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The Michael Teaching™ is a comprehensive metaphysical philosophy that has four major interrelated aspects:

A visual tool build on concepts from The Michael Teaching.The Set includes: 1-deck of 78 divination cards, 1 2nd.  Ed Pocket Guide with use instructions and card descriptions, and 1 Card Color Comparison Chart for visual reference of important groupings.

The Michael Teachings with Stephen Cocconi

Is there any place in your life where you believe you must kick butt to get what you want? What feelings does it produce in you when you do so?

The Michael Teaching concepts have derived from many sources: including the works of Gurdieff and Ospensky and from the historic precepts of the Sufis. It was first introduced in the bookMessages From Michael by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro in 1978. More recently, the Michael Teachings have evolved from a number of dedicated students, including Channels: Sarah Chambers, JP Van Hulle, Aaron Christaean, Jose Stevens, Simon Warwick-Smith, Emily Baumbach, Joya Pope, Larry Byrum, Holly Coleman, Shepherd Hoodwin, Troy Tolly, Marina Tompkins, Terri Benning, Philip Whitmeyer, David Gregg and Stephen Cocconi.

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Presents a cosmology describing the structure of God, as Michael calls it (theTAO), Nature and the physical Universe and how these are constructs that provide the platform for the Spiritual Design of Human Experience.

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Offers anyone, who is open-minded and personally activated, to partake in direct consultation with the Michael Entity in achanneling session. This can take place with assistance of a practiced professional channel, or the individual making direct contact in a conscious trance or Quija Board. (Michael does not discriminate, but it does take practice, focus, and aptitude.)

To begin, the Michael Teaching is a metaphysical view of creation and the human experience. The Universal Force driving this creation is referred as the TAO, rather than God, in an effort to remove the gender stereotyping of a masculine deity. The Overleaf Energies are the flavors or primary colors of the TAO. It follows then, that when an unique Essence or Soul decides to experience individuality (separation from God) that the building blocks available to it are the same basic materials of the Universe itself. (i.e.the Overleaves). As a personality trait system, the Overleaves have been channeled and are validated intuitively and empirically by Michael Students, rather than statistically like other personality trait systems. Each Overleaf trait has distinct, identifiable physical appearance and energy signature that one can be trained to discern and recognize. Michael Channels have been born with this talent though refinement of the skill occurs with practice.

Describes the foundations of World Views underlying social movements and group dynamics; redefining the concepts of spiritual evolution in terms ofSoul Age and Soul Level.

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Spiritualist Attitude and the God Particle

I am an American by birth, a supporter of the USConstitution by conscience, but a CitizenofEarth first as are we all.

To be an Old Soul does not automatically qualify one for honors and awards for extraordinary consciousness. It simply means you have endured many lifetimes of butt kicking and getting your butt kicked. But then, the real growth came because you learned how not to do either any longer.

Where did the Michael Teaching™ originate?

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Provides a complete description of the building blocks of human psychology in the form of a Personality Trait System known as theOverleaves. The Overleaves are the templates of perception and style that allow for both consistent similarities within the human family; while allowing for virtually infinite variation and diversity. At the same time!

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This is a teaching based upon the principle that all people deserve compassion. And, there is no better place to start than with yourself. When we speak ofSelf-Lovewe are not referring to indulging in ego-aggrandizingNarcissism. Rather, the Michael philosophy promotes the kind of unconditional respect of our shared human dilemma, a term the Greeks called AGAPE. Equipped with Self-Knowledge, Self-Forgiveness, and rejuvenated with Self-Esteem, you achieve amore-propreand become empowered to resolve conflict between yourself and others. Thus, you set an example and model the kind of behavior and attitudes that can overcome hostility and engender trust.

2018 New Years Forecast by The Consortium

The Michael Motivation Cards is a deck of 78 custom divination cards, based on The Michael Teaching. This Deck is feedback tool intended to open your mind and broaden your understanding of the aspects of life and all its layers. Card archetypes originate from the same Michael Entity that brought youOverleavesSoul Ages, and a Cosmology of Creation from the Causal Plane! This deck is a feedback tool providing alternative understanding about the characteristics of people and situations in your life. This is a product developed as an expression of Applied Michael™ Approach, fromStephen CocconiofThe Michael .

Collectively, this material has evolved into this form. Who or what is Michael? For the Channeler, Michael is a separate but shared identity. Having existance unto itself, Michael describes itself as a group soul of 1,050 members. Using their own terminology to describe spiritual evolution, they say they reside at a level of soul development known as the Causal Plane. All once human, they have merged together and combined their knowledge, skill, and wisdom gained from thousands of human lifetimes. Michael has compassion for us, knowing the human path can be hard. They gain clarity and philanthropic karma for serving us here on the physical plane.

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Truly one of the most sophisticated tools available.

Perspective on February and the Spring

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