Religion 1006- African

immortality (protecting against death)

but people can prject themselves into the invisible

people were children living with god as parent

struggling, wrestling, desperation, sorrow

but they lost the gifts, and so lost paradise

sometimes other spiritual beings are closely associated with god

coheres with belief in magical power of cosmos

he who is of himself, the self-existent one

personifications of major natural phenomena and objects

burial monuments (Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia)

praise, gratitude, and thanksgiving of god

universe is created, governed, filled and sustained by God, the supreme creator

body and sense (destroyed after death)

(mountains, lakes, earthquakes, ect.)

purity of heart, humility, trust, and faith

(healing, divination, exocism, protecting people)

god gave them one or more of three great gifts

prayers, invocations, rituals, offerings, sacrifices

(birth, name giving, initiation around puberty, marriage, death)

representaions or manifestations of god

embedded in values, customs, traditional laws, taboos

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