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Somewhat Daily Tarot and Rune for 10 July 2018

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The top card is the Significator. It establishes the direction of the reading. Then, from left to right we have three cards that indicate the days influences. Morning, afternoon, and evening are represented. There is an even balance between Earth and Air cards with no Fire or Water cards present other than with their blending influences. All cards reflect Tri-elements.

Typically, I cast runes for divination. Then I found Tattva Tarot. I like it. I like the use of Elemental influences. Apparently the symbols can also be used in astral travel work as well as a focus. So, this is cool!

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onSome Bindrunes and Their Meanings

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In the Evening, card number 58, Aretz of Ruach of Ruach, or Earth of Air of Air, illustrates that progress is happening on all fronts. Communication is favored and balance and harmony prevails.

Non-Thought, Observation and Relaxing Into Being

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The direction of the daily reading reminds us that loss or decrease can also be positive. Generosity of spirit manifests thoughout the day. Perseverance, humility gives way to awareness and flexibility of goals, ending in progress toward success in the evening hours. Balance and harmony will likely prevail as a result.

Non-Thought, Observation and Relaxing Into Being

Somewhat Daily Tarot and Rune for 12 July 2018

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Earth (Aretz) is represented by an inverted black triangle with a line through the middle; Air (Ruach) by a yellow triangle with a line through the middle; Water (Maim) by an inverted blue triangle; Fire by a red triangle; and Spirit (Eth) by a white wheel.  Compound and Tri-element cards represent the influence of more than one element on the situation at hand and how it blends together.

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Somewhat Daily Tarot and Rune for 13 July 2018

The first five cards represent the essence of the universe. The next 20 compound elements along with the initial 5 describe the lens through which we perceive our existence. The final 64 cards are based upon the I Ching.

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

Ive been working with the Western Tattva Tarot.  Its interesting, because it uses the triangular alchemical symbols representing Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Spirit instead of the Eastern Tattva symbols which use a square, circle, crescent, triangle and oval to represent the Elements. Tattva means quality, so each card describes some characteristic involving each element. Compound elements are used to create a sigil of two triangles which offer a blend of elements. Tri-elemental cards involve the use of three elements.  There are 89 cards in the deck, five with single elemental symbols, twenty with two elemental symbols, and 64 tri-elemental symbols.

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

onSome Bindrunes and Their Meanings

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Moon is traveling through Leo today. Shine and be proud! You rule right now!

The first card, number 65 is Ash of Aretz of Ruach, or Fire of Earth of Air. You begin reading the name of the card from the center outward. Decrease is the meaning. It reflects loss of some kind, although not necessarily negative. Generosity is expressed by giving something away. The future is positive.

onSome Bindrunes and Their Meanings

Somewhat Daily Tarot and Rune for 11 July 2018

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The second card, number 78, Ruach of Maim or Aretz, or Air of Water of Earth, discusses influences during the morning hours. Pushing upward, or ascent is indicated. Success is possible now with humility and perseverance.

In My Sixtieth Year: Reflection, Transformation, And Acceptance

Card number 86, Maim of Aretz of Aretz, or Water of Earth of Earth, indicates a turning point is possible during the afternoon. Awareness of ones goals is primary at this time along with flexibility.

The Im a Witch, not a Doctor Disclaimer

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