: Daffyd the impling collector wants you to collect one of each type of implng, in exchange for cosmetic thinkers robes, a hearty chunk of Hunter XP and a switchable choice of increased XP or increased loot when catching implings.

: these spawn at random in the 95 dungeon.

: Lady Ithell can upgrade the dragon hatchet and pickaxe to crystal variants, even if theyre stored in your tool belt. She can convert the Imcando or gilded tools to crystal varieties, but you will lose any additional benefits and will not be refunded the materials used to create them.

: you can mine soft clay, ready to be used for crafting, or crystal-flecked sandstone, needed to make crystal flasks.

The elf city is now fully grown, and all of its districts are available for your use:

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: a crystal glass machine allows you to make the crystal glass needed for crystal flasks. It also performs all functions of the machine in Ooglog.

: accessible at 95 and 115 Dungeoneering, these contain various skilling locations, NPCs offering useful services, and enemies to fight.

Clan Meilyr – Dungeoneering and Herblore

You must completePlagues Endto enter Prifddinas.

. These can be converted at the nearby

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: the 95 dungeon contains a gorajo NPC, who will give you cards reminiscent of those seen in Sinkholes, which will give you a range of benefits while dungeoneering in Daemonheim.

: not just a spinner of tall tales, he can also trade pouches for a portion of their spirit shard cost, much like Bogrog.

Clan Amlodd – Divination and Summoning

Below are highlights of whats available from each clan.Visit the wikifor full details of what Prifddinas has to offer.

: these lurk in the 115 resource dungeon and can only be killed while on a slayer assignment for them, available from Duradel, Kuradal or Morvran. They can drop a new follower pet, and blood shards, which can be used to upgrade the amulet of fury or certain dungeoneering reward necklaces. As an Early Bird Bonus, youll be twice as likely to get edimmu as a slayer assignment for the next two weeks!

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Train eight more skills on the spectacular crystal terraces of the elf city, earning countless rewards and unlocking the elves many secrets.

DonateGamesis this weeks featured Well of Goodwill charity. You can ask questions on the forums in a Q&A later this week, orjoin our DonateGames Reddit AMAat4pm GMT on 13th November.

: made by combining juju potions with harmony moss, these have a range of new skill-specific effects.

, which are an ingredient for creating

The best way to appreciate Prifddinas is to get stuck in – explore every nook and cranny, and discover for yourself what the elf city has to offer.

: hop onto these to earn up to 20,000 Agility XP per day. Match the stances demonstrated by Lady Hefin for the best XP rate.

Clan Ithell – Construction and Crafting

: complete laps while looking out for randomly spawning shortcuts and building up Velocity – which lets you skip an obstacle when at 100%. Each lap also gives you the chance to earn rewards, such as a cosmetic outfit, four emotes, lore book pages, and useful Elf City skilling items.

: new farming patches, which allow you to grow harmony moss – an important ingredient in perfect potions. Pillars are planted with seeds available from a nearby NPC or on the Grand Exchange, and attuned to a random skill. As you earn XP in that skill, the moss on the pillar grows.

As weve said before, this is the years biggest update, and you have been the driving force throughout its development. Get to know the city, think about what you like – and what youre less keen on – andlet us know on the forums.

: now fully unlocked, the art of crystal singing lets you create crystal tools with special skilling effects, consumable teleport items, and attuned crystal weapons – level 80 degrade-to-dust weapons, with a chance to do increased damage that increases with your Agility level.

: playing these gives you Crafting XP and non-tradeable harmonic dust, which is important for crystal singing.

Voice of Serenbonuses now apply to two clans at once, meaning more choice of boosted training opportunities.

: with crystal flasks in your inventory, many high-level and utility potions can now be combined to create six-dose potions, granting the effects of both. Recipes for these must be unlocked, some by simply visiting the herblore shop in the Meilyr district and paying a sum of coin, and others by finding recipes in Daemonheim first.

: grants a passive chance to instantly convert harvested memories outside of Prifddinas. Its special move grants a six-minute enlightened buff, which gives you better rewards on the Hefin Agility Course, increases the instant memory conversion chance, and grants a chance for double blue tears in Tears of Guthix. Finally, it can teleport you to Tears of Guthix or to tormented demons.

All juju potions – perfect and regular – are now tradeable.

Theres loads more to do in each district than is listed above: lore drops to find, memoriam crystals to uncover, and secret titles to unlock.

Prifddinashas grown to its full size, with the final four clans now available for your skilling enjoyment.

Read the patch notesfor other updates released today.

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