Thoth Sun Tarot Card Tutorial

The Lord of Light, Light Liberty and Love(Book of Thoth p 113)

3.Subconscious influence =may indicate self doubt, lack of support but know that this can sometimes just be the mind playing games with you. Bad dreams from the past.

You are finding it difficult to remain positive at the present time.

However, if the glory of Hod does not confer the light of Tiphareth, the path of Resh may cause us to focus on

6.Immediate Future =Great reason to be optimistic and follow those goals that you want for your future. Clarify them,write them down and focus. This is a time of great opportunity for you.

This signifies their evolution and emancipation from the restrictions traditionally associated with the Hanged Man Tarot Card.

A summary of effects of travelling this path are:

1.Harpocrates or Hoor-Pa-Kraat, The passive child of his twin. Associated with Kether.

The Sun is the source of Life and represents success and abundance and this will follow us in our life at the present time.

Rainbow effect =around zodiac signs indicates the presence of water. Water in Greek Mythology is connected to raising of consciousness, John The Baptist baptised in Water, see my article on theMeaning of Baptismfor further elaboration.

This process of letting go to higher mind can bring many insights as our sense of self changes when we give ourselves up to a higher source. We may see that everything we could possibly be in the world is just transient .

2. Transformation of the bodys emotional programming

Compared with the Hanged Man, The twins have their legs crossed but their arms free:

It is important to see that this situation will not last and the Sun is present in the reading to remind you of this and that things will get better for you. The clouds in your life will disperse and the Sun will shine again.

Closely associated with the Sun and Egyptian Deities (Sun Gods).

Butterfly Wings =freedom of the soul

Red and Yellow Wall around Mound =the integration of the qualities of the twins in Harmony

5.Hopes and goals =to find happiness. Also to lead a more simple life.

The Thoth Sun Tarot Card is part of a detailed series on the philosophical principles underlying the Thoth Tarot Deck of Aleister Crowley and Freida Harris. My YouTube presentation is on my channel. &  can be accessed by clicking on the image below:

Like a child, humility is again knowing and expressing freely what we are as well as not pretending to be what we are not. This stage is about using lower mind while being centred in higher mind, continuing to establish our sense of identity on a more philosophical and less personal level while simplifying our thinking and sense of who we are.

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Our lower mind is no longer a mixture of conflicting or unresolved aspects, but is becoming simpler and more neutral, being surrendered to a higher, deeper viewpoint and thus more able to relate to and express a wider range of ideas.

Twins =signify Heru-Ra-Ha in his dual form which is:

This leads to the opportunity of discovering a natural role for ourselves in life seeing what we are naturally good at rather than what we were taught to believe or tried towork outfor ourselves it is what Plato called virtue, being who we are.

12 Rays =from the solar disk energizing the Zodiac Signs and the infinity of the Universe. They separate the zodiac signs around the card edge, the shorter rays dividing the signs into decans like the decan wheel. The zodiac forms the body of Nuit.

The meaning of the wall mentioned earlier is further elaborated by Crowley when he says that this freedom and emancipation that is implicit in the meaning of this card does not represent an absence of control, but rather a disciplined integration.

Therefore, Resh will only play its proper role when representing Tiphareth.

They dance in the Light. When we meditate of theSpiritualLight and Soundwithin we become child like and are reborn

It can again be difficult to honest with ourselves, to have blind spots to aspects of ourselves to which we are actually very attached. Humility is required to learn what we are and let go of our attachment.

This card symbolises simple, directconscious awarenesscompared to working through our subconscious nature symbolised inTheMoon and Yesod. The twins represent our ability to detach ourselves from the false senses of self we have accumulated through our life up to this point, we are now able to surrender that to a much greater source of direct illumination and expression.The Sun dominates and is more powerful in The Sun than the star in The Star or in The Moon,  and in this card the aspect of the person in their lower mind is simplified and freed.

Connects Hod to Yesod which implies using our will to create the world around us and shape it to our goals and needs as long as we are creating goodness, in harmony with the universe.

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1. Heart of the Situation =to recognise that you CAN find happiness and contentment in your life and that this is a reading to be optimistic that in recognising your needs and goals, they can be fulfilled. Try to remain as pure in heart as possible and to achieve things that are not just material in nature.

Resh =(pronounced rayish)The Head. In the Head are the higher chakra centres and the revelation of the 1000 Petalled Lotus onInitiationcan have the brightness of the Sun. So specifically the Hebrew association is the revelation of the Inner Light in the Head Centres that illuminates our spiritual path. We have an Outer Sun (expressed through our personality) and an Inner Sun, the Light of God which is meditated upon.

2.Ra-Hoor-Khut: God of vengeance, war and destruction. Lord of the new Aeon. Associated with Geburah, ruled by Mars. But also as he is Lord of the Aeon could be associated with Tiphareth, the highest aspect of man.

This is not a difficult card when it comes to divination but the philosophy behind it is deep and rich.

As a great force for good and evil, Yesod needs the guidance and direction by higher principles supplied from the Sun of Tiphareth through Hod. As indicated by the solar symbol of the hexagram both Hod and Yesod are among the sephiroth which are connected with Tiphareth directly.

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8.Environment =supportive, inspirational , bringing warmth and light into your life.

10.Overall Outcome =the achievement of your goals and your highest ideals. Having the Light shine on the inside and outside of your life, being at one with your spiritual source.

Resh connects Hods higher mind with the subconscious of Yesod.  Through Resh the higher mind of Hod influences the waveforms of Yesods Astral Body.  It is the path indicating how to grow spiritually and consciously create our existence on earth.

7.Self image =Optimistic, outgoing, goal orientated, inspired describes us at our best. We need to remember this

This process of being able to surrender to higher mind whilst working through and letting go of well established patterns of behaviour and attitudes in lower mind is a key to producing a well balanced initiate. This process is more likely to produce someone at ease with themselves where self expression comes from an identity that is secure, adaptable and accepting and able to come to terms with their flaws, whilst allowing others their self expression in a constructive way.

Green Mound =fertility in your life. Growth, abundance. Biblically these symbolise heightened spiritual states and that is what is implied here.

This energy is also what will get you through the tough times and will help you succeed. You are also in a position where you can share your highest qualities  with others. Be confident in who you are and what you stand for.

This card also implies SIMPLICITY with the twins. This means that looking for the simple things in life can bring us immense happiness just by following our inner child, not allowing the layers of negativity we have built up over time to dominate us.

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This stage is therefore about living a simple mental life, seeing deeper into the meaning of things without having to analyse. This stage is again completed through humility, really seeing and accepting what and where we are but this time at a thinking level.

You are finding it increasingly difficult to see the path ahead or a resolution to a current difficult situation.

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Embrace your goals and giving it everything you have got. If you have been having a difficult time, the Sun brings you the message that things are going to get better and you will find the strength and positivity to get through this period. You know that the rain clouds will soon give way to the rays of the sun and you will feel warmed to the soul once again.

The Sun is illuminating your path ahead and will give you the energy to move forward after some trying time.

Male Child =Red Wings, symbolic of Fire

Disks =twins dance upon them and they bear the Tau Cross symbolic of the old Aeon and Christianity with the idea of the Sacrificial God.

2.Possible obstacle =traumatic events of the past clouding your positive vision for the present and future.

Female Child =Yellow Wings symbolic of Air

Life events may have drained your enthusiasm and optimism of achieving your goals and making new ones.

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Balaam The Mystic Dr Randolph Stone

The Thoth Sun Tarot Card is a glyph for freedom, success and creative growth.

This transition is about bringing together higher and lower mind, about surrendering and simplifying our thinking and sense of who we are as a person in the world so that deeper, more philosophical insight and wisdom can flow through us.

Heru Ra Ha (Solar Disk) :is a unique name for the 2 opposite and equal forms of the Egyptian God Horus.  Within its centre is the red rose of the Rose Cross on the back of the card. The Rose Cross symbolises the union of Spirit and Matter.

When the Sun shines, we find new ways of resolving problems, new perspectives and fresh viewpoints. We see things more clearly, and are able to objectively consider obstacles and difficulties. We have the energy we need to throw ourselves into life, and to dynamically deal with lifes situations.

4.Past =Representing Happy times which may be dwelled upon instead of the present but they do indicate that if you have created these circumstances once, it can happen again. Everything situation is unique.

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9.Guidance & warning =The Sun also represents simplicity and living in the present. The simple thing in Life are very valuable and they are not always material. Also finding freedom in our life is not without an element of control and discipline in order for success to happen.

Ra =the Egyptian God of the Sun (Sun rules Tiphareth)

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