Upcoming Divination Cards

Hardcore Shops: ITEMS – 1110379, MAPS – 1110110, GEMS- 811383

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People in hardcore are playing a different game than people in default. Different rules, not better or worse. – pneuma, past PoE Forum Moderator.Last edited by realzameer on Apr 25, 2016 6:59:13 AM

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Seriously, it looks like his pants are down and he is reading wiping material, I cant help put look at it that way. @_@

And I like the dying anguish, hopefully that will be easy to farm!

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Our next batch of Divination Cards are almost ready and will be included in a patch in the near future (possibly 2.2.2c). This series of cards include ones that redeem for a Corrupted Atziris Disfavour, the House of Mirrors card, the Storm Cloud bow and more!

Cards that give aspecificunique item should always be corrupted. Want to avoid dealing with RNG to drop that item, want a static way to generate it, fine! here are static values

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A card that gives another card… Whats next? A card that gives that card that gives you another card? Pff…

And you can bet all 90 cards will be rare as fuck.21/05/2018. The day the indie company owned and operated in New Zealand known as GGG died. It is now owned and ultimately at the mercy of Chinese megacorp Tencent.

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Holy shit, PoE just jumped about ten sharks. NOW do you know what sort of insidious, obnoxious game youre playing, folks?

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