Rune Cards by Ralph Blum Illustrated by Jane Walmsley

Person is going round in circles, it feels as if she has no way out, but they can, and will make changes in life for the better. They must sit and think long hard about a step to take, the step this person takes will pay off in the long run.

The card is telling me this person has to relax, and restore energies. Remain calm, consider a matter carefully, if steps are taken then they will pay off in long run for this person.

This card is to do with health, a lot of ill health in family and a load to bear for this person, and she does not know where to turn. As her health is not always good so this is another obstacle. Also a lot of doubt about religion and faith stopping her move along the chosen path.

This is to do with every day life getting in the way of true dreams. As soon as the dream is nearly reached, something happens to prevent this, especially the spiritual path being blocked.

This cards bearing, it is upside down, and to me I reverse the meaning of it right way. That the person may consider things are obstructing them in their path and things arise which seem to be a problem. I say seems to be, because I also feel a lot is self created from emotions standing in the way of doing things. Normally energy would run from feeling good about doing things, this person relies on feeling before doing anything.

As the card is upside down, it must be the same as any upside down tarot. So I see this person as having had a blockage. Which seems to be of their own making, like a mental block. The sitter may just have to retrace their steps, rediscover the basics, (as we have all had to do that before, and during our journey). Also the person doubts themselves and abilities and is unsure of which direction to take.

See this as a positive, in that the person gains more insight into self and this then allows them to move forward on their path, without doubts and obstacles getting in the way. See the person bursting with new energy. Letting go of all things that come to haunt them, finally reaching inner peace and happiness.

I think this person feels lost and looking for answers or way out, a path that leads deep inside, to answers, and peace.

6 Initiation ~ Rune Cards by Ralph Blum

So I am glad to say tonight we can have feedback on our interpretation of cards.

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Thank you all for your interpretations of cards. Runic can you give us feedback on the circles intuition on the cards.

She will find the answers if she trusts herself they will come, be honest with herself. I get a feminine presence for these cards

Yes my friend has been telling me for 10 years same thing.

Welcome to cards by divination circle.

Feels like things are going backwards, not getting anywhere, maybe afraid to move forward, kind of stuck, lost, maybe confused. Trepidation about moving forward, dark, maybe some thing to do with emotions, not sure what to make of this card really.

The person has been shown their signs, although not seeing them, and feels stuck at present not knowing which way to go. They need to believe in themselves more I think, and look within.

Not sure what to make of this card. Maybe the person is struggling to find a way through and to understand. Looking, but hitting walls and dead ends, not seeing the path clearly, lost maybe. Looking too hard? Confused about things.

Divination with Cards Rune Cards by Ralph Blum Illustrated by Jane Walmsley

News or messages, changing, like in autumn when the leaves change, not sure about what it means that it is upside down, maybe they are getting signals and could be missing the signals. Maybe need to look inside for the answers?

This person has been getting mixed signals, confusion, a cross roads in a journey, questions that need to be answered. Only when this person steps back, looks at the big picture, can the person see the path to take. Once they see the big picture, the questions and signals fall into place, and the person obtains peace.

Again like the first card, if you cannot see the signals, (wood for the trees) it is all right to step back, and think, see the whole picture. They may even consider some time out ( this reading is purely spiritual).

They are looking back, hence the autumn leaves. Waiting for others to lead the way not confident in her abilities and not trusting the signal.

The eye, the center of the universe, sun energy, and how small things are the greatest out there. It reminds you to look inside of yourself, and to also look out into infinity for your answers, because in truth there is no difference.

Thank you all for your interpretations of cards, runic can you give the circle your own take on the cards?

I maybe way off line but the feeling I get on cards is, do not feel that you have to be breaking new ground all time. Be happy to stand still and ponder for a while. It is not a race along the path to finish line, more the race is to stop and ponder things on the way of pathway.

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Thank you runic for presenting the cards tonight, the Rune Cards by Ralph Blum Illustrated by Jane Walmsley. Please dont worry because you do not know the rune symbols. We have looked at many decks, which are unfamiliar to us very well. These are not any different. Thank you runic can you give us your insights on the Rune Cards by Ralph Blum.

This card is telling me the sitter has to be 100 percent sure in making changes. They will experience some people being nasty towards them, they can be happy if they think long and hard about their life style.

I like this card I think, I like the colour, it makes me think of the sun. Strong, powerful, bright, I like the circle, its complete, whole, fulfilled, gives energy.

So let us draw all the cards together into one picture, and what they mean to us.

Tonights cards the Rune Cards by Ralph Blum Illustrated

Was the cards interpretation meaningful to you?

You have travelled far to get where you are with this matter. It has not necessarily been a smooth path. Do not fear that the journey you made is in vain, as things will soon turn and move forward. Sometimes a moment stationary is best long-term for you to step forward.

Even through the maze of life there is always a true path. It may seem that it is difficult, and many obstacles in the way. The reader will find their true path, and will come out at the finish in the end.

Did you see anything in the cards runic that you had not seen?

Thanks to the spirit message and symbols given by tonights circle,

they must find the strength, as this will also help them in regaining balance. The suns energy will recharge their batteries, so they should look at taking a time off to do this. Other people around them are draining, this person should step back and let people help them for a change, rather than being the helper.

I used a 3 card spread, but pulled the 4th card as an extra.

Deep down inside the person knows what they want and all will become clearer when they stop doubting. Sometimes the person feels like they are going around in circles and not getting anywhere, things will improve.

It amazes me that the circles do not connect to one another, that the wooden circle does not outline the light circle. Over all I think that when the questioner looks at the big picture and sees their path, then they will get peace in their current situation.

A person struggling with self, a loss of motivation, there has been a few knocks, maybe one too many. And this has made them a little cynical with the world. There is still hope that things will work out, and they are still looking for the silver lining in everything, and remaining positive.

Look at this card. Not only is it the right way up, the sun is back in the sky. The colours are strong vibrant and alive. Have you ever heard the saying? When two moons are in the sky you will get it. Well I see the two moons there, as well as the sun shinning.

Yes three of the Rune Cards by Ralph Blum are upside down; this is how they were drawn when doing a reading.

Rune Cards by Ralph Blum Illustrated by Jane Walmsley

I have strong Christian background, favorite hymn amazing grace. I have had MS for 6 yrs, so my health is failing now.

I feel this person has struggled a lot in their life also struggled finding their spiritual path hence the upside down flow.

You appear to be waiting for something to happen, it does though appear to have already happend. Look and you will see, because it may already be there in front of you.

I keep hearing parts of Amazing Grace… I once was lost but now am found was blind but now I see. And get this incredible feeling of happiness and acceptance.

Can you give the circle feedback on their interpretation of these cards from your own perspective as the sitter, please?

This appears to be a lost message that will eventually come to light.

I get a strong sense of this person being a healer, and also is a deep caring person and this flows through them naturally.

I will now close circle but please ponder on if you would like to.

This looked like a downer on the sitter but its not. Just look at these cards together, they are feeling lost and in a tizzy about their spiritual journey, but look at the outcome.

Finally the light at the end of the tunnel, things fall into place and the fog has lifted.

Let us open to the spirit message and symbols given by tonights cards

My impression of this person is they have healing abilities, and who is deeply caring and loving. There are doubts about which direction to go in, and think their goals are out of reach. They are going round in circles looking for answers, but see things finally coming into place, and the person breaking through the obstacles and bursting with new energy. That will lead to inner happiness and peace.

3 Signal ~ Rune Cards by Ralph Blum

I found these cards different, not necessarily harder to read but different. I think over all for this person they think they are in a situation that they are struggling with. Finding it hard to move forward, maybe trying too hard. If they step back and be objective they might see the signs they maybe missing. They need to trust and hold faith to move forward to trust that the path will be shown to them. I am not sure the last card is a part of the reading; it does not fit for me. This person really needs to talk, they have so much stuff going round inside them, and have someone listen to them, to guide them round the maze.

An introspective view of cards and how to use them for divination purposes, fortune telling, predictions and insights.

The maze to me means the person feels lost. They are not lost they are coming to the end of everything being in a tizzy. That does not stop the fact they appear to be a little lost; they need to have faith that all will be fine. They are at the edge of the maze coming to the opening.

This person does not trust themselves, they think they are not getting the right messages, they feel lost and in a fog. They dont know which way to turn but in the end all is well and everything falls into place for them.

This cards meaning is that the person the reading is for, has to take action in something, make changes.

Could this person have a strong Christian background and has found peace with their spirituality? Could be, you will have a chance to ask them as they will give feedback to us.

Because I really also wanted a card which was the right way up, to show how the reverse meanings work

After a trial we always grow and for this person it is no different, well it is because look at the growth spurt. Such a treasure a gift, I feel the sitter is being prepared to go up a level.

I see this person is trying to exceed their limitations maybe in spirit or in life. But either way they are upsetting their balance and need to stop, to bring order back to their balance. This person may also be having problems at the moment communicating with someone, either from their past or at present, but need to resolve this to carry on. Now is a good time to do this, they should concentrate on their life as well. Right now their own requirements for growth are more important than ever. Even though they are feeling tired,

Yes it is all right to disagree. Maybe the person has qualities of both, or it could be the energy needed for the person.

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Reflection is forward movement. Things will move on, as they should if you do not fret on it. As the final card shows you will be fulfilled spiritually and physically. Try to be patient and things will materialise quicker and clearer, the numbers of cards seem connected, in this message 9,3,6,6. The last 6 is the strongest, compounding the wholeness of last card and your path.

Like the maze, life is a struggle to find a way. Also initiation into a new life I feel this is an issue with her. Not looking forward to the new life, and having regrets for the old. Missing her old life in a way and trying to recover the past.

I feel so much love from this card the love and help this person has to offer others will make her shine so bright from within, and finally she will feel she belongs.

This card is like someone stuck in middle, so like an ocean they want to get away although cannot seem to find the energy to swim.

I have new family I love, so has helped with confusion and peace.

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Balanced energy spiritually and physically will come from your pathway, so patience is a virtue.

I have been using the runes a long time and still find new and exciting things about runes all the time. These Rune Cards by Ralph Blum are fairly new to me but as I know what the rune signs mean, I can see the reading more clearly with the images on the Rune Cards. Sometimes just looking at a symbol can be hard and does not always throw light on a reading. But I find these Rune Cards

These signals are confused, and do not belong here. The meaning may come through with time. This card could be to do with autumn when the season changes, maybe a journey, or a change of circumstance

The fourRune Cards by Ralph Blum Illustrated by Jane Walmsleyselected for tonights circle are as follows

May I disagree? I want to call the questioner a male.

This person has had a very hard life, an uphill struggle all the time their spiritual path has not been easy and on many occasions felt like they wanted to quit. They have come across many dead ends in their search to make them complete, but out of the dark there is light. This person uses their hardship to help others progress. They are content because they have found their niche in life.

24 Wholeness ~ Rune Cards by Ralph Blum

This card is saying once again confusion. This person is confused as to whether to follow their own intuition, or spirit, or maybe even a friend telling them what to do. They appear unsure of their own abilities.

The meaning I get from this card is circles, and someone on a journey, unlocking secrets, being made anew.

Should we worry if we do not know rune symbols?

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Learn to read the Tarot for free. This is an introspective view of cards and how to use them for divination purposes, fortune telling, predictions and insights. Learning to do tarot card readings couldnt be easier join us in our free Tarot classes and Oracle card class Divination with Cards. Learn to build your psychic intuition and develop your psychic insights. These classes are aimed at aidding with psychic connections during tarot readings.

Yes I did, a lot that I had not seen, I knew a few had doubts about reading these cards.

This person is feeling tired as though her energies are not flowing needs to dig deep relax and stop worrying.

This person is looking for answers, there are so many possibilities for this person, there is however only one correct path for them to take. They are unsure of what path that is, and need to look at the big picture in order to see it

This is a very positive card. Warmth radiating from it, something very positive will come from this card. This is someone that is taking their power back and getting control of their spirituality once again, a very spiritual card.

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Some questions, which were asked about the cards we will be using tonight.

I feel this is the flow of life, emotions, what we have been through or maybe going through at this present time.

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