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League start support: (any item which is currently not for sale at the time the filter is generated will be marked as a tier 2 div card, unique or currency depending on the item.) In a league start situation this will ensure all items will be shown even if they are currently not for sale. Remember to update your filter often in a new league to have the most effective filter as the economy changes.

Price blanketing has been turned off for all items except for a few remaining Divination Cards that have not appeared on Poe.Ninja yet.

Due to the lack of data at the very beginning of a league, we implement a blanketing rule that will ensure you get all of our normally price regulated items always shown as their Tier 2 Style up until the point that we feel there is enough data to be able to switch back on the price based filtering. This is to ensure no one misses out on those important drops early on!

Thats all for now Exiles, stay tuned we have some big plans over the coming months!

Loot filter preferences will persist throughout leagues and are intended to ensure you never need to restyle another loot filter outside of new game additions ever again. To generate your filter head to the filter section of the site, select your chosen preference set from the drop down menu, choose a league and generate away.

This site is fan-made and not affiliated with Grinding Gear Games in any way.

You can now create a PoE Wizard Account allowing us to offer you even more cool features now and in the future.

The Lootfilter generator has been updated to include Incursion items and new Incursion loot filter rules.

Loot filters have been updated with the following features.

Styling: You can now style the base filter based on your personal preferences choosing what color, sound and size you want associated with each drop.

While this update may seem fairly superficial we have been implementing a lot of groundwork so we can truly build a fantastic site for the PoE Community. One of our primary goals was to set up a safe and isolated test environment to experiment in and try out some more extreme designs and features. In addition to setting up our test site we also now have a built in article creation arm of our site which I am writing this very article in! Both these features will be pivotal to future developments and updates.

Due to this update the filter will not work until after the Incursion patch.

Downsizing and focusing our efforts will allow us to do some very cool things with the features we have retained in the future. While the database is smaller it will offer more insights and tools further down the line and there is definitely the possibility we revisit a complete database again in the future.

After creating an account and visiting your profile page you will now be able to create loot filter presets. These presets will save your personal styles and settings allowing you to generate on the fly filters far easier without having to re-input all your info.

The most noticeable feature for you guys will be the new look. We have restyled our site yet again taking in everyones feedback and we finally feel happy with how the site looks and functions at the highest level. Although a lot has changed some of our more feature heavy changes for loot filters and database didnt make it into this months update.

We expect to be able to switch back on the price based filtering within 12-24 hours of the Incursion league start.

Going forward the PoE Wizard team wants to focus on community, knowledge sharing and game tools as such the next few updates will most definitely reflect that.

The Loot filter generator has had its price regulation logic switched back on for all items that now appear on Poe.Ninjas price listings.

We are aware that there was an issue with the Shaped Underground Sea Map, and other Shaped Maps. This was due to a change in our source of data and how the item was named in our back end. We have since amended this and apologize for any inconveniences.

With this update we made the decision to archive a large percentage of our database features. For now you will no longer be able to look up weapons and armor however you will still be able to find divination cards, maps, prophecies and sextant info. The reasoning behind this change is that with our current manpower it was simply not realistic to create the database the PoE community wants and deserves.

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