Strong divination urn

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This will collect memory fragments when I harvest memories requiring Divination level 70 or below.

You start a new Strong divination urn.

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Keep in your inventory while gathering level 10 or below divine energy and it will collect memory fragments to be teleported for XP when it is full.

The % full it gets varies with the type of memories obtained. The higher the level of memory, the quicker the urn fills up.

When a Strong divination urn (r) has been partially filled it will turn into a Strong divination urn.

Youll receive a message when you teleport the urn: You activate the rune on the urn and it is teleported away. You gain 800 Divination XP.

When the first memory is obtained youll receive a message stating:

Once the first memory has been obtained the default option becomes Check level. Once full the default option becomes Teleport urn.

Find this page on the Internet Archivewith a date as close to Aug 10, 2007 as possible.

Youll receive messages when the urn is a quarter full, half full, three-quarters full and full.

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