The Goddess Unleashed New Recipe

April 19th, 2016: The Goddess Unleashed recipe has been revised and approved by GGG. This is what I submitted to GGG based on what I feel to be farmable ingredients before Merciless, but always with the proviso that trading/muling will be much quicker.This recipe will go live soon (approximately Wednesday).

I expect to cop some flak for this but after what Ive been through the past week or so, believe Im probably well-prepared. Sorry, sorry and sorry.

In order to get The Goddess Scorned, youll need The Goddess Bound, which can be obtained by exchanging 3 Birth of the Three divination cards to Tasuni. Birth of the Three drops exclusively from Cruel and Merciless Hillock. From there, follow the recipe for Goddess Scorned listed on the wiki or a few posts under this.

– Still a little price-y, but better now. I think this was intended to be another option to make Merc leveling easier, not the option to overshadow everything else (ex. whatever leveling wand/bow youre using)

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Sounds like your kind of item, sideshow.

Even ignoring that, youre always going to be better off using a Tabula and a 1c sword than trying to actually obtain this thing.

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To those who have crafted the Goddess Unleashed with the original and plainly overpriced recipe, I am deeply sorry for your retroactive loss of a 6L Exquisite Blade. GGG have no plans to differentiate your Unleasheds, so unfortunately therell be no way of proving yours is truly a legacy version.

The Lithe Blade will take some work. Like all Maraketh weapons, it wont spawn in any npc shop. Being a level 56 base item, you will need to look for it in The Belly of the Beast and onward — or hope to get lucky killing a level 54 rare, which means running The Grand Arena might be quicker, given how many rare and unique monsters are there.

The three required Support gems may be an issue. Since I play Shadow, I am pleased to find Nessa selling all three after you find Axiom Prison. In fact, these may well be the only ingredients youll have to trade for, depending on your class.

anyone knows if people are trying this recipe?

Blessed Orbs are just a matter of luck, but Id be very surprised if you didnt have 3 after all that Cruel-level farming.

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You can (somewhat easily) farm most of these materials. Naturally you can trade for them much quicker, but Ive structured this so that if you do play self-found, its a bit like one of those multi-step Epic Weapon quests from Everquest or similar MMOs. Im currently testing for myself how long this might take…

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The rarest ingredient, divine orbs, can be obtained by farming Humility divination cards in any Aqueduct (I found 6 humility cards casually running the area for about half a day). 9 of these cards can be exchanged with Tasuni for a Tabula Rasa, which can then in turn be vended for a Divine Orb. You will need 27 cards total, assuming you dont find a Tabula Rasa along the way.

…Yeah, most people will just trade/mule, but if you want to challenge yourself and make The Goddess Unleashed from scratch, you definitely can. As a bonus, youll probably be rather overleveled for Merciless after all that farming. 😉

on PSC, they are going for a chaos _

1 Added Fire Damage support gem, quality and level adding up to 33

There are a ton of useless uniques — why is this any different? They shouldnt make this over complicated, user generated, useless unique, a little less useless because a few nerds on the forum were crying that it required a 6L.************************************************

i just dropped a 6s lithe and would like to profit on..

An apology to early adopters of The Goddess Unleashed

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6S20% Lithe Blade, sockets (not links) matching Scorned and Graceful Sword

1 Increased Critical Strikes support gem, as above.

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How to self-find The Goddess Unleashed by the beginning of Merciless


The Gemcutters Prisms required to raise the quality of your three supports can be obtained by farming The Union divination cards in Cruel Fellshrine — incidentally, this card was created by a fellow guild member of mine to commemorate his marriage, NotACuckroach. Assuming you get your required support gems to gem level 13 (character level 49 required), youll need all three to be 20% quality. That means 60 GCPS. A set of 7 Union cards trade for 10 GCPs. So assuming you find no gcps along the way (which you can also obtain by trading 40% quality worth of random gems to any vendor), that will mean a total of 42 Union Cards farmed from Cruel Fellshrine runs.

Its for collectors and crazy people. Nothing else.

Then youll need to get it to 6S. This can either be done tapping Voricis crafting ability at master level 6 for 350 Jewellers Orbs OR take a gamble and just roll the sword a bunch of times. Note that it has to be 20% quality so make sure you do that first. Obtaining Jewellers Orbs can be tough outside of random 6S drops and lucky Arcanist strongboxes, but its good to remember that 2 orbs of alteration vend for a Jewellers orb. Vending all those blues and yellows as you level can definitely add up. As a bonus, if you complete Elreons daily mission, he will give you a once-daily deal of 20 Jewellers Orbs for 32 Orbs of Alteration.

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It was indeed intended to trivialize Merciless, but it doesnt. The downside of the sword is quite powerful and would require you to specifically build around it to be able to actually use it by early Merciless. Apart from buying it, nobody will actually have it by then.

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