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The weary one rejoicessssss (oh holy night…)

A set of flashcards dealing with the first 8 chapters of Kesslers Studying Religion

Side A:Minersville School District v. Gobitis (1940)

Introductory Cases (Defining Religion, F…

Its Religion flashcards Chapter 1 Flashcards

Vocabulary for chapter 3 The Hebrew Kingdoms

this is different types of Religion midterm …

Side A:how is each person of the blessed trinity involved in the divine revelation?

These flashcards are for chapter 5 vocab. It is for religion

Side A:if human reason can lead us to believing in God and to understand some of his attributes, then why do we need revelation?

The Gobitis children were Jehovahs Witnesses; they believed that saluting the flag was forbidden by religion. SCOTUS says free exercise of religion rights not violated. Example of valid secular policy test: states have legitimate secular purpose to require flag salute- to foster patriotism. Later overturned in speech case.

a rule of conduct imposed by civil authority; the boy of such rules binding on members under control of the authority whether from formal enactment or custom

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There are a lot of different religions in the world. Did you know that the Amish people are mainly located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania? Do you know what book of the Bible records the birth of Jesus Christ? Did you know that yoga is based o practices within Hinduism? Can you name the branch of Islam that believes the legitimate successors of Mohammed descended from Ali? Can you list the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism?

George Reynolds, a Mormon, challenged the anti-polygamy statute Congress passed. He argued he was following the dictates of his faith. SCOTUS disagreed, said belief and actions are two different things (also known as belief-action distinction). Chief Justice Waite: You can believe in polygamy, but this court doesnt have to defend the action.

Side A:what is the meaning of the word revelation?

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Many people are familiar with their own religion and some basic facts about others, but there is always more to learn. Check out some of our flash cards! You can learn fun facts like these as impress your friends the next time talk turns to religion.

Guy Ballard was the leader of the I AM movement. He was charged with defrauding people. SCOTUS ruled that when considering Ballards guilt: the proper test of a constitutionally protected religious belief is not the truth of its doctrine but the sincerity with which it is held.

Study for buddhism quiz on thursday

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