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Playing a Drum is Giving Voice to Spirit

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The journey drum is art-full; an object whose beauty is a reflection of the goodness of fit of every part, and every part between the parts.

The Journey Oracle deck has 47 double-sided cards and a book expanding the visual art cards to take you into the unconscious and super-conscious realms. The oracle cards are arranged into four suits representing the full moons, the Celtic tree months, the Pagan wheel of the year, and aspects of shamanic wisdom to create self-knowledge from oracle messages and teaching stories. The cards and book of Oracle pronouncements enable you to conduct the unique Dream Journey reading based on the dream analysis of C.G. Jung and a shamanic journey to the spirit world.

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Shamanic paintings are journeys through the physical into the Sacred. The Shamans world is this reality with the veils removed. Click here to see my paintings.

With Kristen & The Journey Oracle Divination Cards

the opposite of knowledge is not ignorance, but Mystery,

Along the way you will experience loss of comfort, heightened awareness, unexpected discoveries and deepened self-knowledge. These shifts of thought and feeling show that you are journeying into the realm of the unconscious which is the true origin of all personal growth. Although you will begin with the intention to understand or change a view, a relationship, a habit, a circumstanceat journeys end you will find that it is yourself who has changed.

The Journey Oracle gives insight into how a situation came to be and how you are experiencing it; the Oracle shows what will create change, and the resolution your unconscious wisdom is seeking.

the opposite of truth is not lies but revelation.

Think of a situation for which you want advice…..

The Dream Journey reading uses 4 cards to show how a situation (the topic of your reading) is right now and who its major players are, just like a dream begins with a setting and protagonists. The cards next show the experience you are having within your situation, like a dream develops a plot of increasing tensions and uncertain outcomes. You are then shown the culminating changethat moment in your situation when, like in a dream, something decisive happens or something changes completely. The reading concludes by showing the resolution sought by your unconscious wisdom, the dreamer on the journey.

This is not an ordinary oracle deck of divination cards. The Journey Oracle is a living entity, an energetic that can communicate with you.

This Oracle is going to take you on a shamanic journey into a waking dream

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